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Posted by African Press International on April 29, 2008

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A message to Okoth Otura from Nkuraya

Posted by African Press International on April 29, 2008

Otura, you are a fool and this is why.

First you think by having majimbo corruption will go away. Now that foolishness. All you need to do is to look at how CDF money has been embezzled at local level.

Second you claim that the Gikuyus tax payers in Rift Valley will be protected by regional powers, that utter nonsense. The regional leaders dont like Gikuyu now what will make them like Gikuyu when they have a regional government?

Third, you keep on reffering to Moi as late president Moi making the readers wonder when Moi passed away.

In any case the ethnic violence in Rift Valley actually call for a more strong central government in order to guarantee freedom of of movement and ownership of property in the whole country.

Otura I am suprised you call yourself a Reverend because you luck wisdom which is the the hallmark of the Holy Spirit. Majimbo is division and engaging in Majimboism is engaging in divisive politics which is unchristian.

By Nkuraya


Okoth Otura ndebele okoth <> wrote:

Press Release !
The Rift Valley MPs should table Majimbo motion in Parliament ASAP
By Rev Okoth Otura,
Christian Democratic Movement of Kenya (CDMK)
The aggrieved Kenyan communities invested heavily in ODM because the party had offered to enact the Bomas Draft constitution clause to address the land, social and economical historical injustice through a form of federalism.
TheChristian Democratic Movement of Kenya (CDMK),therefore, wish to urge the Rift Valley MPs to move a motion in parliament to have the said clause enacted in Parliament ASAP.
The ODM must pressurized for the devolution of power to honor their election pledge to Kenyans.
It took the ODM and PNU MPs to push for grand coalition government to become a law in less than fortnight, why not the Majimbo systems which is the onlyroad mapto peace in Kenya and equity in sharing the national resources, be given the same treatment by our legislators.
Meanwhile, CDMK call upon the International Community to support the cause of devolution ofpower in Kenyato bring aboutcheck and balance, and furtherwipe out the corruption syndrome institutionalized in the Kenya through Central government systems since 1963.
CDMKurge the Canadian, US and European Union to halt any aid to Kenya until the majimbo system is enacted in Kenya constitution to enable them directly inject development to regional governments for the speedily development and sustainability at the grassroots level.
It is through Majimbo System that the Gikuyus tax payersand residentof Rift Valley and any triberesiding away from their ancetral homes shall be protected by the regional laws as it is the modern federal democracies in the world.
Without MajimboSystems all the funding and donation markfor Kenya by the International community will just end up in the corrupt politiciansand the “old boys” corrupt civil servants bottomless pockets.
The current Internal Displace Persons (IDPs) crisis is flawed with high level of corruption masterminded by the Mt Kenya Mafia government officials to fraudulently woo compensations from both Kenya government and the international community to their kinsmen.
The PM Hon Raila, his Deputy PM Hon Mudavadi and the Agriculture Minister Hon Rutushould not beblinded by the government portfolio which they got as result of their communities who were massacred byKibaki government forces and mungiki militias.
It is indeed shameful for these leaders to hurriedly accept to resettle fake IDPs and the Land grabbers while their own communities are still mourning their dead, living under inhuman conditions eitherin IDPs campsor attheir ancestral homes without shelter, food, water, medications and school.
What make Rift Valley and the Gikuyus so specials than the Kisiis, Massais, Luos, Kalenjins, Lughyas, Mjikenda, and those in Mt Elgon who are living under Military curfew and fear ?
Is this not a betrayal and form of grand marginalization by the governmentand theODM Leaders to give priority to one ethnic group ?
The widows, widowers, orphans whose their parents, wives andhusbands were brutally shot and died with government bullets lodged in their bodies in Rift Valley, Western, Coast, Nyanza, equally required compensation and reparation from the Kenya government and the International Community.
It is awkward and unacceptable to deny the remaining Kenyan tribes equal justice.
The regionswhich overwhelmingvoted for ODM-Majimbo systemweretargeted by the government excess security force and thus theywere a directvictims of the government security brutal killings.
The Kenya government and the International communitymust provide them with same opportunity to have their voices heard and to obtain, where appropriate, some form of compensations and reparationfor their sufferings.
It is this balancethat thegovernment agentsperpetrators and retributiveshall restorative justice toenable the Grand Coalition Government, not only to bring criminals to justice but also to help the victims themselves obtain justice.
It is indeed unfortunate that the ODM leaders fought vigorously to have the Grand Coalition Cabinet slots, and there after they decide to play in the hands of President Kibaki and the Mt Kenya maneuvers who are out to divide ODM and split it across ethnic lines before 2012.
While, the late President Moi strategy to unite the former MPs and Kanu hardliners leaders across the Country through his son Gideon Moi to weaken ODM in RiftValley,whereas the former Vice President Modi Awuor is rocking western province, as the Mt Kenyayoung Turks are busy planting seeds of discord in ODM young and inexperience first timer parliamentariansin the name of Grand Opposition, to defeator challenge ODM sponsored motions in Parliament.
ODM must tread carefully to avoid mass defection and by-elections across the country to rob them the mandates in the grand coalition government.
The former President Moi, President Kibaki and the Mt Kenya Mafias have enough resources to bring down the government before the Majimbo reforms is instituted into a lawand throw ODM to the opposition bench before 2012.
By Reverend Okoth Otura, Canada


African Press International – api

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Prosecution witness recounts Taylor-made hostage taking, Freetown attack

Posted by African Press International on April 29, 2008

Publisher: Korir, api

Prosecutor Shyamala Alagendra completed her direct examination of former AFRC commander, witness Alimamy Bobson Sesay, in the latest trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the people of Sierra Leone.

A release from the Special Court for Sierra Leone at The Hague said following the July 1999 Lom Peace Accord, commander Ibrahim “Bazzy” Kamara grew angry that the agreement made no mention of the AFRC or its leader, Johnny Paul Koroma who overthrew the democratically elected government in Sierra Leone.

He stated that Bazzy sent a radio message to the protocol officer of President Ahmad Tejan-Kabbah in Freetown telling him that he wanted to hand over some child combatants to the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL).

According to Sesay, shortly after this discussion, a group of ECOMOG and UNAMSIL officials arrived in Magbeni, near Freetown, together with a bishop and some others.

Sesay testified that on Bazzys orders the West Side rebel group feigned a handover of the child soldiers, then moved in and took the international forces hostage at gunpoint.

He explained that on the day of the radio broadcasts (BBC, VOA) about the kidnapping, Sam Bockarie called Bazzy and told him to release the hostages.

Shortly afterwards, Sesay said, Johnny Paul Koroma called Bazzy on the radio and told him that Liberian President Charles Taylor was sending a helicopter to pick him up in Kailahun in eastern Sierra Leone and take him to Liberia to discuss the problem.

In Monrovia, Koroma had heavy security and told the delegation that it had been provided by President Taylor. At the meeting with Charles Taylor in the conference room in the Executive Mansion in Monrovia Taylor entered with Momoh Gibba and Liberian Defense Minister Daniel Chea at which time Johnny Paul Koroma introduced the members of the delegation to Taylor.

Then, Sesay said, Taylor said that he had been giving assistance to the AFRC and RUF in the form of food, arms and ammunition, and had also mobilized some AFRC men who were in Liberia and had sent them to Mosquito to advance for the onslaught on Freetown to overthrow Tejan Kabbah.

Taylor warned that if they remained divided, politicians would use them and they would end up in jail.

The onslaught killed near 5000 people and left half of Freetown in ashes.


African Press International – api source,apa

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CAR govt calls on armed opposition for peaceful conflict resolution

Posted by African Press International on April 29, 2008

Publisher: Korir, api

The armed forces of the Central African Republic (FAC) have so far repelled in April three successive attacks of the armed opposition Peoples Army for the Restoration of Democracy (APRD) in the Bocaranga region, in the north-west of the Central African Republic (CAR), the CAR government said in Bangui in a press release.

The release, read by the spokesman of the CAR national defense ministry Brigadier General Guillaume Lapo, noted that the first rebel attack was driven back on 3 April, leaving three dead among the attackers, whereas the 2nd was also the same day in the same locality of Bocaranga.

Four APRD troops died during the vigorous counterattack of the FACA, it said.

FACA routed the APRD rebels at the end of an attack they launched in the wee hours of 24 April against the Djim base.

The APRD suffered many casualties, the release continued, noting that the government is surprised that the APRD is increasing the armed attacks as the all-inclusive political dialogue is slated for 15th June.

After rejecting the peace agreement offer with the executive, the APRD has been increasing the attacks against the positions held by the FACA in the north-west of the country, the document underlined.

The CAR government called on the APRD to give up arms as solution to the disagreement which opposes the people of the country and to be committed to a peaceful solution through dialogue and consultation.

For now, the APRD is the only political movement which is yet to name its representatives to the15 June all-inclusive political dialogue scheduled to take place in Bangui to bring lasting peace to the CAR.


African Press International – api source.apa

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Rwanda appeals for criminalization of the Tutsi genocide

Posted by African Press International on April 29, 2008

Publisher: Korir, api

The Rwandan government has appealed to world governments to enact legislation that criminalizes the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda, just as many countries have done for the Jewish holocaust.

The appeal was made during a press briefing on Sunday in Kigali by Rwandas Justice Minister and Attorney General, Tharcisse Karugarama. The minister was commenting on his recent trip from the 3rd conference of the International Association for Court Administrators (IACA) in Dublin, Ireland, where he called for serious measures against genocide and its accomplices in the world.

As a country, we have suffered enough of the effects of the 1994 genocide and the government must ensure that it doesnt occur again. There is a need for world governments to enact legislation that criminalizes the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda as the Jewish holocaust has been criminalized in many countries, Karugarama, said, adding that the measure should also be intended against those denying genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda.

Karugarama also took a swipe at foreign judges who have forged alliances with genocide perpetrators and deniers. He said, during his meeting with world court administrators, to hold in utter contempt any attempts by judges or judicial officers to sell or compromise their judicial oaths for other individual interests.

The minister was referring to the recent indictments issued by both French and Spanish judges against some high ranking Rwandan military officers. The indictments have since attracted widespread condemnations from Rwandan leaders and a cross section of the population, describing the judges as arrogant foreign agents in bed with those denying the genocide in Rwanda.

Our biggest problem is how to deal with foreign judges who have been compromised to join a network of genocide revisionists and deniers, he noted, adding that the judges are hiding behind the principle of judicial independence and the notion of universal jurisdiction to frustrate Rwandas unity and reconciliation trend.


African Press International – api source.apa

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Posted by African Press International on April 29, 2008

Publisher: Korir, api

A military contingent comprising 366 soldiers, two of whom are women of the Niger Armed Forces (FAN) left here on Saturday for Cte dIvoire as part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission (UNOCI).

These soldiers are due to spend six months in Cte dIvoire under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Abdoulkarim Goukoye, and will take over from another UNOCI Niger contingent that has ended its mandate.

Addressing his soldiers, Army Chief, General Moumouni Boureima extended to them the confidence of all the government, the army and that of all Niger people”.

General Boureima recalled that the Niger soldiers deployed in peacekeeping missions mainly in Cte dIvoire have “always shown good behaviour”.

Cte dIvoire is engaged in a normalisation process with the organisation of elections due in late next November following the troubles triggered by the September 2002 aborted coup.


African Press International – API source.apa

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Uhuru Kenyatta is the acting Prime Minister: Elder brother Oburu Odinga defends younger brother Raila who is in hospital in Germany

Posted by African Press International on April 29, 2008

Story by Korir, api

Now that Raila, the pM is under treatment in Germany, PNU man Uhuru Kenyatta is the acting PM.

<“Tears for power“: Raila Odinga, the blood brother of Oburu.

They say blood is thicker than water. And they fight for the right to serve Kenyans, whether all Kenyans like it or not!

Oburu Odinga, the elder brother to Raila who was recently rewarded by the younger brother who convinced President Kibaki to appoint him assistant minister in the government has now come out in defence of the brother, the Kenya media reports.

This is getting brotherly politics.

Raila was flown to Germany yesterday for treatment and no word has come out yet on what his ailment is.

As the PM, Raila has two deputy prime ministers. One from PNU and one from his party ODM. Uhuru from PNU is now acting PM.

The first government of Kibaki saw many of his ministers die due to different sorts of illnesses and it is now feared that his second term may also follow suit.

His vice president, Wamalwa Kijana got ill and was flown to the UK, never to return home alive. It is very scary and it is normally blamed on hard workload that destroys tha health in a short period.

Oburu Odinga is very worried that while the brother is under treatment in Germany, the ODM MPs who felt they were left out during the dishing out of positions of which two brothers, Oburu himself and Raila, landed in the government are now strategising to weaken and enable Raila’s early fall from power.

Oburu is accusing the MPs and this is seen as love for power. The man has got a seat in government as assistant minister for finance and will not want anything that can jeopardise that. He knows if his brother falls from power, he too will follow, because he is their due to younger brother’s influence used on Kibaki to get the assistant ministership. Oburu, however, does not havethe flag because the flag is only flown by the full ministers. The half-ministers are unhappy about this arrangement.

Raila, as the PM has been lodged in the Ministry of Finance building where Oburu is also located. The two will most definately be using the same lift to their offices, thus the building of brothers. When the PM, younger brother wants more funding from the finance ministry, he only needs to take the matter up with the brother at home and money will be allocated.

When Raila moved in to his new offices, he made it clear to the media that he was glad to be housed in the finance ministry, a place near the money.

African Press International – api

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