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It is public knowledge Uhuru represents the substantial Kenyatta Family stake at Timsales

Posted by African Press International on July 31, 2008

Posted by Judy Miriga

Dubois,This article mentions nothing about PNU – unless you were reading a different posting.It is public knowledge Uhuru represents the substantial Kenyatta Family stake at Timsales -go through the public media archives or just google it up, dont be lazy my friend. Many such articles as these (below) pop up.….ntial-campaign/

Timsales was originally (founded in the late 30s) a Colonial/British company engaging in the timber business,. It specialized in harvesting cheaply, from Kenyas vast natural forests, exotic hardwood trees being cleared for colonial settlement.After independence, the clever British owners foresaw the significant role that local politics would impact in their business. Thus they invited President Jomo Kenyatta into partnership – for strategic reasons- to enable the continued plunder of Kenyas trees.

True, Timsales have their own tree farms – but they mainly plant fast-growing softwoods like eucalyptus and not the expensive hardwoods which take decades to grow.

To sustain their current business, a lot of stealing of hardwoods from gazzeted state forests is part of their game. The Kenyatta, Moi and current Kibaki governments have all facilitated that robbery. The government has proved unable to protect our forests from the decimation by these political corporations like Timsales – with a heavy arm in government since independence.

Compare Timsales (K) to Raiply (K)s brief history hereby.

RaiPly started off as Rai Timber, formed by two Indian brothers who were previously thriving businessmen in Uganda, until dictator Idi Amin kicked them out of the country (with other Asians).

Rai Timber, started off its wood processing interests in Mt Elgon then began expanding. It later moved to Eldoret where the Rai brothers partnered with the late Shabir.

At this time, Rai Timber never had the audacity to venture into gazetted state forests for free hardwood harvests..not even applying for the government granted forestry management concessions (given to select companies).

In 1993, Shabir & his wife were mysteriously murdered.

Immediately after the partners murder in 1993, Rai Timber got TWO NEW POWERFUL PARTNERS, a Mr Nicholas Kipyator Kiprono Arap Biwott and Mr Daniel Kipkorios Toroitich Arap Moi.

The new business changed its name to RaiPly (K) and immediately jumped into Kenyas state forests.

The company also forcefully evicted squatters in a 20 acre plot they sought to set up a tree nursery near Eldoret.

RaiPly immediately became a tough competitor to Timsales (K) whom they learnt a lot from. The businesses collaborated in the joint decimation of Kenyas state forests, with the old hand Timsales (K) leading, and the new player RaiPly (K) following.

From our exotic hardwoods, for no charge, Timsales and Raiply trucks and loggers blaze through in their harvests that eventually yield; veneer, chipboards, plywood, ceiling boards, blockboards, parquet, wooden tiles, doors, mattresses, gunia sacks, and even polythene bags for special orders to sugar parastatals (Mumias, Sony etc).

As you can see, the money is good and any environmental concerns raised by concerned Kenyans and activists becomes just some bothersome noise trying to prevent the big fellas from eating peacefully.

They will eat until we become a desert, then they can move on to other safe habitations.

Talking of other habitations. RaiPly (K) has eyed a quiet habitat full of hardwoods outside Kenyas borders.

RaiPly (M), a subsidiary of RaiPly (K), is now the biggest wood processor in Malawi. To the good people of Malawi and their poor trees, here comes Moi and Biwott into your state forests!!!!!!!! Another desert is in the making right in South/Central Africa.


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