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TO THE EDITOR: A difference is a difference if it makes a difference

Posted by African Press International on June 6, 2008

The so called coalition government can be compared to an iceberg on
the verge of disintergration, what is holding that eventuality is the
Kshs One million plus that MPS and ministers pocket everymonth. I
would be glad to be reminded of any tangible gains achieved so far in
the post Annan peace deal. May be we can talk of political salvos in
the “homecoming” festivals.

Some Kenyans seem to have a very short memory indeed! Barley four
months have elapsed since went through very trying moments,
nevertheles we continue to arrogantly squable over matters that could
have been solved with signing of Annan Accord.

Are these politicians really keen to see the country move forward? Do
they want not to push the country back to the path of bloodshed? My
judgement could be contested but all the indications justifies a
negative response to above questions.

Our politicians have failed us, they represents a huge national and
international liability. The damage they have done and keen to repeat
has been very costly and will remain costly for decades.

May God bless our country!

John Onyango

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