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A man who wants to be the MP for Ainamoi constituency in Kenya wants prosperity for all Kenyans

Posted by African Press International on May 8, 2008

Elections is a hot issue in Kenya whenever there is one. Last year, Kenyans went to the polls and took part in what was seen as a good election that saw young blood elected members of parliament. That happiness did not last long. When the presidential election results were announced, Kenyans did not know that havoc was now the next thing they were to deal with for a number of months. Many people lost their lives due to disagreement on who won the elections.

President Kibaki (<left photo) from PNU says he won the elections while his opponent from ODM now the Prime Minister Raila Odinga (right photo>) insists that he was robbed victory.

ODM has been seen as a party championing young blood to be elected to parliament in their hope of bringing change in the country. In ODM, such one young blood in the name of David Cheruiyot Kitur has taken a major step that may see him get into the 10th parliament after the by-elections in Ainamoi on the 11th of June.

Cheruiyot Kitur is ODM Member and a Parliament Aspirant.

David Cheruiyot Kitur runs a successful company in Kenya called Microlan – Africa based in Nairobi. On realising that he has become a success in private business, he turned to community development where he has championed projects that brings development to Ainamoi constituency and the surrounding areas.

Now that he has decided to run in the by-election in June this year, in an effort to take over the seat left vacant by the late MP Mr David Too, who was murdered in cold blood in Eldoret area, it is believed that Mr Kitur wants to take on the huge responsibilities that the slained MP was faced with when he got the mantle from the voters only weeks before he was killed.

Our sources tell us that Mr Kitur is electable and is popular among the electorate that has become tired of recycling leaders who do not bring prosperity to the area.

The sources reaching API is that there are two other strong candidates. The younger brother of the slain MP is also running and with some sympathy votes because of the death of his brother range him as a number 2 strong man followed by a retired Army General in the third place.

According to a report API has received, elders in the area are planning to ask the other contestants – the remaining 13 people, to stand aside and let the 3 men to battle it out. If that happens, it is expected that Mr Kitur will sail in with a majority vote.

If the 13 do not heed the elders, votes will be split among all the 16 candidates and this will also pave way for Mr Kitur who has a visible positive track record to win but with a small margin, followed by the young brother of the slained MP in a number 2 position.

Who is this man by the name of Kitur who wants prosperity for Ainamoi constituents and the Kenyan people?

Introduction of the man who wants to be the people’s MP:

He was born on 3rd January 1963 at Kaitui in Kericho District to Job Arap Sigilai and Rhodah Sigilai. He is married to Rose Chelangat Kitur and they have been blessed with four children.

He went to school at Kaitui for his primary education thereafter went to Tambach Secondary School and St. Patrick’s Iten for his O-level and A level education respectively. He then proceeded to the University of Nairobi from 1984 to 1987 where he graduated with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He later went to Sheffield University, United Kingdom from 1990 to 1991 where he obtained a MSC in Computer Science specializing in Systems Technology.

Leadership Skills:

He has been a leader in many areas from schools through University and now in various professional organizations. He was the Chairman of Kericho District University Students Association (KEDUSA) and also a secretary to the Kipsigis professionals and the Tai initiative group which spearheads development agendas in the greater Kericho. He is a strong member of ODM as he campaigned for various candidates in the 2007 general elections.

Development and Business Activities:

He has succeeded in setting up and running several successful development and business activities like MICROLAN Africa which distributes ICT equipment in East Africa. He has also set up the Nile Heritage which grows and distributes tree seedlings in Kenya and encourages afforestation and environmental conservation.

He is also a chairman of the board of various schools and he has initiated several infrastructure projects and educational activities. Furthermore he has created job opportunities to the youth within Ainamoi and Kenya as a whole.

Achievements in Ainamoi:

He has initiated several tree seedlings projects for women and youth groups. He has also through MICROLAN Africa and RICABS (Rift Valley Institute of Computer Application and Business Studies) trained several people in ICT and Computer Equipment.

Recently he has also trained over 500 youths in entrepreneurial skills and hopes to achieve a target of at least 12,000 new entrepreneurs in Ainamoi within the next few years.

Political Activities:

He first participated in general elections campaigns in 1974 while in primary school and has continued voting every year, and participating in many political activities. As a ODM activist he fully participated in last years elections of several MPs and the people’s president.

His vision for the constituency:

  • Pray for, and uplift God’s work in Ainaimoi
  • Improve education Level
  • Create more Entrepreneurs
  • Improve Livestock Production
  • Improve Revenue from Crops
  • Rural Electrification
  • Water conservation and distribution
  • Better Road Networks
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Improve Health Services
  • Improve social welfare in sports, gender etc.
  • Better management of CDF, CESS, and BURSARY etc
Kenyans who understand the need to prosper will agree with him on his vision. Having faith in God’s guidance in what is good for the people is a strong message in this man’s vision. The question, however is whether all that he wants to do is possible to achieve over one period in parliament. His efforts, if supported by the voters and former MPs from the area, will definitely succeed in being accomplished and the goals set for the constituency achieved.

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