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Discussing Kenyan politics: Are the likes of Dr. Bonny Khalwale happy men?

Posted by African Press International on July 10, 2008

To Nyandoto,

You have said well, that is how it should be. Kenyans should not panic or be in a harry to appoint someone for that position while Kimunya is being investigated.

The second in command should take over until the matter is resolved. That is how Public Offices are run and that is how it is constituted according to law, this is the transparency we are talking about.

My question is will Kimunya be still earning salary? If so public should not be taxed to pay someone else for a job that can be done by the Assistant. Again someone proposed and floated Michuki’s namewhich is a serious dent of Kenyan’s intelligence

a test to Kenyans authority. In my wildest immagination, Michuki should not be consideredfor public service, until the Government prefers pending Sub-poena charges he is likely to answer against mis-use of Public Office and his shoddiness in the past.

Public already rejected Michuki until he clears himself and prove he can handle public office with commitment and trust. This issomeone Kenyans had lost trust and rejected, who should not be forced on to people wherever service is calling. This is the kind of Democracyand transparency we are talking about.

Just follow the law people!! and I hope Parliament will also rule it that way. There should be no obsolute worry or fear.Ministry of Finance is not short of people or personnel to run it presently, so people can concentrate on other crucial matters.I believe Oburu is already doing the services as is necessary and obligated since the office is already vacated by Kimani.

Good point,


By Judy Miriga, USA



What does the Present Kenyan constitution say on the situation when a minister
is not capable to carry his duty or has resigned like Mr. Kimunya has done to
give way for an investigation. Who should resume his place until a new minister
that in Kenya we have a civilized president , prime minister and parliament to
see that an assistant minister is promoted to carry on the duty of a minister
until all the judiciary processes are over on Kimunya`s case. Even Kibaki
himself expect Kalonzo to carry his duty when he is away or sick. I therefore
do not see the point of naming straight away a new finance minister since we do
have an assistant minister in that office.


By Paul Nyandoto.

The humans in Parliament behind the ugly anti-Kimunya manipulation have literally pulled, pushed and squeezed the financially
latex-faced Finance Minister, Hon. Amos Muhinga Kimunya's grote, even as his resignation was being fuelled by widespread passion for trans-politics. They
called him the 'Prince of Impunity' but he lived tough though nicknames don't stick unless there is something
true or fishy in the MEGA-saga. Kimunya's tongue was literally anaesthetized in Parliament with
his fellow MP's bitter venom and foul vitriol. They also tamed his political and functional cronies and the Libyan benefactors including our own Kamlesh Pattni.
He was made boring in Parliament and mute when really he was not to be.

They spawned Kimunya as a liability slug, slithering through the chambers of financial power to make him the fore backbencher of Kipipiri
and Chairman of Muthaiga Club of 'the deceased'. 

The political consensus in Parliament then was tormenting and a threat to national security and which was orchestrated to trash the then
Government's GDP 'reformer'. The Kimunya ideology must have been a confused 'political ideology' that diffused through the Chambers and bore a
poisonous partisan fruit for the nation.

The spin-doctor, the bullfighter, Dr. Bonny Khalwale and other political forecasters for 2012 fought their battle on their hot and
sweaty seats to the comfort and amusement of constituents on TV. Majority were good in heckling than in content and material. In fact they were not talking
about the Grand Regency 'inner facets' but confining themselves instead to generalities, banalities, double-speak, bland calls and assumed passion to
physically fight 'corruption' really hard with their bellies out. After the busy fight and headaches many of them became silent, appeared tired and empty
with their 'historic' burbling.

But again, their characters and ill satire in Parliament proved the colour of their elite post-election vengeance. The MPs' moment
of consensus politics 'only said the same thing', again and again. In such it is hard to state the views of wananchi
that elected those with sinister moves and vested interests devoid of politics and seen to be promoting true transparency. On my glasses I saw activists in
Parliament burning out their heavy lunchtime meals. Call that verbo-physical aerobics of shillings and
less sense.

Now that Hon. Kimunya has resigned would he still be enveloped by a catorie of 'haters', the political types with other
slews of lurid 'latter economic stories' only this time for him to fully arise from
the 'dead'?

Are the likes of Dr. Bonny Khalwale happy men? No! And I doubt that big. The Finance Minister had made many go into depression for he
had re-assured them that he would rather 'die than resign'. They had wanted him 'dead' as a doornail. Interesting, Hon. Kimunya reminded Kenyans of how
the Lord was treated and persecuted. Kimunya literally died on the cross of Parliament and rose from the dead on the SEVENTH day of 'persecution'
as he left the TOMB of treasury.

Does his 'death or resurrection' at Treasury now amount to his political death, coma, sleep or strategy for future leadership and an
avenue for further political counter-machinations? Shall Parliamentarians continue to play 'bull-fighting' with the Finance docket, Parliament as
an institution and Wanjiku? 

Has Parliament allowed Hon. Kimunya to sharpen his 'outdoor' political golf shots of Muthaiga as he helps crush the real balls of the bulls
of Parliament from the backbench?

I hope not for we are yet to see the Olympolitics of our Parliamentarians and their Judases (Raila?) as custodians of our voter's cards that come with
a price hard to settle.

By Mundia Mundia Jnr.

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