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Posted by African Press International on May 20, 2008

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<By Leo Odera Omolo
RESIDENTS OF LUO-Nyanza region were at the weekend advised to be patient and to give the grand coalition government the breathing space so that it could implement its development agenda and effect the necessary changes and political dispensation.
The assistant Minister in the Office of the President in-charge of the Provincial Administration and Internal Security, Joshua Ojodeh also pleaded with his Ndhiwa constituents to remain vigorously alert against harbouring hard-core criminals bent on disturbing the peace.
Ojodeh told traders in market places and kiosk operators to make sure that they closed their premises and stalls at 6 pm every day, and not to allow any suspicious characters to rent these premises as such person could use the facilities as hideout for dangerous criminal elements. He want the people of Ndhiwa to have sound sleep always without being disturbed by thugs.
Ojodeh was speaking before a huge crowd of people who turned up at Ndhiwa Tpown to grace his homecoming party. Close to 15 bulls, over 30 goats and 20 sheep were slaughtered for the constituents who turned out from all the 14 administrative locations within the four Division of Ndhiwa constituents.
Guest were entertained with ohangla traditional Luo music. The occasion was organized by local Christian churches of all denominations who offered prolonged prayers for peace and tranquility in Kenya .
The Assistant Minister told his audience that the government was in the process of effecting changes within the local administration set-ups. Larger location would be sub-divided and new one created for close administration and development. He cited south Kabuoch and North Kanyamwa . as some of the areas already earmarked for sub-divisions.
Once the plan is effected, plenty of new jobs would be created for young educated men and women within the Provincial administration. He said he had already deposited CDF funds with the KPLC for the extension of electricity supplies in all marketplaces, schools and institutions within Ndhiwa constituency. The programme will start within South Kabuoich and extended to other adjoining locations and sub-locations
The Assistant Minister was informed that the area is currently facing acute shortage of both primary and secondary school teachers. And in a quick answerOjodeh introduced the TSC Secretary Mr. Gabriel Longoiboini who was the chief guest at the ceremony.
In his turn the TSC secretary told the crowd that the matter concerning shortage of teachers in Ndhiwas was receiving urgent attention and would be addressed. He said the TSC was a cash strapped organisatioin and therefore could not engage all the teachers who graduated recently from the Teachers Training Colleges and other institutions. It is countrywide. The TSC, he said is short of 45,000 primary school teachers and 12,000 secondary school teachers..
Mr. longoiboini told the crowd that Kenya has trained many teachers in excess of its requirement, but could not employ all of them. The government was considering exporting some of its trained teachers to Rwandas, Souther Sudan, and the government has even received inquiries from Thailand for trained teachers. He was told that Ndhiwa alone was in shortage of 3000 primary school teachers and 1200 secondary school teachers.
The TSC Secretary who was accompanied by the Nyanza PDE heard in some schools only three or four teachers were taking care of over 400 pupils. This is the major source of poor performance in the national exams and other shortcomings in education development in the region.
A Mr. Ojiem who introduced himself as a student at the University of Nairobi moved the crowd when he accused the ODM leadership for having relegated Ojodeh to a junior ministerial position instead of giving him a full cabinet position. He said Ojodeh has sacrificed a lot for the party, and even at one time declined a ministerial appointment offered to him by President Mwai Kibaki in 2005 due to the fact that he is patriotic [person who wanted to be in solidarity with his fellow ODM luminaries.
The issue, said Mr. Ojiem has made the people of the entire greater South Nyanza region to rethink twice in connection with their cousins from the north.. Come the year 2012 we will have to take a firm stand and may be forced to charter our own destiny unilaterally,
Mr. ojiem said there was no point in appointing Otieno Kajwang to the position of a full cabinet Minister. Kajwang should have been given an assistant minister position, whilke Ojodeh deserve full cabinet positions. Even the apportioning of Permanent Secretaries were also made in a biased manner against the people of Southern Nyanza. Said Mr. Ojiem whose electrifying speech moved the crowd. He hails from Rangwe Constituency within the same Homa-Bay district.
Ojodeh, however, played down the sentiments expressed by Mr. Ojiem and urged his people to continue their support to the grand coalition government. The ODM , he said will continue to struggle for changes so that Kenyans could realize their democratic right
There was a popular call for the creation of a new Ndhiwa District. The areas has four administrative Division, namely NDHIWA, Riana, Nyarongi and Kobama. And therefore qualified to have a district of its own. But Ojodeh promised his audience that he would take up the matter with the higher authorities.
.For the area to achieve fast development activities, there must be peace, law and order and co-operation between the administrators and members of the public as the only way to achieving the desired development in the area. There should also be good working relations with members of the security personnel working in the area as one way of eradicating crimes.
Ndhiwa residents also expressed their confidence in the prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga and said they were looking forward to receive him and fete him in the near future.
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