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Felicen Kabuga’s request to the Rwandese government will be channelled this week

Posted by African Press International on May 21, 2008

Publisher: Korir,

Flicien KabugaMr Felicen Kabuga (left) The Rwandese government will have to take a decision, either for or against the request for talks with their wanted man, Mr Felicen Kabuga.

The Rwandese government has been briefed through their representative on what is on the way for the government to deal with. As details continue to come in, we realise also that the topgovernment officials are anxiously waiting for thedocument to be relayed to them. At the same time the government seems to find the situation complicated because the plan for talks has come out in the open.

People wanted to do things quietly but now the fact that the information is out in the open, seems to have placed the Rwandese government into an awkward position that may cause problems should they enter into secret talks with Kabuga without clearing with the International Court.

The talks between LRA/Kony and the government of Uganda was not blessed by the International court who has not agreed to withdraw Mr Kony’s arrest warrant.

Mr Kabuga’s request will be channelled to the government in the next few days. The International arrest warranthas not prevented Kabuga from moving from country to country. He has nowdecided that the time for talks has come.

In an interesting well-wordedappeal,the government will be invited to take a decision in favour of negotiationsand find an agreeable solution. The government will do good to accept to talk because Mr Kabuga has alot of information that will also help sort out other cases.

Developments in the case worry some Kenyans

If the Rwandese government chose to enter into talks with Mr Kabuga, some Kenyan politicians and security officers willget sleepless nights. For the talks to succeed, Mr kabuga will have to name names of his Kenyan keepers who helped him evade justice in Nairobi for a long time.

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