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Talking to Mungiki will stabilise the situation in Kenya

Posted by African Press International on May 8, 2008

Publisher: Korir,

We agree with the PM that the government should talk to Mungiki. He is right to compare them with Uganda’s LRA and we must remind that Hizbollah, Hamas and others started small and grew.Thereafter causing havoc and great danger if not listened to. Raila should also encourage the release of Njenga so that when negotiation start, all the Mungiki leadership will speak in one voice and make a lasting peace. API

Raila: Lets talk to Mungiki

By David Ohito
Prime Minister Raila Odinga insists the Government should speak to the outlawed Mungiki sect to understand stheir grievances.

Raila said the talks have been going on and assured the sect followers that the Government was keen to listen to them.

“When there is conflict, we can only reach people through dialogue and we will do so with Mungiki,” the PM said.

He added: “They are alleging historical injustices meted out on them and we must give them a chance to air their grievances.”

Raila, however, declined to push for the release of the jailed sect leader, Maina Njenga, arguing he does not have such powers.

Raila made the first attempt to reach out to the proscribed sect on the day he was sworn-in as the PM.

“I cannot speak on the release of Maina but we want them to table their grievances and seek solutions,” Raila said at a press conference in his Treasury office, on Wednesday.

He said the Government should treat the sect seriously, and gave the example of the Lords Resistance Army in Uganda, which began as a small militia but later snowballed into a guerrilla outfit.

Raila was speaking after meeting Unep Executive Director, Mr Achim Steiner over environmental and security concerns.

He said the diplomatic community had expressed serious concerns over insecurity.

The PM also met the UN World Tourism Organisation secretary-general, Mr Francesco Frangiali, who promised to help market Kenyas image internationally.

Meanwhile, the Government will soon release a policy document detailing the functions of the PM.

Raila allayed fears of conflict of interest and duplication of duties of his office and those of the 40 ministries.

“The system works in many countries and there is a policy document which will clarify duties of my office,” he said.

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Releasing Njenga (Mungikis leader) and negotiating with Mungiki is the right way to go if Kenya cherishes lastingpeace

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