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Kenya: Teachers’s immorality kills girls education in Luo-land

Posted by African Press International on June 6, 2008

<By Leo Odera Omolo,Migori

Immorality in secondary schools is killing girls education in Nyanza Province where male teachers are reportedly marrying their students left right and centre, hence the source of conflicts between the head teachers and their staff.

Immorality involving male teachers who are falling in love with students under their pupilage in the classes is said to be on the alarming increase.

In one girls secondary school, the Headmistress, it is being alleged is madly involved in love affairs with the resident priest. The school in question is reported to be performing poorly in the national exams. This is because the head teacher who is supposed due to her love affairs escapades with the priest is now consider herself as an untouchable and cannot be transferred because she is under the twenty four protection by the resident priest..

And because is under technical sponsorship by the church, the disgusted Board of Governors cannot afford to discipline her. The BoG chairman who is reported to be a strictly religious person instead of reporting the matter to the education authority is said to have abandoned the school because he does not wish to be seen that he is fighting with the priest.

The flourishing love affair between the priest and the headmistress is a common talks of the surrounding village and locality.

At the St. Mary’s Mabera Girls Secondary School in the newly created Kuria West district, two male teachers are reported to have married their students with impunity.

And when the Headmistress Mrs Diana Oboro contacted the education authority to protest against such immorality, one of the teachers who hails from within the locality together with resident priest who is also a man from within the locality immediately ganged up with their clansman. They immediately mobilized a band of heavily drugged and drunken youths, who in turn invaded the school for the purpose of ejecting the headteacher. Her only mistake is having reported the immorality to the authority. The gang made sure that the school’s BoG meeting did not take part within the school compound. The youth had threaten to beat up the BoG members should they turn up for the meeting which was meant to deliberate on teacher/student marriage affairs.

The rule and regulations set up by the Ministry requires the girl to stay out of school for two years before she could enter into marriage contract with her former class teacher. Mr. Christopher Otaigo, a male school teacher at Mabera got married to MISS Janet Konare immediately after she had just sat for the KCSE. This was against the schools rule.

In another specific case, a male teacher in the same St. Mary’s Mabera Girls was discovered to be dating a student under his pupilage. But before the matter could be tackled by the BOG the student Miss Lucy Abdi was hurriedly transferred to Nyaroa Girls Secondary in the neighbouring Kuria East district. In her new school, the girl was immediately discovered to have already been pregnant for a couple of months and was dispatched home.

Her parents later invaded her former school at ST Mary’s Maber and forced her former classmaster Mr. Tobias Omolo who married pregnant girl under duress. The couple are now living in a rented house in Migori town, while the teacher is still working at St. Mary’s Mabera School as a teacher. These are some of the many reason why Mrs Oboro an experienced and hardworkiung teacher who had turned the hitherto run-down school to a vibrant institute to abandon her place of work and seek for transfer.

She walked out of school despite of heavy protest by 400 plus students parents and BoG members and flatly refused to go back under the police escort. She was last week transferred to ST. Gorretti Secondary school In Malder Division, Nyatike Constituency in Migori district. The teacher in question Mr. Otaigo has since resorted to sending nasty SMS messages to Mrs Oboro and other interested parties asking her why she had just published the story in respectable daily newspapers instead of the “Weekly Citizen”, which top him as a gutter press.

This writer received such a message. But the gist of the matter is that the two school teachers have entered into marriage contract with their former class room students against the laid down rules.



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