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Now a man can marry a man in a Norwegian church!!

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

AND WOMAN TO WOMAN ALSO READY TO WED!!! The world is moving faster than ever.

Same sex partners will now be able marry as the Norwegian parliament passed a new marriage law on Wednesday. Adoption will be easier and lesbian couples will qualify for state funded fertility treatment.

David Kolstad (on the left) and Andr Oktay Dahl will get married as soon as possible.


Conservative religious groups have tried to mobilize opposition against the new law. They worry about the status of marriage in Norway. Progress Party members are concerned about how children will cope with same sex marriages.

Despite efforts from these opponents, the law passed by a two thirds majority.

After the vote Wednesday evening, opponents from the Christian Democrats and Progress Party were among the first to leave. Supporters of the legislation stayed behind to celebrate.

“I am extremely pleased that we managed to get this last stage passed. Now we have to tackle the prejudice which still exists in society,” Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen, also leads the Socialist Left Party, told news bureau NTB.

Norway is the sixth country to adopt same sex marriage laws. Holland was first in 2001. Norway has had a Registered Partner law since 1993.

The most controversial aspect of the new law is offering state funded fertility treatment to lesbian couples. Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Great Britain already provides this service. Up to now, Norwegian lesbian couples have gone to Denmark for this procedure.



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Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

President of the Norwegian Athletic Society, Tove Paule, recognizes that the Government is unlikely to guarantee more money to for Tromss bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Now she has to find a way of breaking the deadlock.

Who wants to pay for new winter sports arenas in Troms?


Sports Minister, Trond Giske maintains that Norwegian sporting organizations will have to pay 22.3 per cent of the building costs. This will severely limit spending on sports arenas in the rest of Norway for a long time.

“Youth and children should not have to make do with substandard sports facilities just because of the Olympics,” Paule told Aftenposten.

Using profits from State lotteries for the Troms Olympics, will also be strictly limited by Giske.

This weekend the leaders of Norways sporting organizations will meet to discuss what can be done to break the seeming deadlock.

Without more government funding the organizations will have to break a resolution at last years National Sports Congress. It was agreed that a bid for the Olympics must not harm investments in youth sports.

However, Paule convenes an extra Sports Congress, she wants see what the latest estimates for what the Troms Games will cost.

“Once we have the final figures we will know how to proceed. We will also be in regular contact Sports Minister,” says Paule.

Despite Paules seemingly impossible task, Petter Rnningen, head of the Troms 2018 project, remains an optimist.

“The Olympic project cannot be allowed to fail because of an issue like this. I firmly expect that the leaders of the Norwegian sporting community will do whatever is necessary to find a workable solution,” Rnningen told Aftenposten.



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Thousands flee Bakassi for fear of counter attacks

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

More than three days after the attack on a Cameroonian vessel, thousands of Cameroonian and Nigerian nationals are fleeing Bakassi for fear of a “flare-up”, reliable sources disclosed to APA.

This attack had left at least three people dead and six others missing while the south-western Akwa district sub-prefect covering the peninsula was on a working visit in the area.

In addition to hundreds of nearby inhabitants on the Nigerian side fleeing the area “for fear of retaliation from the Cameroonian army” to the districts of Ikang and Calabar in the Cross-River State bordering with the Cameroonian south-western province, the others are moving to Douala and other nearby cities, APA reported here.

“We have temporarily retreated to Limb (south-west of the country) pending the outcome of the armys combing operation”, a trader who had always lived in Bakassi said.

Following this attack which Cameroonian Army Chief, Major General Ren-Claude Meka blamed on “sea pirates” on Tuesday, the Yaound forces sealed off the Bakassi area to help find the attackers, the senior army official had claimed.

While rejecting “any exaction against the Nigerians and other people living in Bakassi”, the Cameroonian army said it had tightened controls and enhanced the troops and logistics, measures “which are normal”.

The Monday attack comes after that in November 2007 when 21 Cameroonian soldiers were killed in Bakassi.

The oil-rich Bakassi had triggered a border dispute between Cameroon and Nigeria since 1993 when on 10 October 2002 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague ruled that it belonged to Cameroon.



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Red Cross repatriates 400 Ethiopians from Eritrea

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has repatriated 400 Ethiopians from Eritrea, APA learnt on Friday.

This number includes a former prisoner of war who it said requested to be repatriated in the same operation, while 15 civilians were at the same time repatriated from Ethiopia to Eritrea.

Acting in its capacity as a neutral and independent intermediary, the ICRC carried out this repatriation based on the consent of each individual and with the cooperation of the authorities, the ICRC said. It adds that, ICRC delegates based in Eritrea and an ambulance team of the Eritrean Red Cross accompanied the civilians going to Ethiopia on the first part of their journey from Asmara, Eritreas capital, to the border.

At the crossing point at Mereb River, located between the towns of Adi Quala in Eritrea and Rama in Ethiopia, the group was met by ICRC delegates based in Ethiopia, before being placed in the care of the Ethiopian authorities, ICRC added.

Also, 1CRC delegates based in Ethiopia accompanied those repatriated from Ethiopia to Eritrea to the border where they were met by ICRC delegates based in Eritrea, before being placed in the care of the Eritrean authorities.

The ICRC has assisted people affected by the 1998-2000 armed conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea regarding their repatriation since June 2000 and strives to ensure compliance with the rules and principles of international humanitarian law; in particular, the Geneva Conventions of 1949.

Over 100,000 people, both Ethiopians and Eritreans were repatriated in the two countries during the past seven and eight years under ICRC repatriation operations.



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UK Ambassador Woods leaves: His departure from Kenya is good for the Kenyans, bad for ODM Pentagonists

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

Parting words from Adam Wood

By Ben Agina
British High Commissioner Adam Woods three-year tour of duty in Kenya ends next week. He was among key international figures, who played a key role to see Kenya through a political crisis that resulted in the Grand Coalition Government.
Despite leaving, Wood will still be engaged with Kenya as he takes up his new appointment as the Director of African Affairs, under the Office of the UK Foreign Secretary David Milliband.


Britain was accused of taking sides during the last General Election. Is it true and if so, who were you supporting and why?


Answer: I think the reform agenda identified through the mediation process under Annans leadership was comprehensive. It brought out underlying issues, some of which are going to take a long time to address fully, yet they are important. Issues like tackling social exclusion and reducing inequality. But a couple of issues can be addressed within a two or three year time frame.
Most important is the electoral and constitutional reforms.

Electoral reforms because we know the presidential election was deeply flawed. On constitutional reform one which seems achievable in a multi-ethnic society such as Kenya is to spread executive power more widely. This will make the fierceness of electoral competition less violent.Question: In your assessment was last years presidential election rigged? Most observers, including EU, branded it flawed.

Answer: We base ourselves on the report of the observers. I think all the international observers whether from the Eala, Commonwealth, EU and domestic observers also found out that while the parliamentary elections were generally fair, the presidential election was flawed.

They did not follow well-established international and African principles for transparency and proper conduct of elections. There were particular concerns around the tallying and the counting.

Question: Do you think the current Government will bury the ghost of corruption?
Answer: There is a great deal for this country to address as we discuss the underlying issues through the mediation process but what I hear repeatedly from Kenyans is that they do not want issues of corruption to be neglected.
Some fear the Coalition Government may fail to be accountable due to its composition. But I am sure there is an opportunity to make progress in fighting corruption.

What Kenyans say to me is their desire to make progress in ending the culture of impunity, grand economic crimes and by that they do not mean a blanket amnesty, which appeared to have been slipped in the section 25(a) in the Economic Crimes Act.

They want an honest process that will change behaviour in the future. It cannot be blanket amnesty. There needs to be some process where people face and own up to the crimes they have committed and return some of the assets they may have stolen from poor Kenyan tax payers.

Question: Sections of the Press have said that Britain has no moral authority to lecture Kenya on corruption given the suspected shady transfer of Safaricom shares by Vodafone to Mobitelea. What is your reaction?
Answer: To start with, we dont lecture Kenyans on corruption. Thats not our style and has not been my style. We only add our voice to Kenyans who want to see the culture of impunity brought to an end and those who have committed economic crimes to be investigated.
We drew attention of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) allegations about Mobitelea that had appeared in the Kenya parliamentary reports. The officers visited Kenya 15 months ago for some preliminary inquiries about the same and Anglo Leasing investigation.

In the case of Mobitelea, SFO concluded that given the age of the allegations, and the difficulty of investigations, it would be unlikely within a reasonable time frame to bring the investigations to a successful conclusion. Given the many calls they receive, SFO felt there were other higher priorities.

Question: Will the Coalition hold?
Answer: The Grand Coalition is never an easy thing to create and after the trauma Kenyans experienced early this year, there was strong mutual mistrust. I hope Kenyan politicians will put what has happened behind them but not forget.



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Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

Forwarded bo api By Leo Odera Omolo

The Rwanda Investment and Export Promotion Agency (RIEPA), in conjunction with EAC Partner States and the EAC Secretariat are organizing the first East African Investment Conference to be held on 26 28 June 2008 at the Serena Hotel , in Kigali .

The Conference which will in future be rotated among the EAC capitals annually is being held to jointly promote the region as a single market and investment area. The theme of the Investment Conference is Leveraging the East African Market through Trade and Investment.

The Official Opening Ceremony of the Investment Conference on 26 June 2008 will be addressed by H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda and Chairperson of the Summit of EAC Heads of State and H.E. Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda . Statements will also be made by the Secretary General of the East African Community, Amb. Juma Mwapachu and the Director General of the Commonwealth Business Council, Dr. Mohan Kaul.

About 800 participants are expected to attend the Conference, including representatives of the business and investment community, Investment Promotion Authorities (IPAs) of the EAC Partner States and the EAC Secretariat and its Institutions. The Investment Conference will be attended by the EAC Heads of State who will be holding their 9th Summit in Kigali during the time.

Addressing a Press Conference in Arusha on 13 June 2008, the Deputy Secretary General (Projects and Programmes) of the East African Community, Ambassador Julius Onen said the Investment Conference will provide an opportunity for EAC Partner States to showcase their specific investment opportunities to business representatives within and outside the region.

Exhibition stands will be mounted by the various participants. Activities will include various presentations and distribution/display of promotional materials showcasing the status of the integration process, regional investment climate as well as opportunities for investment.

Conference Plenary Sessions will be addressed on the themes: Promoting Regional Competitiveness by Mr. Charles Mbogori, Executive Director, East African Business Council and Mr. Godfrey Tumusiime, Director General, East African Development Bank; Highlighting Trade and Investment Opportunities, by Mr. Francis Gatare, Director General, Rwanda Investment and Export Promotion Agency, Dr Maggie Kigozi, Executive Director, Uganda Investment Authority, Mr. Emmanuel Ole Naiko, Director General, Tanzania Investment Centre, Ms Susan Kikwai, Managing Director, Kenya Investment Authority and Mr. Constanque Hakizimana, ICT Expert, National Agency for Telecommunications, Control & Regulations, Republic of Burundi;

Other presentations will be made on the themes, Infrastructure Development in EAC, by Mr. Philip Wambugu , Director of Planning and Infrastructure, EAC; Industrial Growth and Regional Development through value addition, by Mr. Reginald Mengi, Chairman IPP Group of Companies; Support Growth agenda: Financial Mobilization and Accessibility for Enhanced Economic Growth, by Mr. Nkosana Moyo, Managing Partner Africa, ACTIS Capital LLP; and The Role of ICT in fueling Regional trade and investment, by Hon Ham Mulira, Minister of ICT , Uganda.

For more details please contact our Economist in charge of Investment Promotion and Private Sector Development, Mr. Frederick Owiti on e-mail: or the Executive Director, Rwanda Investment and Export Promotion Agency (RIEPA):




JUNE 2008



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Barack Obama was a Muslim – now to become USA’s president. This is good for world peace

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

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Andy Martin counters Barack Obama with new blog:

2008-06-13 02:31:29

Obama and wife in early days before the dream for the White House was in their minds.

“What is the undisputed, factual basis of the claim Obama was a Muslim?

“First, his father Barack Hussein Obama, Senior, was a Muslim from the day of his birth to the day of his burial. His grandfather was also a devout Muslim. ‘Barack’ is a name with Arabic origins. The woman he falsely tries to pass off as his real ‘granny’ is a devout Muslim. Virtually all of his Kenyan relatives appear to be Muslims.

“Second, under Muslim law, Barack, Junior, became a Muslim at birth. See:

“Third, the Christian Science Monitor writer states ‘According to Islamic jurisprudence, children of a Muslim father – even an apparently non practicing one, such as Obama’s father, and irrespective of the mother’s faith – are automatically Muslims. Most Muslims around the world agree: A child of a Muslim father is a Muslim. Period-.That’s why Obama is bin Laden’s dream candidate.’

“Fourth, Obama himself, and his sister, have admitted they occasionally attended Mosque with his stepfather Lolo Soetero in Jakarta.

“Fifth, Obama’s mother or stepfather registered him as a Muslim at public school in Jakarta. The actions of his parents speak louder than Obama’s belated denials.

“Sixth, as I disclosed at a Washington, DC news conference in March, Obama had close ties to the Nation of Islam and flirted with joining that religious denomination. He considered joining the NOI as an adult.

“Did Obama change his religion and abandon Islam? Apparently he did. He had a First Amendment constitutional right to do so. In this country. But that abandonment raises a new series of questions, as the CSM article makes clear. Will Muslim nations recognize Obama’s religious renunciation?

“The bottom line:

I have sent a check to Hawaii to order Obama’s birth certificate. I challenge him to send me a letter approving release of the certificate to me. If he refuses to do so, I will assume he is possibly doing so to cover up the religion disclosed on the certificate.

“Second, Obama should take down his bogus Muslim-denial site, and come clean with the American people. He should say ‘My father was a Muslim. I was born into that faith. When I was old enough to choose for myself, I was baptized into Christianity on (insert date and produce baptismal certificate). I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.’ Anything less is more of his habitual evasiveness.

“Obama is trying a Watergate-style ‘modified limited hangout.’ It won’t work. Indeed, his new site is going to backfire on him. This time he is not going to get away with lying, or misleading, or fibbing, or dissembling. The truth will prevail, and the truth is, Barack Obama was a Muslim,” Martin will state.

Martin will unveil his new blog that is intended to counter Obama’s own web site:



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Heart attack causes journalist’s death

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

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Report: Journalist Tim Russert dies of heart attack
June 13, 2008 – 3:42pm

WASHINGTON – Tim Russert, managing editor and moderator of “Meet the Press,” died Friday after suffering a heart attack, The New York Times reports.

He was 58 years old.

Russert fell ill at the NBC News Washington Bureau on Nebraska Avenue in Northwest D.C. on Friday afternoon.

D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman Alan Etter tells WTOP rescue officials responded to the NBC News Washington Bureau on Nebraska Avenue in Northwest at 1:41 p.m. and found an adult male in cardiac arrest. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition, Etter tells WTOP.

Sources at the NBC News Washington Bureau tell WTOP that the man was Russert, NBC’s managing editor and moderator of Meet the Press.”

Russert also served as a political analyst for “NBC Nightly News” and the “TODAY” show. He also anchored the “Tim Russert Show” on MSNBC and served as senior vice president and Washington bureau chief of NBC News, according to Russert’s biography on the MSNBC’s Web site.

In 2008, Time Magazine named Russert one of the 100 most influential people in the world. In 2005, Russert received an Emmy for his coverage of President Ronald Reagan’s funeral.
Russert took over as moderator of “Meet the Press” in December 1991.

He is survived by his wife, Maureen Orth, a writer for Vanity Fair magazine, and their son, Luke. The Russerts live in D.C.



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Princess Obama Derangement Syndrome

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

Author : sisterrosetta (IP: ,

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Friday, 13th June 2008


My oh my, what a firestorm I appear to have started with my remarks two days ago on Obamas background! It was wholly expected, of course, but nevertheless the posters comments are so revealing. They graphically illustrate the way in which Obamania has quite obviously destroyed the capacity for reason.

First, it is quite clear that any questioning at all of Obamas background is entirely off-limits. Next, the posters fail totally to grasp that the real point isnt what faith he professed or was brought up in as a child it is the fact that he has not told the truth about his early background. Then, some even compare such questioning with the truthers who allege that 9/11 was perpetrated by a conspiracy between America and Israel. They thus demonstrate that they cannot tell the difference between rationality and lunacy, evidence and fantasy, failing to grasp that the sole reason for the questions about Obama is the many discrepancies in the accounts of his early life — including his own accounts — plus his many questionable associations.

Ignoring all this substantive evidence and the legitimate questions to which it gives rise (can you imagine how they would be slavering about all this were Obama a Republican candidate??) they instead hurl insults at both me and my sources such as Daniel Pipes a fine and authoritative scholar (and who has also exposed those who claim he has peddled falsehoods as themselves peddling falsehoods) whose own observations about Obamas background are clearly and reliably sourced and are couched in Pipess characteristically cautious manner — and then annouce that they have won the argument hands-down!

Oh dear. America really does have a problem here. Looks like what I wrote months ago, that the Obama phenomenon might mean the Americans too are succumbing to Princess Diana Derangement Syndrome, was a serious understatement.

As I have already said — but let me repeat very slowly for those suffering from Princess Obama Derangement Syndrome the concerns about Obamas Muslim antecedents arise from the fact that a) he has tried to conceal them and b) that he has a puzzling number of indirect connections with radical Islamists or their supporters.

1) He has gone out of his way to support in Kenya Raila Odinga, head of the Luo tribe, who promised to introduce sharia law if elected. Obama interrupted his New Hampshire campaign to speak by phone with Odinga. As the Investors Business Daily has reported, his half-brother Abongo Roy Obama is a Luo activist in Kenya and a militant Muslim who argues that the black man must liberate himself from the poisoning influences of European culture and urges Barack to embrace his African Muslim heritage.

Barack Obama has said he disagrees with his brother. But as the IBD has also reported:

In 1991, when Obama joined the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, he pledged allegiance to something called the Black Value System, which is a code of non-Biblical ethics written by blacks, for blacks. It encourages blacks to group together and separate from the larger American society by pooling their money, patronizing black-only businesses and backing black leaders. Such racial separatism is strangely at odds with the media’s portrayal of Obama as a uniter who reaches across races. The code also warns blacks to avoid the white entrapment of black middle-classness, suggesting that settling for that kind of competitive success will rob blacks of their African identity and keep them captive to white culture.

2) His mentor, the black power-supporting Christian pastor Jeremiah Wright, is a close associate of Louis Farrakhan, the demagogue leader of the black power, Jew-hating militant organisation Nation of Islam. A number of Obamas own staffers have been members of the Nation of Islam.

3) Tony Rezko, who was recently convicted of fraud, money laundering and bribery conspiracy, has been a major supporter of Obama and contributor to his cause the full extent of which Obama tried to conceal. The Chicago Sun-Times reported:

During his 12 years in politics, Sen. Barack Obama has received nearly three times more campaign cash from indicted businessman Tony Rezko and his associates than he has publicly acknowledged, the Chicago Sun-Times has found. Obama has collected at least $168,308 from Rezko and his circle. Obama also has taken in an unknown amount of money from people who attended fund-raising events hosted by Rezko since the mid-1990s.

He also did a land deal with Rezko in 2005, buying land from him to enlarge his own adjoining house at what has been reported to be a discount — a transaction Obama has subsequently called bone-headed. In a further twist, as the Times reported earlier this year, a British-Iraqi billionaire, Nadhmi Auchi, who is said to have had connections with Saddam Hussein and who was convicted for corruption in France, lent millions of dollars to Rezko just weeks before that bone-headed land deal.

But what has received far less attention is Rezkos connections with the Nation of Islam. Reszko, born in Syria, was a business associate of Jabir Herbert Muhammad, the son of the founder of the Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad, serving as a vice president and general manager of JHMs firm Crucial Inc. And finally, Rezko was bailed from jail by Ali Baghdadi, the Middle East adviser to the Nation of Islam.



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Father’s day worldwide

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

If youve never done so, say thanks to your dad on Sunday


THIS COMING SUNDAY WILL be Fathers Day. It is one of those celebrations that tend to pass unacknowledged.

It is that macho thing again. Real men do not wander around with teddy bears on a day meant to celebrate them not in public, at least.

They act tough and play by the same rule. God forbid that they should be seen to be soft and emotional.

Sentimental displays are for the weak-kneed. Thats the legend, at least.

The one advertisement I have seen so far encourages fathers to do something for the women in their lives on Fathers Day.

It is as if they are not entitled to some quality time and a good, solid dash of appreciation.

It is just as unfair and unjust as rolling out the unending list of the shortcomings of the so-called weaker sex.

Fatherhood came into play just this week with the touching words of one of the sons of Roads minister Kipkalya Kones.

The young man, faced with the devastating pain of being on the site where his father had died so dramatically, declared that he had not only lost a father, but a friend too.

It was not so much the words as the way he said them. He was shattered.

Away from the rough and tumble of politics, Mr Kones clearly enjoyed strong bonds with his children.

That is as it should be. It is something to be celebrated well beyond June 15.

In a world full of criticism and denunciation of men and their many peccadilloes, we sometimes forget that we are often who we are because of our fathers.

And this has nothing to do with status or money. It is about the bonds that shape us and tie us together, and this applies whatever the relationship you had.

With Fathers Day on the horizon, we ought to take some time to reflect on the role of the most important man in our lives.

Fathers are not just the people who put bread on the table, pay rent, settle the school fees and beat their wives.

Some of these things are tasks that many women do these days without ceremony.

Fathers are not simply those people who lurk in the local karubu joint, only coming home long after the homework has been done and the children have been tucked in, completely sloshed and unavailable emotionally.

If todays fathers have the benefit of working wives to share their burdens and responsibilities, it is because some father somewhere invested in his daughter.

They had better get down on their knees and say thank you.

Whereas mothers have a critical nurturing role, there is a strong case to be made that it is how fathers interact with their children that determines whom we become.

We learn how to behave in our own relationships from the examples we grow up with.

I AM UNASHAMEDLY DADDYS GIRL. Long live the millions of fathers who work their butts off to do their best for their offspring, day in and day out.

Let us not herd them into the same umbrella as those who beat, maim, kill and rape women and girls.

Fatherhood is not a joke; nor is the responsibility that comes with it. Ask Barack Obama.

He travelled across the world to find his roots, and therefore his father, long after the man had died.

He never really knew him, but the pull was irresistible in the drive to understand who he himself was.

My father has been dead for nearly seven months, but I will be celebrating on Sunday.

I am beyond the first flash of pain because I know that he goes everywhere with me even though he is physically absent.

On a good day, I can even hear the soft burr of his voice in the recesses of my mind.

It is not the work of a fertile imagination, just the memory of the many conversations we had.

Whenever I think of him, it is by way of a compass that keeps me on the straight and narrow.

My father was no angel. He had his shortcomings. We had many disagreements. We often enjoyed a no-holds-barred argument, sometimes just for the sake of it.

He did not want it differently. After all, he had been the one to teach me to think and act independently.

If I am of feminist disposition today, blame my father. I learnt all that I know about it at the knee of a master of the art.

For many years, he was the father of daughters. When the boys came along, a relationship pattern had been long established. All children were valued, period.

And so he worked his butt off to send his girls to school along with his boys.

He faithfully sat at the homework table, ready to admonish us if we so much as wrote a letter out of place.

That man trained us not to give up if we didnt succeed at first attempt. You did not run away from a challenge. You pushed the boundaries.

He had his moments of aggression and his moments of affection.

Fatherhood did not stop just because we were all grown up and living away from home.
It extends beyond the grave.

There is a father figure somewhere in all our lives. He can make or break us. Many people argue that successful girls are those who had good female role models.

That is true. But the difference between those who simply put one foot in front of the other and those who soar into the heavens can often be tracked back to a healthy relationship with their fathers.

Hip, hip, hurray!


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Kenyan court allows suspected killer to call witnesses

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

Cholmondely allowed to call in witnesses

Written By:Court Reporters

Appellate Judges Riaga Omollo, Emanuel Okubasu and Onyango Otieno have reversed an order by Justice Muga Apondi that ordered Lord Delamere’s grandson, Tom Cholmondely to supply the prosecution with a statement of the 7 witnesses he intends to marshal for his defense.

The judges said the accused deserves a fair trial.

Justice Muga Apondi had in July last year ordered Cholmondely to supply the prosecution with the statement from his witnesses after Apondi ruled that he had a case to answer in the murder trial before being put to his defense.

Cholmondely is charged with killing Robert Njoya on the 10th of May 2006 at his Soysambu Ranch in Gilgil.

Elsewhere, Embakasi Mp Elect Ferdinand Waititu’s case was Friday adjourned.

The former Deputy MayorWaititu appeared before Judge Rose Ougo but told the Anti corruption court that he was not ready to proceed with the matter saying he is missing some information.

Waititu is charged with intent to defraud a KACC official when he was Deputy Mayor Nairobi.

And milimani court has dismissed a preliminary objection in a petition by ODM candidate challenging the election of Internal Security Minister George Saitoti.

Sakuda lost to Saitoti in last year General election before filing a petition against Saitoti.


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Human trafficking witnesses can stay in Norway

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

Whistleblowers who witness against their exploiters will in future be given the right to remain in Norway. Previously witnesses have been sent abroad to face retribution from their tormentors.

Libe Rieber-Mohn promises resident permits to trafficking witnesses.


“The government will instruct immigration authorities to give residence permits to victims who give testimony in court cases against human traffickers,” Libe Rieber-Mohn, State Secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion told daily newspaper VG.

The ruling will allow people who do not qualify for asylum or residence on humanitarian grounds to stay in Norway.

This change was prompted by warnings from organizations working to protect prostitutes and leading defense attorneys. They advised victims not to come forward, since they would be putting themselves in danger and had little hope of receiving protection and the right to stay in Norway.

The most recent human trafficking trial took place in Bergen in Western Norway in January. Four men from Romania were given two-year sentences and have subsequently left the country. The women who testified against them feel let down by the Norwegian authorities. They were told by police and welfare services that they were likely to be allowed to stay if they testified. Shortly after delivering testimony crucial for the prosecution, their application to stay in Norway was turned down.

“I feel used by the Norwegian authorities. I would never have come forward if I had known that I was going to be thrown out afterwards,” one witnesses told daily newspaper VG.

She is currently in hiding, fearing that the traffickers’ accomplices will find her. By confronting them in court she feels that she has put herself in danger. If she is returned to Romania her situation will become impossible. She has appealed to the Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board.

“We have no direct influence over the Board but we hope that the new instructions to the Directorate for Immigration will be a factor in their decision”, says Rieber-Mohn.

When asked whether wanting to stay in Norway might taint evidence given by future witnesses, Rieber-Mohn says that her Department is working with the Ministry of Justice to find a good solution to this question.



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Child caught in baggage X-ray

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

A child between three and five years old managed to slip away from distracted parents and wander onto a baggage check-in ramp at Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen. It wasn’t until the child passed through luggage X-ray equipment that officials reacted.The child’s parents failed to notice that their eldest had slipped away from them. Nor did airport security spot the pre-schooler before the youngster (whose sex wasn’t revealed) was screened by equipment used to check special luggage.

After having mounted the conveyor belt, the child disappeared down the chute to the cargo area and through the X-ray machine.

“It’s unfortunate that a child could get into the system like this,” Thor Hagen, head of operations for SAS Ground Services, told daily newspaper VG.

Operators of the X-ray machine quickly discovered that something was amiss, not least when they heard unusual noises from the equipment. The child was returned to the parents within minutes.

According to the importers of the X-ray machine, its radiation should not have posed a health hazard to the child. Airport officials told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that a report was being prepared on the incident, and that safety routines would be re-examined.



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Terrorist suspect released from jail

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

The Police Security Service (PST) Friday released a 38-year old Norwegian of Somali extraction. He is suspected of collecting money for Islamic extremists in Somalia.

Defense attorney Frode Sulland is pleased at his client’s release.


The PST released the man on condition that he report regularly to the police and that he hands in his passport . He is banned from leaving the country.

The 38-year old has been jailed since March on charges of having financed a terrorist group in Somalia. Police believe that he has worked with two others to collect money for a militant group called al Shabab.

The Police Security Service maintains their indictment against the suspect and reject suggestions that the case against him has weakened.

Defense attorney Frode Sulland is relieved that the PST no longer finds grounds for keeping his client in jail.

“The PST agrees that there is longer any possibility for the accused to interfere with evidence in this case. His release will make the work of defending him much easier,” Sulland told news bureau NTB.

The defense lawyer does not think that his client will try to evade the police.

“News of his release comes at an especially good time for him and his family. Being in jail has been particularly difficult, as he has a two-week old child waiting for him at home,” says Sulland.



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Blunder after blunder but reluctant to resign due to too much love for her cabinet post: Pressure grows on embattled cabinet minister Haga

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2008

Ministers the world over are the same. They love their positions so much that the family becomes second in line. When ministers commit indicency in public life by lying or covering up things, they expect to be untouchable and continue as if nothing has happened.

The things that has been attributed to the Norwegian minister in question, having benefited personally by breaking the law, should have seen her leave the ministerial post immidiately. She however has chosen to be stubborn and wants to go ahead and lead the ministry as if that which has happened was not very wrong. The Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg should have fired her as soon as possible. When the first black woman minister Manuella made a blunder she lost her job as minister for Children, family and equality, but this minister is being kept in the job. This is wrong and discriminatory! She should do the honourable thing: RESIGN and give preferance to her family. She has accused the media of intruding and invading her family’s privacy forgetting that she has to be checked every minute in what she does since she is being salaried through the public funding. If an African minister in Africa had done the same, Norway would be one of the first countries to criticise and yet when it is their own, they prefer to be quiet. Norway has an attitude to be the world’s policeman and do less in policing their own leaders. API

slaug Haga, Norway’s Oil & Energy Minister and head of the Center Party, has been called “arrogant” and “hypocritical” after she had to admit to a series of relatively minor building violations. She refuses to step down, however, and blamed the media for invading her family’s privacy.

slaug Haga fended off her critics on Thursday, and said she wouldn’t “give up” as Norway’s Oil & Energy Minister.


“Some will be of the opinion that my children, my husband, my good colleagues and I should tolerate this,” she said at a press conference Thursday. “I’m in doubt.

“I have seriously considered resigning, but when I have decided to stay the course, it’s because I can’t understand that I have done anything that means I can’t stand up straight in public.”

Media reports this week have revealed that Haga and her husband illegally built a pier at their holiday home, violating the type of coastal protection laws that Haga’s own party has championed. She and her husband also were found to have illegally set up a building on their home property in s, south of Oslo, and then rented it out illegally as well.

In recent months, Haga has also faced criticism over alleged back-room dealing that made Troms Norway’s candidate for the Olympics in 2018. She also caught flak for hiring a party colleague, Eli Arnstad, as a consultant to the oil ministry, after Arnstad had been forced to resign from her previous job because of management trouble and a demoralized staff.

“I haven’t paid enough attention to some details, and I am responsible for some mistakes that shall be corrected,” Haga said. “But these things have been blended together and create a picture of me as untrustworthy. Thats hurtful, incorrect and I wont accept it.”

Haga admitted she can’t guarantee she has paid all proper taxes on the illegal rental income, but was investigating by going through the familys papers.

“It’s clear that Haga’s reputation has been weakened,” said image consultant Christian Sinding. “Now people are just waiting to see what else will come up.

“Haga is appearing as an arrogant person who’s put herself above the law, which is very unfortunate for her,” he said. “If there’s anyone who should keep their own doorstep clean, it’s persons sitting in key roles in society.”

Haga’s party colleagues claim her mistakes have been blown out of proportion.



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