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Sudan Donor Conference in Norway on 5-7 May: Rwandese Fugitive Felicen Kabuga got a private audience with two Sudanese delegates

Posted by African Press International on May 8, 2008

Publisher: Korir,

Norway was thehost of the Sudan Consortium in Oslo from 5 to 7 May. The conference was to review progress on the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in Sudan, and generate donor pledges to support the further reconstruction and development in Sudan.

In April 2005 Norway hosted the first international donor conference on Sudan, after the signing of the CPA between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement (SPLM) in January 2005.

Representting the Norwegian government, Norways Minister of the Environment and International Development, Mr Erik Solheimspoke warmly about the occassion saying, ” We are very pleased to again be able to host an international donor conference to support peace and development in Sudan” and in emphasis he reiterated, “This is an important opportunity for the Sudan Government of National Unity (GONU), the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) and the international community to reconfirm their commitment to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.”

The period 2005−2011 is known as the interim period of the CPA, after which the people of Sudan will vote in a referendum on whether Southern Sudan shall secede or not. In 2005 international pledges were given for 3 years, and will now be renewed for the period 2008−2011.

The conference was attended by adelegation from Sudan and from international donors. The Sudan Consortium is jointly chaired by the Sudan Government of National Unity, the Government of Southern Sudan and the organisers, the World Bank and the United Nations. Invited participants include a broad range of international development partners.

The parties, together with the UN and the World Bank, have analysed needs for the continued development of all major development sectors in Sudan for the period 2008− 2011. Donors were invited to pledge assistance for these sectors.

The official opening was on 6 May, followed by a Pledging session on 7 May. Participants discussed efforts towards sustainable peace in Darfur in a closed doors session on the first pre-meeting day of the Consortium.

The conference gave the opportunity to the Rwandese wanted man Mr Felicen Kabuga who is wanted for crimes against humanity. He arrived in Oslo on the 23rd of March and it is now clear that he new of the conference that was to take place. He used the opportunity while in Oslo to meet secretly with two delegates from Sudan.

His aim was to request the Sudanese to facilitate a negotiated settlement for his return to Rwanda. Mr Kabuga has stated that he has faith in the South Sudanese because they managed to srike a deal for LRA Kony’s people who will be tried in Uganda instead of being delivered to the international community if the LRA leader signs the agreement with President Museveni.

Kabuga thinks the South Sudanese can use their influence through Museveni in getting President Paul Kagame to get into a deal with him.


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