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Posted by African Press International on June 6, 2008

A journey for a 100 miles starts with a step,

Of course we know that Raila is a ceremonial prime and there is nothing he can do, he reports to the president just like the other ministers the only ministers who report to him are the ordinary wanainchi, his fanatics but who also at the same time are in the mercy of the police.

Until the constitution is changed which, we remain to be caged in the hands of the thieves. Who can tell me that they will agree to alter the constitution to there down fall?

Have a bright day,

Victor Simwa


To my tribesmen instead of us focusing on Raila and Kibaki why don’t we focus on how the rich luos can develop Nyanza



Partly agree with you.

It is time we focus on that but the question is are they willing to go the extra mile or are they puppets of the elite group, we should know that to develop there must be equal distribution of resources and how do we get ourselves to this level, changes first, to give us the autonomy.

Please not that this is not a luo affair only, I am not a luo, I am a Kenyan yearning for good life, the Raila, Kibaki factor comes in since they are the two principals holding Kenyans in there palm, they can determine if you are going to eat today or not

Give us the ideas in developing, when the elite are the determining factor.


Victor Simwa

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