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Togolese opposition calls on govt to step down over handling of floods

Posted by African Press International on August 3, 2008

Togos main opposition Union of Forces for Change (UFC) has called on the government to resign following the flooding in the southern part of the country, a reliable source has disclosed to APA.

The opposition Action Committee for Renewal (CAR) has also proposed the setting up of a solidarity fund to support the victims.

In a declaration made available to APA on Friday, UFC called for “the resignation of the current government”.

“After more than forty years of improvisation, amateurism, mismanagement and massive human rights violations without any prospect or vision of society, its time for the ruling Togolese Peoples Rally (RPT) regime to admit its failure to lead the country and step down”, UFC first vice-chairman, Patrick Lawson, wrote in the declaration.

The party official decried the indescribable poor condition of roads in Togo which “no longer meet the national needs” and he shared the grief of the flood victims.

The flooding hit the Lom Commune, the prefectures of Ogou, Haho, Zio, Av, Yoto, Vo and the Gulf, and destroyed about ten bridges, houses, crops and caused human losses.

The party official denounced the tragedies being experienced by the victims who have been left to themselves.

On Thursday, some party members brought food supplies to the flood victims in the eastern suburb of Lom.

“Faced with this disaster, the government has held repeated cabinet meetings in an attempt to rouse the pity of the international community from which it is expecting resources which will be diverted and wasted unpunished if there is no institutional control”, Lawson added, while warning that one does not play with the life of an entire people and get away with it.

For his part, CAR chairman, former Prime Minister Yaovi Agboyibo, issued a statement expressing his sympathy with the victims of the bad weather before urging the Togolese government to set up a solidarity fund “to which all people of goodwill will contribute in order to relieve the grief of the stricken population”.

The southern part of Togo has recently been experiencing serious flooding that have left 9 people killed, more than 10, 000 homeless and extensive property damage according to several sources close to the rescue services.



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