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A young man running big dream charities – Kenya

Posted by African Press International on May 7, 2008

Publisher: Korir,

<Story by Harrison Mwirigi Ikunda, Nairobi – Kenya

ADDHU CYCA International is a non governmental organization in Kenya which is an affiliate of ADDHU international which is a Portuguese NGO dealing with democracy and caring for destitute, aids orphans and other disadvantaged people globally. It’s International Director is Laura Vasconcellos and its affiliate Kenyan operation is headed by Mr. Armstrong O’Brian Ongera, Jnr.

I did chat with Brian a week ago about himself and the activities of the organization he heads here in Kenya which included a visit to a ‘Silicon Valley’ project in a place called Murungurune some 250 km away from Nairobi and in the slopes of Mt. Kenya and an orphaned children project in Nairobi at a place called Ongata Rongai.

Brian is a young man of about 24 years. He started the business of Non Governmental Organization soon after finishing high school in Kenya. All along he had a feeling about the disadvantaged in the society and had keen sense of contributing to make a change. So as soon as he finished High school Brian was making contacts all over in a bid to form an organization to help the disadvantaged in the society. Along the way and with a lot of hardwork Capital Youth Caucus (CYCA) Kenya was born. Later as it got down to serious business of helping the disadvantaged it affiliated with ADDHU of Portugal to launch ADDHU CYA International Kenya.

Brian Armstrong Jnr is a man with a lot of energy. When you get him talking you would easily mistake him for a seasoned politician. However his subject matter may have nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with changing the society. AIDS have been a giant killer globally. In Africa it has left a trail of destruction and Kenya has not been spared the agony. When Brian talks about helping the disadvantaged he means so much about helping among others the AIDS orphans who in Kenya are just too many.

Brian is very passionate about his project. He is not just only involved in helping the disadvantaged orphans and the poor abut he is also busy changing the orientation of the society towards a rapidly changing economy. Besides having the ADDHU CYCA project for children in Ongata Rongai in Nairobi, Brian has a ‘Silicon Valley’ project in Murungurune in Meru of Kenya, some 250 kilometers from Nairobi.

We toured the center on 03.05.2008 and we were warmly received as one of the latest guests to visit them. In a space of one month the centre has hosted among others the US Ambassador to Kenya, The Portuguese ambassador to Kenya, The Director of International Cultural Projects University of Scranton and a democracy and civil engagement crusader Professor Sondra Myers and Professor Morey Myers a US Civil Rights lawyer among others.

When we checked at the center with the company of the ADDHU CYCA Director we were warmly received by the children and staff. We were taken through the history of the centre, the challenges and the strategic plans in place. Brian ushered us in the office where he took us through the children project , the Murungurune ‘silicon valley’ project and his Murungurune primary school sanitary towels programme which is meant to encourage young girls to complete their schooling and aim high unhindered. His Murungurune Silicon valley project is about duplicating what has been achieved in Silicon Valley in USA but this time in a primary school in far flung place away from the capital city of Nairobi and in the slopes of the highest mountain in Kenya Mt Kenya and an area almost covered with forest and with a cold, cool, warm climate much less the same with Silicon of USA.

What drives Brian? According to him, he has passion for charity work and especially that which involves disadvantaged groups such as of children, youth and poor people generally. Hence his desire to play his part to transform society in the best he can.

Brian started involving himself with charity work starting with slum dwellers in big slums of Nairobi in 2001 and over the years he has grown a formidable organization with global affiliations under CYCA. He wakes early at 4 am and works through out the day until he retires top bed at around mid night. His energy and drive leaves many wondering the motivation beyond the young man who has interacted with the high in society locally and globally. Just about a month a go, he was in an international round table meeting in a neighbouring country called Rwanda which was like a meeting of who is who in the academia and human rights and democracy non governmental organization.

We can only wish Brian well in his good work. After we were through with the visit it was time to say au- revoir and Brian was ready to meet the next group pf visitors, this time some from Finland and others from UK. Busy and tight schedules for such a young and ambitious man who wants to change the society he lives in.


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