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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched a blueprint to guide the private sector in Kenya

Posted by African Press International on August 8, 2008

Speaking for the majority voiceless women, and in highlighting Women’s concerns,It is
about time the World take a closer look and step in to provide immidiate Financial Assistance to the women and the Youth of Kisumu in Kenya in an inclusive Growing
Market Strategic Development Program. UNDP has recently releasedinformationon how businesses may include the global poor as potential customers and how the global poor might benefit from collaborating more closely with businesses inCreating Value for All in the Popular Participation Community Program. This Community Development Program is in essence Regional or Jimbo Trading Initiatives. The Kisumu Women and Youths of Kenya have in the past been constantly left out of meaningful development funding or Pilot Scheme. Coupling with the recently stolenflawed election that brought about destruction of housesand deaths of many, Kisumu and the rest of Nyanza fell deeper into serious poverty lacking the most essential goods to live a normal life.
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched a blueprint to guide the private sector in Kenya. The sector is expected to partner with the poor through business initiatives aimed at poverty alleviation.
ThePlan of Actionstrategies for doing business with the poor has been developed in conjunction with the United Stated Agency for Development (USAID) and is aimed at boosting the involvement of less privileged members of society through innovationsand
how itcan translate to income as well as boost Small or Start-up Entrepreneurship.
Teaming up with Private Businesses can be success story whenaimedto overcome the most common obstacles faced by the poor in today’s serious poverty.
The poor have the Talent or Skills which are ready tools necessary to team up with
established businesses companies to expand traditional business practices by
bringing on board the poor as partners towards economic recovery and expansion.
Under the UNDP Private Sector Strategy, the Growing Inclusive Markets (GIM) program simple business venture will tackle the immediate condition of extreme lack of basic needs. This will help along way in realizing the Millenium Development Goals faster within this
popular participation. This is afacilitated platform to engage all participating actors in the
Business Model so that the pursuits of profit and human progress can work to mutual advantage and spark Social and Economic CHANGE to an improved life.
There isurgency toraise awareness andprovide information on how businesses, in collaboration with the government and Civil Society can contribute to human development and realization of theRatified Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).The guidelines in the report seek to inspire and provoke the private sector into action, showing how businesses can get engaged through partnerships with the masses to achieve development.
For instance,in Teaming with the government and other sectors as players, micro-financing should be developed through ConstituencyCommunity to stimulate smalltrading undertakings which directly touch on many poor in areas such as:-
1) Water, Environment and Sanitation
2)Farm Produce and Nutrition Food to include honey
3) Village Clinics and dispensaries for Health
4) Promotion of Music for Entertainment and for ReligiousPraise and Warship
5) Education Exchange Programs and Distance Learning
6) Rural Computer Learning and Computer Kiosks
7) Construction and Road Maintenance
8) Tourism
9) Fishing Industry
10) Transportatio
11) Retail Business to both Women and Youth
12) Development Banks
The poor can benefit immensely from doing business directly with Private Sector, and
could be integrated in the cash flow economy which aims at wider distribution of wealth
and income. Public-Private Partnership alliance programme aims at business activities that simulates income for the poor for basic needs.
The poor have a large untappedenergy potential and resources for consumptionand
distribution as well asskills and talents for innovative production within the entreprenuerial activities. The more business integrated including the poor as partners the more the economic growth, the more fulfilment of The Millenium Development Goals.
Women as the Mainstream Players.
In order to overcome obstacles, women should be given opportunities to push for progress.

African women’s fundamental contributionsin food production systems needs to be
incorporated and supplemented.
Government Ministries must subsidize for their efforts in the contribution to domestic economic inputs and national economies are increasingly acknowledged from women’s inputs.At both grassroots and national levels they have not been documented as inclusion in the National Economy. Women have in the past proved to haveenergetic efforts to organize, articulate their concerns and make their voices heard with little or no impact from the Leadership.They have also been used as voters bypoliticians but get very little reward.They arenow pressing for an expansion of women’s economic and social opportunities, and the advancement of women’s rights. I speak for the majority voiceless. We are now fired up toDEMAND TO BE HEARD because we have the the dynamismwe havedisplayed in the economic, cultural and social lives of the communities through associations and informal networksare nowchannelling into creating new models of participation and leadership by improvingour own positions. This will eventually strengthen African society as a whole, as well as enhance continent’s broader development prospects.

Inthe demand for private sector financing ofentrepreneurship it has been due to several factors, including:

a) Lack of government financial resource allocationto women’s development Agendas

b)Government’s non-commital toStimulant incentiveaidto poor families

c) Government’s non-commital to Traditional and Cultural nomsthat are cruel to women

and are seen as HumanRights Abuse like women inheritence, acqusition of lands


d) Lack of Improved methods of Entreprenuership to meet Trading challenges

e) Lack of collatoral to acquire funding

f) Lack of Government’s goodwill and political enabling environment

Despite the existence of a large number of potential UN and Non-Governmental programs or Pilot Projects, significant numbers of project deals and fundsdo notreach some Regions like Kisumu (Nyanza) which in many cases are marginalized and are now facing abject serious poverty and hunger, lacking in the most fundamental essentials one needs to live a reasonable life.

It is for the above reason why Networking for Entrepreneurship and Trading will be something about time the Women and the Community of Nyanza embark on

Globalization of Trading and merchandizing through Private Sectorinitiative which will

help acquire UN Millenium Development Goals within the time frame.

Consequently, I support and will continue toforster activities that will compliment Global networking entrepreneurship and business trading to the realization of UN Millenium Development Goals Agenda as well as UN UNDP Business Initiatiative in Creating Value for all.

Thank you,

Judy Miriga



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