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Kenya Politics Watch

Posted by African Press International on March 25, 2008

Published by Korir, API


African Press International -API

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Kenya politics watch

Posted by African Press International on March 25, 2008

Published by Korir, API


African Press International – API

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I do not know when the Cabinet will be named, says Raila the PM-designate

Posted by African Press International on March 25, 2008

The Cabinet naming remains on hold. Negotiations still on. Disagreements behind the scenes on what todo, especially on who should go out of the already PNU Cabinet is said to top the agenda.

The disagreement is alsosaid to touch on the Vice Presidency. The questionis whether he should have a ministry that will have the duties to be overseen by Raila as Premier. The Vice President, a number 2 in the hierachy cannot be seen to be under Raila and at the same timedirectly under the President as his principal assistant. This has to be ironed out.

The other problem is the Internal Security of Hon Saitoti. He cannot report matters of State Security to Railaas PM. He must only report to the President. This are the things that needs to be cleared before naming the cabinet.

Many observers thought the naming was to take place today morning, but not realising, a naming of a Cabinet is not a simple thing. Many considerations must be taken to satisfy those who are top players in their parties.

Published by Korir, API

Written by The Nation

Raila: New Cabinet on hold

Prime Minister designate Raila Odinga has emerged from a meeting with President Kibaki to say they were not ready yet to name a coalition Cabinet.

President Kibaki chats with Prime Minister designate Raila Odinga moments before their meeting on the new Cabinet at Harambee House, Nairobi, today. Photo/ PPS

Mr Odinga told journalists they had covered a bit of ground but more consultations was needed.

Asked when he expected the new Cabinet to be announced, Mr Odinga replied I dont know.

The Orange Democratic Movement leader said consultations will continue on structure of a coalition Government.

President Kibaki and Mr Odinga went into a meeting at 11am to refine a new Cabinet under their power sharing deal.Mr Odinga arrived at President Kibakis Harambee House office at 11am and left at 1.30pm.The two leaders are required to jointly name ministers under the national accord brokered by former UN secretary general Kofi Annan.

The accord says that the Party of National Unity and the Orange Democratic Movement should enter into a coalition taking into account portfolio balance and reflecting relative parliamentary strength.

Parliament last week unanimously passed the accord into law, embedding it in the Constitution and clearing the way for its implementation.

The African Union and the international community were forced to intervene to help Kenyan leaders strike a peace deal after the disputed December 27 presidential election resulted in weeks of protests and violence that left more than 1,000 people dead and about 350,000 displaced.

President Kibaki and Mr Odinga finally signed a pact on February 28, after two months of negotiations.

The deal was officially witnessed by Mr Annan and Tanzanias President Jakaya Kikwete, who is also the Africa Union chairman.


African Press International – API

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Stop terrorising the Muslims! They are human beings worth respecting.

Posted by African Press International on March 25, 2008

Published by Korir, API

Muslims have been made to suffer for a long time now. It is time world leaders realised that what they are doing against the Muslims because of their belief is terror. We talk about terrorists. Who are actually the real terrorists if we think soberly.

A terrorist is one who terrorises others! How many times do we hear of Muslims being terrorised at airports, their neighbourhoods, schools, public gatherings, either because of the ways they are dressed, the way they talk, behave etc?

If the world wants peace, we cannot pick on one religion and brand itviolent. We cannot continue publishing abusive cartoons directed against a people who believe in the one that is mocked in the cartoons. Time has come that world leaders should see value in Islam and respect it as a religion that has a huge number of followers.

There are people who can tell about the saddest cruel stories on what christianity has done to them, ruining their lives. Have we seen Muslims coming out and branding christainity a violent religion in the same rate it is done against their religion?

Islam is a religion worshipped by people just like all those who follow christianity. Why can these people be left alone. Non-Muslims should stop terror against the Muslims. They are human beings worth respecting. Just as christians would like to be respected, the Muslims would like the same to happen to them.

Observing what is happening and doing nothing to stop the hate against Islam and the Muslims is sin and those who do not believe in Islam should now realise.

Some Muslims have killed and they say it is in the name of religion. Should that make us to hate all those people who follow Islam? Putting them all in one basket and hating them is wrong. Imagine those christians who have killed and say that was done in the name of Jesus and christianity. Have they been branded violent people by anyone? Have we seen Muslims travelling around in the US lecturing and branding christianity a violent religion, like we now see one former Muslim believer doing so accross the US?

We know that anyone coming out in support or to voice the suffering and terror Muslims are going through may be branded a supporter of terrorism. Does it make one a terrorist simply becauseof voicing concern over the torture of another human being,just because such person suffering belongs to another religion, and in this regard, a Muslim? People should no longer fear to step forward and voice the injustice being directed against the Muslims. Fearing to be branded supporter of terrorism is disgusting, because one simply does not become a supporter of terrorism overnight and without reason. Human rights campaign for all, despite religion, should override fear.

Many leaders shouting loudest are the killers of human rights themselves. When people speak of safeguarding human rights, it is an understanding that the rights discussed to be safeguarded include the rights of the Muslims as well.

API, in the next few months, will focus on the terror that Muslims are put through. Human beings should focus on loving one another instead of refusing others to enjoy their rights as citizzens of this world.


African Press International – API

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Looking for the most wanted Rwandese – Genocide connection

Posted by African Press International on March 25, 2008

Published by Korir, API

Story by Rose Kamau

ICRT asks Kenyans to assist establish Kabuga’s whereabouts

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) has appealed to Kenyans to help in efforts to establish the exact whereabouts and subsequent arrest of the most wanted Rwanda Genocide fugitive, Flicien Kabuga.

Addressing a congregation of senior journalists and editors from Africa who visited the tribunal’s headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania, last week, ICRT spokesman Roland Amoussouga said that the US government has put a US$5m bounty on Kabuga’s head.

He said: “I appeal to any person whether Kenyan or any other person who knows the whereabouts of Kabuga to locate him.”

Kabuga who is on top of the most wanted Genocide fugitives is believed to have fled to Kenya but his whereabouts remain a mystery with the government saying it has no information of his being in the country.

He is charged with financing the 1994 Genocide in which an estimated one million people died.

Amoussouga, also a senior legal advisor top the tribunal, added that the ICTR’s tracking team is yet to get to him but the court is optimistic he will be arrested before it ends its mandate.

The UN court is expected to close shop by the end of this year though there is a lot of unfinished business including many pending cases and the fact that most wanted fugitives are still at large.

The tribunal also renewed its appeal to all UN member states to help track down and arrest Kabuga and other fugitives still at large.

Kabuga was indicted in 1997 by the ICTR for genocide and other crimes against humanity. To date, he remains on the run.

Kabuga is charged with supplying machetes and other weapons that were used during the Genocide.

Some of his Genocide investments included Radio Television Libre des Mille Collines (Thousand Hills Independent Radio and Television) that incited masses to kill.

Born in 1935, the fugitive has used various names including Idriss Sudi, Faracean Kabuga, Abachev Straton, Anathase Munyaruga, and Oliver Rukundakuvuga.


African Press International – API

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Talking Cabinet in Kenya

Posted by African Press International on March 25, 2008

Published by Korir, API source,

Story by Judy Maina/Carol Gakii

Kibaki, Raila hold talks

Kenyans are waiting with bated breath as President Mwai Kibaki is expected to name a new cabinet Tuesday.

The president earlier Tuesday morning held talks with prime minister designate Raila Odinga where they were expected to fine-tune the face of the new cabinet.

President Kibaki and Raila are also expected to name their deputy Prime-ministers although word has it thatMusalia Mudavadi will be the ODM’s choice for the job.

Speculation is high that PNU on the other hand will be fronting Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Martha Karua or Internal security Minister George Saitoti with KANU’s Naomi Shabban being the other strong contender.

Over the weekend a section of PNU MPs drummed up support for Karua saying she was the best candidate for the job.

President Mwai Kibaki named half of the cabinet shortly after being sworn in for his second term.

It is not yet clear whether there will be a complete overhaul of the current cabinet or not.


African Press International – API

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The United States has now seen the light at the end of the tunnel

Posted by African Press International on March 25, 2008

Now the US thinks things in Kenya are Okay and safe for their people to travel and enjoy the Kenyan dream. Touring Kenya is an experience worth having in ones lifetime.

Other countries should follow suit and tell their people the truth about the stability that has come back to the country after the chaos experienced due to the December elections.

One thing worth mentioning about Kenyan leaders is that when they enter into a deal then they mean it and will upholdit for the benefit of the people they lead.

Therefore, there should be no more panic by the tourists who would like to visit the country. The deal entered by the politicians issound and very intact. Now there is business as usual.

Published by Korir, API,

Story by Graham Kirwa/AFP

US eases travel warning to Kenya

us-tourists.jpgCaption: The easing of the travels warnings on Kenya is expected to boost the tourism sector

In a move that could boost the tourism sector that was adversely affected by the post-election violence, the United States has relaxed its travel warning to Kenya.

The US Department of State says the move follows the signing of a power sharing deal between President Mwai Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga that ended weeks of violence in the country.

“Threats of political demonstrations and violence have dramatically receded following the widely accepted power-sharing agreement signed on February 29”, the department said.

It said it was further reviewing the resumption of US Peace Corps programme through which volunteers travel abroad to work in various fields to help the host country.

The programme was suspended in February this year following the skirmishes that erupted after the December 27 polls.

The Department however cautions its citizens to be careful and be on the lookout for crime prone areas.

Meanwhile Kenyans have taken up offers by some hotels of reduced charges to visit the tourist sites in a move that was welcomed by the operators in the tourism industry.

Some hotels in Naivasha had to hire tents to accommodate guests following an influx of tourists who celebrated Easter there.

Many hotels had special packages for the Easter festivities resulting in more local tourists visiting the town.

Hoteliers expressed optimism that the industry was now picking after the adverse effects of post eklection clashes.

Lake Naivasha Country Club General Manager Gomery Kombo said the hotel was fully booked forcing them to refer some guests to other hotels.

He said a 20% reduction in rates had brought in more tourists.

Kombo said local hotels, which were the worst hit by the violence two months ago, had experienced booking cancellations and had to retrench some workers.

He however said the high Easter bookings are a sign that the industry was set to regain its status as the July-August peak season approaches.

Jack Chin, a Chinese tourist, said Naivasha had proved to be a great tourist destination and people should visit the area as normalcy had returned.

He said a group of Chinese tourists ignored warnings that the country was not peaceful and decided to hold a vacation in Naivasha.

Boat trainers and riders at Lake Naivasha said business was good and some were forced to work extra hours to meet increased demand.

Peter Gachangi of Cray Fish Camp said the hotel was fully booked and they had to hire tents to accommodate extra guests.

He says the hotel, which specializes in camping, had received a large number of local tourists, an indication that Kenyans were enjoying local tourism.

He said they were forced to reduce package rates and introduce activities for children during Easter to show that Naivasha had regained its status after the post-poll violence.


African Press International – API

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