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Zimbabwe Finally on UNSC Agenda

Posted by African Press International on June 6, 2008

by Scott A Morgan

We all have been tought that Patience is a Virtue. But in Zimbabwe it seems that having patience can also be fatal. This has been true during past election cycles and expecting Neighboring States or the World to intervene in the many crises plaguing the country.

Southern Africa has watched with baited breath the Aftermath of the latest Election Cycle. First the Results of the Parilamentary Elections were Delayed until the Opposition Victory could not be held back any longer. Then the Presidential Poll Results were released in such a manner that onc could reasonably assume that it was more important to have President Mugabe remain in Office that listen to the wishes of the Zimbabwe People. Let us not forget the many attempts to import Million of Tons of Weapons as well during the Vote Count as well.

Currently the violence continues around the country. Over 20 People have been killed since the end of the First Round of the Elections. Several Aid Groups have been forced to cease operations in the Country by President Mugabe. So now in some instances the people have lost their main source of Food and Medical Assistance. Several Countries including the US, Britain, Japan and Tanzania have sent their Diplomats out into the field to assess the claims of violence.

In recent weeks there has been an effort to intimidate these Diplomats as they have been conducting their investigations. They have been routinely harassed by the Police at roadblocks including being manhandled, They have had Satellite Phones and other items confiscated by either the Police or Militias and in one instance the US Ambassador to Zimbabwe was grazed by a Zimbabwe Police Vehicle.

As this item was being prepared there was a report of American and British Diplomats being manhandled by Militiamen and the Police in a township North of Harare. The Police Position has been that some of these Diplomats have been conducting “Criminal Behavior” while out doing their work.

But there have been some changes that may have the World take a more firm stance against the Lawlessness that has plagued Zimbabwe.

Earlier this year the Presidency of the UN Security Council rested in the hands of South Africa. Various Attempts to have Zimbabwe placed on the Agenda while the Security Council was under the stewardship of South Africa failed. However this is June and the Presidency resides with a New Country. The Power that currently has the leadership position is the United States. And already it has called for a meeting of the Security Council regarding Zimbabwe.

How will such a meeting pan out? President Mugabe and Zimbabwe has two allies on the Security Council right now they are South Africa and China. The US will no doubt be backed by the UK and Europe when it comes to addressing the Situation. Russia could end up being a Swing Vote as well as most of the rest of the Non-Permanent Third World Bloc of Countries. What ever happens before the runoff occurs and afterwords will be crucial to the Stability of that whole region.

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