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Rwandese Government seeks clarification on Kabuga’s request in readiness for talks

Posted by African Press International on May 27, 2008

Publisher: Korir,

Flicien KabugaMr Felicen Kabuga

The Kabuga saga may soon take a new turn now that the Rwandan authorities have shown interest by contacting API inquiring about the document from Mr Flicien Kabuga.

Speaking to API, the authorities confirm their readiness for talks with Kabuga, but insist that the man has no right to put forward any pre-conditions for the talks. They point out that they areinterested in Kabuga’s recent photograph anda copy of the firstinterview, if API has any audio copy.

Although the authorities are now showing interest in Kabuga’s planned surrender, Kabuga would not have liked to have his recent photograph delivered to the authorities before the start of the talks. The man may think the authorities are simply interested to know how he now looks after many years in hiding and will use the photo in their efforts to apprehend him.

The interest the government is now showing contradicts statements earlier made by some government officials who were quoted recentlyby Rwandan Times newspaper saying the government will not negotiate with Mr Kabuga.

Now that there is a possibility for talks with the Government, the remaining question will be whether the authorities will insist on Kabuga attending the talks in person or if they will accept to deal with his appointed representatives.

We wrote yesterday that Kabuga would apply for asylum in Norway of the talks does not materialise between him and the Government of Rwanda. Now that the Government representative has taken the initiative to find out the details in Kabuga’s request, this serves as a sign of good will that talks may take place.

This will make it easy for Kabuga who is not enthusiastic to offer himself forasylumin Norway, owing to the fact that he gives a priority to live his last years in life in his home country.

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