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Kabuga arrived in Norway on the 23rd of March this year after crossing the Swedish/Norway border in Svinesund by car.

Posted by African Press International on May 8, 2008

Publisher: Korir,

Flicien KabugaMr Felicen Kabuga

The most wanted fugitive met with two members of the Sudanese delegation who were recently in Oslo, Kabuga wants the South Sudanese leaders to organise a meeting between him and the Rwandese authorities in the same way as they managed to organise dialogue between Museveni’s government and Kony of LRA.
Mr Kabuga has elluded justice for many years now. His financial ability has made it possible for him to get whatever he wants. When API spoke to him yesterday evening, he did not sound a dangerous man, but his way of dealing with questions confirms he has realised that he cannot be able to continue hiding. He says if people like Kony of LRA can be dialogued with, he does not see why he cannot be accorded an opportunity as well. He says he is ready to return but wants some conditions to be met. The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda issued an international arrest warrant for Kabuga in August 1999 charging him with 11 counts, including genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, and complicity in genocide.
Those who committed genocide should be arrested and charged. Onesuch fugitive Mr Kabuga is in Oslo after arriving in the country on the 23rd of April. He is among friends in one of the best estates in Oslo.
Norway is housing many Rwandese accused of genocide and have been unwilling to do as the UK did last year when UK arrested four Rwandese and charged them in the UK. It is not known whether UK transported them to the UN court sitting in Arusha.

Keeping a fugitive genocider in the country endangers the lives of the residence near the area where such fugitive resides. If an ambush is laid to catch the fugitive, some lives will be lost in the neighbourhood. The best is to catch them unaware and frog-match them to their country of origin to answer charges.

Rwanda should demand from Norway that Kabuga be deported and send to answer the charges.

Kabuga was in a visit to Kenya in December last year. He left Kenya in early January this year to Switzerland where it is said he stayed for 2 weeks before proceeding to Belgium.It did not take long before he visited Sweden. On the 23rd of March, he crossed to Norway where he was ushered into one Oslo apartment by a Rwandese man and a Sudanese woman who was accompanied by a French speaking white male.

Kabuga is seeking ways and means to be accepted back to Rwanda but wants assurance that if he surrenders without bloodshed, he should be dealt with leniently. He is seeking ways and means in Scandinavia because he knows as he says that Norway does not believe in arresting Rwandese and would like to enter into dialogue for his return.

He has also cited that he would like to agree with the Rwandese justice system on a trial in his country but on condition that he is not confined due to his medical condition. His friends say the man wants to clear his name, be in his country, but on restricted bail while the case is going on. He wants to avoid being in jail while the trial is going on and cites medical grounds which he ffears will deteroriate if put in custody immediately he returns.

When asked why he has decided to negotiate a deal, he states that many Rwandese have been forgiven and that he does not see his role as different to the of the others who have appeared before the people courts.

While in Norway, he wants to seek dialogue from the Norwegian authorities on the possibilities of opening a discussion between Norway and Rwanda.

He says he has now no grounds to hide inside Kenya after his country became a member of the East African Community because the Rwandese security can easily swing into action and capture him in Kenya.

Mr Kabuga has promised API an exclisive interview next week where he will discus his immediate plans.API


Kabuga and wife own villas in posh city estate

By Judy Ogutu
It is now official: Rwandan genocide suspect, Mr Felicien Kabuga, owns property in Kenya.
The Spanish Villas in Nairobis upmarket Kilimani area belong to him and his wife, Ms Mukazitoni Josephine.
On Tuesday, High Court Judge, Justice Muga Apondi, was given a detailed report of what Kabuga and his wife own in an application to freeze his assets.
The revelation is the result of investigation by a team of detectives.
Last December, the AG set up a team and it gave its first report in February.

It disclosed that Kabuga and his wife owned the Sh50 million villas. Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mr Keriako Tobiko, told the court that detectives had established the ownership of the villas. According to their report, there was an agreement on January 26 appointing Kenya Trust Company Ltd as managing agents of the property and to collect rent.
Tobiko told the court that Kabuga might be using the proceeds from his assets to avoid justice.
Tobiko said Kenya Trust Company would collect the rent and deposit the money in their account at the same bank. Documents showed that every quarter, the firm would wire an equivalent of 290,000 French francs to the account in Belgium.
Escape justice
On Tuesday, Tobiko said: “We believe part of or these proceeds are being used by the criminal fugitive to avoid capture and evade justice.”
And Judge Apondi said: “Investigation shows the bank account and transactions the first respondent and his wife have been involved in.”
Documents from the Commercial Bank of Africa indicated that rent collected from the property was deposited in Kabugas account at the bank. He has, however, since closed it.
Justice Apondi said though Kabuga was presumed innocent until proven guilty, he should be subject to the due process of law.
In addition, the judge directed Kenya Trust Company Ltd to deposit with the High Court Registrar rent income and proceeds it received from the villas less the fee for managing the property.
Advertise the case
Further, the court gave the DPP the go ahead to inform the Kabugas of the case in court by advertising it in two newspapers, one regional and the other international.
The judge directed the High Courts deputy registrar to keep the file in safe custody. Tobiko had sought to have the file placed in a strong room because of the nature of the case.
The matter will be mentioned on July 29 to establish the progress made and whether any one shall have responded to the suit by then.
Kabuga, a wealthy businessman and a genocide suspect, has a $5million (Sh310 million) bounty on his head for allegedly masterminding and bankrolling the 1994 genocide Rwanda where 800,000 were killed.
He has been on the run since the International Criminal Tribunal indicted him for genocide with 17 other Rwandans and a warrant issued for his arrest.

Kabuga is accused of international crimes in Rwanda in 1994, ranging from genocide to conspiracy to commit genocide and incitement to commit genocide.

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