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Mandela calls for more disciplined amongst South African leadership

Posted by African Press International on August 3, 2008

Now as much as ever in our history, South Africa requires disciplined leaders, former president Nelson Mandela said at a birthday celebration in his honour in Pretoria on Saturday.

He said the ANC were inheritors of a great organization, one that had existed for almost a century.

“It is now in your hands to uphold the best and the noblest of that history.

“I would be nothing without the ANC. I thank the ANC for having given meaning to my 90 years on this planet,” he said.

Mandela asked the public not to celebrate him as an individual but to celebrate the achievements and reaffirm the values of a great organization, one that has existed for almost a hundred years.

He also urged the public to celebrate and reaffirm the principles of collective leadership and inclusiveness.

“Let no individual, section, faction or group ever regard itself as greater than the organization and the common good of all our people.

“Our nation comes from a history of deep division and strife, let us never through our deeds or words take our people back down that road,” he said.

Mandela said South Africans had fought hard and sacrificed much for democracy.

“Protect, defend, consolidate and advance democracy – within the organization and in national life,” Mandela said.

He also said that South Africans should reaffirm their fundamental commitment to creating a better life for all, particularly the poor and marginalized.

“Poverty and deprivation in our midst demean all of us. We came together as a nation to end the scourge of apartheid.

“Today, we are challenged to end poverty and all its attendant suffering,” he said.



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