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President says he’s ready to name cabinet

Posted by African Press International on April 8, 2008

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Written By:PPS,Posted: Tue, Apr 08, 2008

President Mwai Kibaki on Monday invited Prime Minister designate Raila Odinga for a constructive engagement to conclude the formation of the grand coalition Government at the earliest possible moment.

President Kibaki at the same time appealed to Kenyans to be patient and assured them that the Government business was continuing as the formation of the grand coalition was being finalized.

The Head of State in a statement issued at his Harambee House Office reiterated his readiness and willingness to conclude the formation of the coalition cabinet as soon as possible.

He, however, expressed surprise with new pre-conditions and ultimatums set by the coalition partner.

”I was surprised to receive a letter this morning with new preconditions and ultimatums which are clearly not envisaged by the National Accord and Reconciliation Act,” the Head of State said.

President Kibaki said he and Hon Raila Odinga promised Kenyans in a joint statement released Sunday that they would convene to conclude the matter because they were of the view that the remaining few matters relating to the formation of the cabinet would be resolved Monday.

President Kibaki said, “This matter must come to a close without further delay in order for us to move forward and focus on urgent matters facing our people, the priority being settlement of internally displaced Kenyans”.

The President said he accorded formation of a coalition Government a personal attention and highest priority in realization of the importance of the matter to all Kenyans and the anxiety it was causing.

“I realize the importance of the matter to all Kenyans and the anxiety it is causing and it was my personal desire to have this matter concluded today” said the President.

President Kibaki noted that Sunday’s one-on-one meeting between him and Raila Odinga was a culmination of several consultations in accordance with the National Accord and Reconciliation Act, 2008 aimed at healing the Nation.

Earlier on Monday prime minister designate Raila Odinga failed to attend a scheduled meeting with the president and instead sent a delegate of Pentagon members with a letter in which ODM made several demands.

In the letter ODM demanded the dissolution of the current cabinet and a commitment from the president apparently to avoid misinterpretations by civil servants and PNU politicians.

However in a rejoinder head of civil service Francis Muthaura said ODM had no right to make new demands and reiterated that the executive authority of the government vests in the president.

On Monday evening Odinga held a press conference flanked by party members where he accused the government of shifting goal posts.


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No cabinet in Kenya – Raila and ODM fooled

Posted by African Press International on April 8, 2008

Published by Korir, API

News Update
ODM quits cabinet talks

By Standard Reporter

The Orange Democratic Party has suspended talks with President Mwai Kibaki’s Party of National Unity until he agrees to share power fairly.

“We have resolved that negotiations be suspended until PNU fully recognizes the 50/50 power-sharing arrangement and the principle of portfolio balance,” Anyang’ Nyong’o, the party secretary-general said in a press conference moments after the party held a joint parliamentary group and national executive council meeting.

The two main political parties and their allies have been holding separate parliamentary group meetings to ostensibly brief their members the progress and issues vexing the formation of grand coalition government.

Earlier, Prime Minister-Designate, Raila Odinga, said that there must be a shared understanding on the interpretation of the National Accord and Reconciliation Act before he can resume face to face talks with President Kibaki. Speaking after meeting a delegation of European Union and Latin American ambassadors, Raila said ODM was awaiting a written response from the president on a letter he sent to the president on Monday.

ODM and PNU differ fundamentally on the interpretation of the act, especially with regard to shared responsibility in appointing of permanent secretaries, ambassadors and other government officers.

Vice President and leader of government business Kalonzo Musyoka is chairing the meeting of Party of National Unity coalition legislators at the Kenyatta International Conference Center.

On Monday, ODM accused PNU of engaging in mind games on a matter of immense public importance.

But PNU insisted the blame for the delay in naming a new Cabinet lay with ODM. It also charged that ODM did not want to share power, but to take over power.

PNU also went to great length to remind ODM that in spite of the recently signed National Accord and Reconciliation Act, executive power still lay with the President. On its part, ODM added a raft of new terms of engagement with PNU, making the much-awaited coalition Cabinet a mirage.

The Orange party now wants Kibaki to dissolve his 17-member half Cabinet. They also walked back on the bloated 40-member Cabinet deal and now insist on 34.

ODM team in a letter to the President reminded Kibaki that ” the composition of the grand coalition shall at all times reflect the relative parliamentary strength of the respective parties and shall at all times take into account the principle of portfolio balance” as contained in the National Accord and Reconciliation Act.

But the Presidents reply did not seem to make matters any better. Kibaki in his letter to Odinga said “the president under the current constitution which was not amended has the constitutional responsibility of any of the business of government of Kenya by allocating portfolios to ministers.”


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Top banker and a magistrate: Love triangle?

Posted by African Press International on April 8, 2008

Published by Korir, api

By API Special Correspondent in Kisumu, Kenya
A Kisumu based bank manager and a magistrate working in Siaya District are painting Kisumu city and its environs red.
The youthful banker and bespectacled woman jurist happened to have caught the glimpse of each other when the libidinous banker approached the jurist for an advice regarding his frosty relationship with his wife who is also a banker and has threatened for divorce proceedings on alleged grounds of being irresponsible and over indulgence in sexual escapades with twilight ladies.
For starters, the husband to the randy magistrate who is working in one of local authorities as an IT expert is privy to the ongoing blossomed affair and recently went physical with the duo, but thanks to the security details in that posh hotel they were separated.
It is imperative and interesting to note that the said sexy magistrate was caught up in another love affair with a magistrate in Bondo District last year.
Esteemed clients termed endless consultations by the two at the expense of the customers who are desperate for services as irritating and uncalled for. If the top management can not intervene promptly, then we are going to withdraw our patronage quipped a teacher from Kisumu Rural.
Investigations by this journalist reveal that the amorous manager is hardly a year old since he was posted to assume the role. He was formerly an employee of one of the neighbouring leading multinational bank, which is a stone throw from his new station.
The once vibrant bank is associated with micro financial institutions and saving outfits facing the prestigious City clock along Oginga Odinga street ,as you head towards lake Victoria.
To be continued next week……………………
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