Kenyans and the world entrusted them to reconstruct the country’s political, social and economical infrastructures, and therefore they have no excuse.
To transfer the ministerial appointmentsto their cronies is unacceptable. This shows how easily they can be influenced to slide the country back to chaos.
In essence, President Kibaki and PM designated Raila should take charge of the country’s affairs and dissolve the current cabinet, have breathing space, then appoint credible and competent ministers.
The current Ministers were appointed and sworn at the time of crisis; more importantly most of them are shameless opportunists who participated in fueling the violence to retain or get into power, particularly Hon Kalonzo and his ODM-K cronies in the PNU government.
Meanwhile, Hon Kibaki and Hon Raila should bear in mind that the Kenyan history is in the making and that they may negatively or positively bejudged as either prudent or unwise leaders.
Kenyan tax payers are under siege by the PNU/ODM politicians; wrangling for positions as they draw hefty allowances while their constituents are either Internally Displaced or Refugees living in inhuman conditions incamps in their own country or foreign countries.
The recent post election violence bit all the regions in Kenyan and our politicians are aware that the procrastinating of proposed grand coalition government is equally furthering the sufferings of the innocent Kenyan families living in the camps without proper shelter, education, medication and food.
It is unfortunate that our MPs are celebrating, dining and making holidays at lucrative tourist hotels in Mombasa as their voters dead bodies still lay in the morgues across the country, others still ailing with bullets and arrows lodged in the bodies, many held in the hospital because of bills, widows and orphans rendered homeless, treatable pandemics killing indiscriminately across the country. SHAME ON OUR MPs!
Christian Democratic Movement of Kenya (CDMK) backs Hon William Ruto’s call for re-elections as the last result in solving the stalemate of the cabinet appointments to bring in a new fresh blood in the leadership to take Kenya forward.
Jaramogi Oginda Odinga will die but Kenya will remain”, (Jaramogi in his own words in 1994 at Migwena Sports Festival in Bondo district before the cruel hand of death robbed us the doyen of opposition in the same year)