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Bishop Gilbert Deya, Raila’s relative accused of child trafficking, to be rewared as Kenya’s High Commissioner to the UK

Posted by African Press International on April 24, 2008

Story by Korir, api

Bishop Deya, the man accused of child trafficking now based in the UK is poised to be appointed the High Commissioner to the UK if Raila gets his will.

Before the elections, we had a story that Raila had promised Deya the position if he got the presidency. After failing to become Kenya’s president, Raila has fought hard to get powers to appoint some of the diplomats and it is reported that President Kibaki may give in and allow Raila to choose 5 people for the jobs in the embassies.

Raila is said to have suggested that the self-appointed Bishop should lead the UK office. Kibaki would have liked to see the present High Commissioner remain in the UK but the problem in appointing Deya to take the post in another country has proved difficult. Other countries have rejected Deya citing child trafficking caseand is only the UK that may accept him because the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been part of the West who wanted Raila to get leadership in Kenya.

When contacted in the UK, Bishop Deya told API that he is yet to receive communication from the government. He told API that should the government refuse Raila to have him as Kenya’s High Commissioner to the UK, Raila’s office – the Prime Minister’s office has promised him appointment as the Prime Minister’s special envoy to European countries with a base in the UK.

If the newly created Prime Minister’s office is going to be used to satisfy friend and relatives this is a serious breach of trust and that should qualify for the disbanding of the grand coalition.

Observers do not see president Kibakiapproving Deya’s appointment. He would be honouring a person who is accused of serious crimes, and on the other hand, the Prime Minister’s office will be committing a criminal act by bypassing the Presidentwith abackdoor-appointment ofDeya to a position where he will be salaried using tax payers money.

This is one of the challenges that will face the coalition government in days orweeks to come.


Raila the PM should prevail upon Pastor Deya:

The Kenya government struggles to get Deya taken back for trial. Raila, now PM should ask Deya to give himself up and clear his name as accused for child trafficking.

“Earlier reporrt on Deya carried by the Voice of Africa Radio”

Bishop Deya Released

from detention

The 54 year old a controversial preacher who claimed his prayers could help infertile couples produce “miracle babies” was released this afternoon from detention nearly a week after arrest by the British Police last Wednesday.

Pastor Deya was arrested in London by members of Scotland Yard’s extradition and international assistance unit after a request from the Kenyan authorities, the force said. He appeared before the City of Westminster magistrates court this afternoon, most probably to seek extradition papers.

It has been quite puzzling for Kenyans living here in the UK who knew about Deyas fugitive status in Kenya. For time and time again, Pastor Deya has been seen on several Sky Channels preaching and conducting healing sessions like any free person.


Fooling the Queen was easy for Pastor Deya

In another story carried by Sunday Mercury, in 2004 the queen did not know she was meeting a wanted man!

Queen and the miracle babies bishop

By Fionnuala Bourke, Sunday Mercury

Oct 24 2004

The full story of how the Queen was tricked into meeting a self-styled Archbishop wanted for baby smuggling can be revealed by the Sunday Mercury today.

Kenyan Police are seeking to extradite Gilbert Deya, whose controversial church has three branches in the Midlands.

The Archbishop has been accused of running a baby smuggling racket where children are “miraculously born” in Africa to sterile women and then transported back to Britain.

Deya met the Queen at an official Royal engagement in Catford, London, during her Golden Jubilee year (pictured).



The Government is pleased that as a result of a request by the Kenya Police, a case is coming up today in the United Kingdom for the extradition of Bishop Deya to Kenya to face charges of Miracle Babies and trafficking of children.

Of great interest to Kenyans is how Bishop Deya has allegedly engaged in human trafficking and also the accumulation of his wealth, his activities and alledged illegal funding he might be undertaking in Kenya.

We do not want dirty money to be used in Kenya by people who might be of questionable character. That is why it is important to give Bishop Deya his day in Court to clear the air over the charges that have been extensively covered in the media both here and in Europe.

If the extradition order is given, Bishop Deya will soon be repatriated to Kenya and handed over to the Kenyan Police for charges to be filed against him.

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, E.B.S.



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