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Progress Party grows, Labour struggles

Posted by African Press International on August 8, 2008

The Progress Party remains Norways biggest party, adding 1.4 percent support in a recent poll. The Labour Party is still struggling.

A recent poll gives Progress Party leader Siv Jensen reason to smile.


The Labour Party (AP) has lost 1.9 percent of its support, giving it 26.1 percent of the vote, according to a poll carried out by Norstat on behalf of Norwegian Broadcasting. The Socialist Left Party gains 1.3 percent, giving it 7 percent and the other coalition partner, the Centre Party, adds 0.5 percent, giving it 5 percent of the vote.

Support for the other non-socialist parties show only minor changes from the last poll. The Conservatives score 16.2 percent, the Liberals 5.1 percent and the Christian Democrats 5.8 percent. Far to the Left, the Red party attracts 1.7 percent support, enough to give them one seat in Parliament if the poll had been an election result.

The opinion poll gives a clear non-socialist majority, but the Conservatives and Progress Party would be one seat short of the 85 needed to control the Storting.

The Left-Centre coalition would get a total of 67 seats; 29 fewer than at present, according to the poll.



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