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How sincere are the Kenyan Members of Parliament? They do not pay taxes!

Posted by African Press International on July 7, 2008


We do have problems which can be solved by people on the ground in
Kenya. If the people down there are waiting for Kibaki or Raila to speak
out for them then I do think they are missing the point.

Look at things this way, Just some weeks ago this same kimunya now
being lynched was a people`s hero when he came out with the budget which
says MPs will be taxed as any other fellow Kenyans. All people from all
walks of life congratulated him, at the same time this Kimunya was
making all these stupid dills of how to swindle the government funds and
properties. This shows you that K`Onyiego`s theory of Kikuyus have no
ideas, they just act on others information to get ideas does not hold
up. These people have already sat down and calculated what they want and
how to discredit the MPs reaction. They had already counter reaction
made before even the MPs passed a vote of no confindence on him, HOW

The other thing is this, as I said Kenyans should just forget a bout
mouth feeding, distance relatives things, so and so is our Mp so he will
take care of us. Let us look at the Asian countries as an example: Those
people had a lot of nature catastrophy recently and needed human help,
but did you watch when westerner`s ships carrying goodies to Myyrma were
not welcomed straight a way. Can you compare that with Kenya during post
election violence?. Every black man in Kenya wanted something from the
red cross, some left even their homes to go and eat in the red cross
camps. This just tells us how helpless an African has made himself. We
make ourselves so much dependent on our politicians that some just end
up worshiping them at the same time they are just stealing from the
local man everyday. Look at almost all the politicians aren`t they all
tax payers money  thieves?. How do you explain somebody getting over 500
000.00 kenyan shillings plus extra expenses per month from tax payers
money who does not pay tax in a country where some get nothing or live
on less than a dollar but are being taxed. Are MPs not thieves or

The question we must ask ourselves now is this:  what does the present
Kenyan constitution and law say about somebody like Kimunya, how should
the law be applied to him? do we Kenyans have such a section on the law
on how to deal with tax payers money  thieves or not?. Kenyans can save
that country but one man or a politician will not save that country and
that is what the common Kenyan has not realised. They still think that
if they elect so and so as so and so then Kenya will be heaven. Some
have invested on the same people for over 40 yeras and nothing has come
except deaths, lack of food and permanent diseases. Sorry guys it does
not work that way, thieves will always be there even if, Kibaki, Raila,
or Orengo, or Kalonzo or Ruto is the president. Kimunya did what in luo
we say `OYIEYO CHAMI TO KUDHI`. Told people that MPs, will pay tax, got
some people behind him then stole the whole hotel, even money was not
payed for that hotel. Now he will tell you that the MPs does not want
their salary to be taxed that is why they……….

By Paul Nyandoto



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