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President Al-Bashir affirms Sudan’s rejection to deal with International Criminal Court

Posted by African Press International on August 4, 2008

President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir affirmed Sudan’s rejection to deal with the International Criminal Court (ICC) based on its legal, political and diplomatic rights. Addressing the international Popular Rally for Solidarity with Sudan held at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum Sunday, President Al-Bashir renewed his confidence in the Sudanese judiciary, other organs of the state, political parties and the civil society organizations.

President Al-Bashir affirmed Sudan’s keenness to press ahead with the peaceful solution of Darfur issue through the initiative of the people of Sudan with participation of all parties and respect of the government to all its regional and international commitments. President Al-Bashir announced his determination to press ahead with the democratic process and holding the general elections in its fixed date, reiterating commitment of the government to continue in the development programs. He said that the peace process is going on irrespective of plots and conspiracies.

The President said Sudan has been able to end the longest civil war in Africa and realized peace in South and East of Sudan in addition to the return of the opposition alliance to participate in the government, affirming that Abuja agreement is the basis for peace in Darfur, referring to the efforts of the government to realize agricultural development and establishing housing projects for weak categories and ratification of the Elections Act.

He said the arrogant states lead a campaign of returning colonization to Sudan through moving the agendas of war, pointing out that Sudan is the first sub- Saharan African country to achieve its independence. President Al-Bashir asked America, Britain and France to apologize to the African people for the massacres they committed against them in Sudan, Algeria and other countries and to return wealth that they looted.

He pointed in this regard to Britain killing of tens of thousands of Sudanese people in its campaign against Mahdism. He said the neo-colonialism does not benefit from its predecessor, asking the colonialist countries to wash their hands from the blood of the peoples and return resources that they looted. President Al-Bashir praised the African Union, Arab League, Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Non-Aligned Movement, the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States and all sisterly and friendly countries for their stand beside Sudan.

He also hailed the international, regional, Arab, African trade unions and Sudan Workers Trade Unions Federation and the civil society organizations.




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