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Lightning struck out trains – Norway

Posted by African Press International on August 3, 2008

Thunderstorm put on quite a show over Oslo on Tuesday night.

Some train lines and Oslo’s public transport system were disrupted after a sudden and severe thunderstorm hit southern Norway Tuesday night.

Lightning struck the main T-bane station at Majorstuen, and service was still plagued by delays on Wednesday.

A train from Bergen that was due into Oslo at 11pm was nearly two hours delayed, because of a power failure caused by the thunderstorm.

Heavy rains also loosened some manhole covers around Oslo, and emergency crews were called out 38 times until the thunderstorm let up around 2am Wednesday.

“Weve really been rolling,” said Lars Evensen, operations leader of the Nordre Buskerud Police District in Hnefoss. “Alarms were ringing over town.”

Heavy rain that followed the initial lightning bolts almost immediately eased the danger of fires. In Oslo, the lightning and thunder was dramatic, and went on for hours.

State meteorologists said record warm temperatures in recent days set off the thunderstorm, which hadn’t been expected to hit until closer to the weekend.

Oslo remained under mostly cloudy skies on Wednesday with some patches of blue. More showers were expected towards evening and on Thursday and Friday, with near-constant rain predicted for Saturday, clearing somewhat on Sunday.



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