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Changing roles – mens outcry in Norway

Posted by African Press International on March 9, 2008

Norwegian men want another role

After six months of meetings and arguments, 32 men have made their conclusions about what to do for their own equality and needsthey want a new definition of masculinity.

Men in Norway feel ready for a new role… and the new Minister of Children and Equality just got their report.


The newly-appointed Childrens and Equality Minister, Anniken Huitfeldt, received the document outlining the needs and advice from the “Mens Panel”, which was made up of men of different ages and from different professions.

“Men should continue to be able to be men, but we need to break out from the straightjacket of how we should behave,” said the leader of the panel, Arild Stokkan-Grande.

After many and long discussions, the panel concluded that changing masculine ideals would be the most important factor towards combating violence against women.

The panel said that men are expected to fulfil many roles, and when they dont manage to live up to these ideals, they lose honour.

“Men are more individually-inclined, and rarely think of themselves as a part of a group,” said Stokkan-Grande. “Women stick more together with each other. But men have to do that, too.”

The discussion in the Mans Panel about violence against women has been one of the most difficult, according to Stokkan-Grande. But the men came up with five concrete suggestions, which will be submitted to the new Childrens and Equality Minister.

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