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Kimunya is an animal in the jungle, the best suitable place for him is Guatanamo cell

Posted by African Press International on July 7, 2008


Let everyone say, “Kimunya be taken to Guatanamo” that is,if Guatanamo is functioning.Right now, he is too powerfulhe canendanger people in Kenya.

He should not be put to a Kenyan jail.Guatanamo would bemore preferrable,

while he Kimunya awaits charges to be preferred against him. This man is

extremely dangerous. He is a dare devil trying to prove he is too powerful no

Kenyan can do any thing to him or challenge him.This Kimunya is dummy. He forgets the Grand Regency sale wasnegotiated and completed before election. In other words, this money was for their campaign.

They forced themselves to cling to power so to cover up using money stolen from

Grand Regency, and when they were actually busted, they want to drag ODM Raila

and Orengo into it. Remember, at the time they were soliciting for the money they

were in a hurry to finance their election. Regency sale transaction was already up for grabs well before election in Dec. 2007. How can any fool believe his statement of dragging Raila and Orengo into his mess?

Kimunya charges for urgent quit notice are based on:

1) he used his public office to transact public property in a personal private manner

without public consent.

2) he denied more than once when he was questioned earlier that the hotel was not sold and it was later proved that it was sold

3) He defied protocol ethics, legal order requirement proceedure for which he swore allegiance to observe and protect public property in a manner stipulated by law

4) he refused and boasted to public that he will not step aside or vacate public office

5) he continues boastfully, to occupy public office evenafterhe has voted no confidence and the house demonstrated they have no more faith in him

6) he treated and continues to treat public matter as his personal private matter

7) he was trying to arm-twist fellow Members from exposing Grand Regency Saga to wait

a little longer because he wanted block and to destroy evidence as well as manipulate members through scare and manipulative threats

8) from his statement, his behaviour and attitudeanyone can underscore Kenyan Leaders are under duress, he is the power-house using Kibaki as his press button, and using threats as a tool to silence anyone opposing his acts.

9) this is the reason why Orengo cried for dear life and requested for security protection

10) from Grand Regency Saga, it is evident that Corruption is the in-thing – Kimunya and

team must advance in the highest level without obstruction or resistance

11) this is the more reason why ODM is not awarded 50/50 share of Government in the Cabinet

12) this is the more reason why Kibaki want to continue to have a complete power and restrict Raila’s to actively perform Prime Minister’sresponsibiliesso Raila may remainunder Kibaki’s wing and control.

In all this, Kibaki does not want to honour the Grand Coalition Government and would be more than happy he brings it down to unmanagiable level, so he can continue to suppress the DEMANDS of Kenyans and pursue a dictatorship Government.

Kimunya is an animal in the jungle, the best suitable place for him is Guatanamo cell incase the place exists, whilethis matter is given indepth investigation – otherwise, many lives are going to be endangered. Remember, he is a wounded lion.

By Judy Miriga




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