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Ethiopia reveals plans to produce 130 million litres of ethanol annually

Posted by African Press International on August 3, 2008

Ethiopia announced on Saturday plans to produce 130 million litres of ethanol annually to tackle the rising cost of oil.

According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, efforts are being exerted to raise Ethiopias production of ethanol to 130 million litres within the next five years.

The decision to increase the production of ethanol was made by the government following the rising oil price in the international market.

Ethiopia is spending around US$500 million to buy oil for its consumption every year.

The Ethiopian State Minister of Mines and Energy, Sinkinesh Ejigu said that ethanol is currently being produced only at the Fincha Sugar Factory from molasses in Addis Ababa.

However, the minster indicated that there are preparations to produce more ethanol at Metehara and Wonji sugar factories.

These two factories are making preparations to produce ethanol shortly while Tendaho, which is under construction, will also commence production on completion, Ejigu said.

She was speaking at the on going national conference organized to discuss about the use of ethanol in the country.

An extensive plan is underway to utilize ethanol for vehicles by mixing it with benzene and to substitute it for domestic fuel as well as export the surplus, Ejigu added.

Former United States President Bill Clinton, who made a visit to Ethiopia during the last two days also promised to support Ethiopias ethanol production under the Clinton Foundation, which is mainly working on the fight against malaria and HIV/AIDS.

The production of ethanol in the country is expected to save Ethiopias annual expenditure on oil importation.



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