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Release Mayombo death report

Posted by African Press International on May 4, 2008

Publisher: Korir,

By Emmanuel Kajubu

The late Mayombo’s wife Juliet and daughter Natalia Mayombo lay a wreath on the grave in Kasokero, Kijura village

The late Mayombo’s wife Juliet and daughter Natalia Mayombo lay a wreath on the grave in Kasokero, Kijura village

The Government has been urged to release the report into the death of Brig. Noble Mayombo.

At a memorial service for Mayombo, held yesterday at St. John’s Cathedral, Kabarole, the dean of the cathedral, Patrick Kyaligonza, said people had the right to know what killed the brigadier.

Present at the service were his father, Rev Canon James Rwaboni, Mayombo’s widow Juliet and children as well as Mayombo’s brothers Phillip Winyi and Rwaboni Okwiri, and sister Gertrude Katuramu.

Others included the deputy chief of defence forces, Lt. Gen. Ivan Koreta, Brig. James Mugira and members of the Toro royal family, including the head of the Babiito royal clan, Charles Kamurasi.

The Toro Kingdom flag and the national flag were flying at half-mast outside the cathedral.

People should accept and believe that God took Mayombo away from us, but also we were told the report into his death has been finalised and it is with the president, said Kyaligonza

It is our right as Batooro and Ugandans to know what killed Brig. Mayombo. We can’t rest until the Government releases the report and we know how our son died, he added amidst murmurs from the gathering.

Mayombo, who was the Permanent Secretary for Defence, died on May 1 last year at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi. Mayombo was also the chairman of the New Vision Board of Directors.

At the burial at Kijura last year, President Museveni told mourners that a probe team, to be headed by Mugira, would investigate Mayombo’s death.

Defence minister Crispus Kiyonga said in Parliament this week that the probe committee finished its investigations and handed its report to the President.

Kyaligonza said his family and friends should not mourn but thank God for the life of Mayombo and the good things he did.

On behalf of the UPDF, Koreta said Mayombo served the army professionally and diligently.

If you don’t remember death, then you have learnt nothing about life, he said.

Rev. Canon Rwaboni hailed Museveni for his close relationship with the family. He thanked the people who contributed to the Mayombo Memorial Fund. After the church service, family members and friends proceeded to Mayombo’s grave to lay their wreaths.


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