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Norwegian kickboxing excites young men and women – a successful tournament took place on the 4th of May, at Mortensrud in the outskirts of Oslo

Posted by African Press International on May 9, 2008

Published by Chief Editor Korir, source.trollkampsport.

Sporting events came in different colours and class world wide. People use sporting event to learn more of the strains their bodies can accommodate in form of training exercises and some choose the types of sports they get into for different purposes such as strengthening the mind, research has shown that proper exercises enable our brains function effectively. Well managed coaching enables participants to get a healthy physical training and mental health. Sport is categorised and classified in steps and stages.

“Troll Kickboxing Klubb”a Norwegian kick boxing club had its first club kick boxing championship in the “Light Touch” class on Sunday. The event attracted 8 participants in 2 ranging groups for both young men and young women.

The male classtrooped withthe following participants, Aissa Bouddount, Andreas Kidahl, Daniel Notstad, Jan Pallum and Jonas Svendsen, while thefemale section was represented by Roselyn Korir, Margrethe Myhre and Katinka Steensgaard.

The event organisers and those responsible to see the event through were Thomas Steenberg, Roy Ellingsen, Morten Eriksen and Steinar Kronstad


The results achieved were recordedin the female class as follows; first place award in Gold went toMargrethe Myhrewho is clubchampion, Light Touch, followed by an award of Silver to Roselyn Korir who came second number two followed by Bronze winner Katinka Steensgaard takingthe third place.

In the maleclass, the first place, Gold wasawarded toAndreas Kildahl, keeping club master title in LightTouch, while the second prize in Silver went to Aissa Bouddount and the Bronze awarded toDaniel Notstad

It is reported that 10 to 15 enthusiatickick boxing folksincluding club members cheered the participants making the event a big success. The participants from both groups were praised by the organisers for having participated in the spirit of sports.

Self defence

Kick boxing sport is a good game and yet it can become dangerous if the right precautions are not taken when participating. It is considered a sport that many use in self defence whenever need arises. It is in line with “karate” a game that can be used effectively in self defence in most case situations.

Award ceremony:

Nr 1, The Gold winner – female section: Margrethe Myhre

Nr 2, The Silver Winner – female section: Roselyn Korir

Nr 3, The Bronze winner – female section: Katinka Steensgaard

Nr 1, The Gold winner – male section: Andreas Kildahl

Nr 2, Silver winner – male section: Aissa Bouddount

Nr 3, Bronze winner – male section: Daniel Notstad

To oversee the above event in Mortensrud were a panel of judges comprising of 4 people, namely, Thomas Steenberg, Roy Ellingsen, Morten Eriksen and Steinar Kronstad. One ofthe panelist judges during the tournamentSteinar Kronstad, is also a keen kickboxer who has kickedboxed internationally.

In one of his international kickboxing participation, he crossed the Norwegian borders all the way to a scheduled match in London, the United Kingdom, where he had a match against Pete de Vanney. It is an exiting match to watch, one we would not like to reveal the outcome before you have had the opportunity to watch it. You can enjoy the match between the two here below:

International event in London,

To watch the match, click on the photo direct or the link below.

S. Kronstad (closer to camera, right on the photo)vs Pete de Vanney
Steinar Kronstad (Norway), Pete de Vanney (England, Weston-Super-Mare)….Kickboxing Palace Bridgwater Fists of Fury,Kronstad – Pete Fists of Fury, Bridgwater, Palace, 30 09 07 International kickboxing bout, S. Kronstad (Norway), Pete de Vanney (England, Weston-Super-Mare).

Click Link:

On the 11th of May, a very exiciting international kickboxing match “The last Challenge” Casino Style, is scheduled to take place. The world of kickboxing is growing enormously and presents international sporting events that attract large crowds. The event below is expected to attract many people, especially Casino visitors who love betting in sporting arrangements.


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