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Ethiopian Muslims celebrate Maulid with various activities

Posted by African Press International on March 21, 2008

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Ethiopian Muslims, who constitute around 40 % of the estimated 80 million population, are celebrating their Maulid with various activities, as part of Ethiopias Millennium celebrations held last September.

In Addis Ababa where many Muslim communities are living, the day is being celebrated in a very attractive fashion.

Some Muslims told APA that this years Maulid is being celebrated in a colourful mood, which is being observed as part of the Ethiopian Millennium celebrations.

The Ethiopian Muslim holidays, like the rest of world, are based on the lunar calendar and thus fall at different times each year.

The Ethiopian Muslim community were busy on Wednesday buying different things for the celebration of Maulid, which is regarded as a Holy day.

On the day, after praying and listening to the imam (religious leader) preach, Ethiopian Muslims sacrifice animals and distribute part of the meat to the poor.

The Muslims observe the day with their Christian neighbours.

Many Muslims invite their Christian neighbours to their homes where they will have Ethiopian traditional food and drinks together.

The Muslims prepare special food, as well as give meat to their Christian neighbors.

We are celebrating the day with Christian neighbors as we are doing like other holidays. We are happy to celebrate this years Millennium Maulid, Fetya Hassen, an Ethiopian Muslim, who was celebrating the day with her Christian neighbors told APA.

Gifts are presented on the day where many Muslims buy various gifts both for their Muslim friends and other neighbors.

Colourful processions are held during this time of celebrations, with dancing, singing, and feasting also being included in the festivities.

This year, the prices sheep and goats are quite high compared to the previous year.

Big goats and sheep cost around $50 and $60 while the small one is around $35 and chicken is around $3 and $4.

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