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A People Divide & Distracted are a people Defeated.

Posted by African Press International on August 5, 2008

A Short summary of the real racist Black Matrix
By Franklin G. Jones
We African Americans must continue the long march of our parents. A march for a more just, and equal society. However we cannot solve the challenges of our time while always responding to deplorably negative statistics and information about ourselves that are being totally compiled by whites– which we can in fact neither confirm, nor refute. This unfair arraignment has always given white America the ability to define Black America before the entire world and the power to profoundly manipulate Black self perception.
[The white elites have always been cognizant of this powerful position and ability and have always secretly used it to their advantage]
Through their corporate owned and government controlled media outlets, it is the white ruling elites that gives the world the image of Black America. Their perpetuated depictions have expressed a profoundly distorted view of African Americans. A view that sees their white racism as no longer a significant problem in America; that revises the past to conveniently make themselves appear less inhumane through out our history; and that elevates what is wrong with Black America above all that we know is right with Black America. Their portrayal of Black America is one that ignores all facts that conflict with their own racist conceptions and sees the endemic problems of Black America as rooted primarily with Blacks themselves, instead of emanating from their white racism.
Thesedistorted views of Black America that amplifies the negative to the point that it distorts realityare more than just biased media reports they function as a psychosocial programs. A modern racist system that covertly uses the mass media as a tool for ensuring that its white dominance and control be maintained. And while less overt than in the past, their affects are very real and very powerful.
Their deplorable distorteddepictions of Black America not only conforms African Americans to the caricatures being peddled by many white conservative commentators, it also negatively defines Black America before the entire world and collectively negatively influences the self perceptions of Black America.
This media driven psychosocial campaign –that depicts whites as the standard of ethics and morale value despite a brutal history to the contrary and Blacks fraudulently as being all thats wrong with America–is very powerfulyconvincing. Sadly it convinces many African Americans themselves to accept this frame of thought. It causes many to function as amnesiacs forgetting the history of white barbarity while simultaneously developing profound admiration for whiteness and contempt for their Blackness. It is attributed to the decreaseofovert racial pride, unity and cohesion, and ambitious perseverance that were once the hall mark of Black American identity. The white media told us that Black unity and cohesion no longer existed and we accepted their fraudulent assessment of us thus making it our reality. [Our own negative experience with fellow Blacks merely act asconfirmations to what is being implied to us through their media].
When we African American argueover the disparities within our communities we are in fact doing soover information which we can in fact neither confirm nor refutegiven to us by whites. And this fact gives them power over us. We African Americans in fact cannot even be certain of how many of us are there in America, because were relying upon whites to tell us that amount. They that have been telling us for decades that we’re still only 12% of the American population while in the same breath telling us that our rate of having babies is immorally much higher than theirs.–if the later is true than why has our numbers remained 12% for so long? Could we actually be 15 or even 25%? We would actually never know because the ruling white elites would always give to us a lower number of ourselves to suppress our mental image of our own strenght.
This psychosocial treatment also causes behavior among Blacks that can appear psychologically retarding.Becausesome of what it shows to us is made to look cool many of our youths are imitating rediculous habbits. ManyAfrican Americans, they that have become mentallyfatigued by the media’s unrelenting deporible depiction of Blacks– now consumed by frustration, internalized racism and contempt towards their race often vents their frustration against their own race. These groups then becomes engaged within a constantargument with the collective group. This media psychosocial treatment of African Americanscauses Black disunity at a time when we need unity; it distracts us from solving real problems; increases self loathing at a time when we need to come together to face the complicity in our condition–especially now in the face of a falling economy. It prevents the African-American community from forging the alliances within it needs to bring about real change.
I am aware that because most African Americans are unfamiliar with this media deployed psychosocial method of exercising white racism, therefore many will find it too difficult to contemplate. Nevertheless, it is directly intertwined with the extensive challenges negatively impacting Black America today.
I am also aware that there will be some that will see this article as a wrongful attempt to absolve the black race of all of our own responsibilities- a declaration suggesting that Blacks shouldignore all statisticsand live our lives vicariously. I can assure you it is not.
But clearly most of us will agree that if we are to solve our problems that there must be gained unity among us. A much needed unity that is being deliberately prevented by this massive media’s psychosocial treatment of us that subjects us to seeing only the fraudulent worst within our selves thus divides us as a mean of holding on to its white powers.
We will never be able to come together and solve our many challenges as long as our existence is being covertly manipulated and defined to us by whites. For as long as the power to assess the strengths and weaknesses of Black people remains in the hands of whites they will always deem it necessary to transmit those information that perpetuates their whites superiority over we Blacks.
They will always give to us the fraudulent data that suggest that Blacks cannot govern themselves as a means of keeping its Black population accepting white dominance and white institutions over their lives. [This is even being done in the way that Africa is portrayed to African Americans.]
As long as it is whites that are controlling the societal score board, it will remain we Blacks that are on the losing team.
Although we African Americans now have different incomes, educational levels and affiliations, we must stay cognizant of the fact that America does still harbors deep-seated racial biases. And that if we are ever to obtain our common hopes for a better tomorrow we must recognize that the prospect for this better tomorrow remains grim as long as it is whites that are defining and manipulated us Blacks.
This modern system of covert white racism that uses the mass media as a tool for ensuring that its white dominance and control be maintained will continue to be used by the white ruling elites regardless of whom is sitting in the white house. We should not allow ourselves to be made delusional by the historically and wonderful cadency of Senator Barrack Obama. For it is greatly likely that if he is allowed to win it will be more about restoring Americas eroding global image and standing in the world, rather than bringing equality to us African Americans. Senator Obama himself has stated that ; I have never been so naive as to believe that we can get beyond our racial divisions in a single election cycle, or with a single candidacy.
History affirms that white America has never easily retired its system used to maintain its white dominance and control over its Black population. I believe this is an issue that we can no longer ignore. To merely ignore this disclosure and label it as misguided or even reverse racism, without recognizing that it is grounded in legitimate concerns would be a monumental mistake.
Although this literature references African Americans, much of what is discussed is applicable to African people throughout the world.
Franklin Jones aka Thanubian
To learn more and see just how deep that the rabbit hole really goes visit merelyconductan Internet Search under The Black Matrix By Franklin Jones or you can instead take red pill and forget ever thing that you’ve read.

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