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Charles Njonjo, the former powerful Kenya’s attorney general

Posted by African Press International on February 25, 2008

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Charles Mugane Njonjo (born 1920) is a former Kenyan Attorney General (1963 1979), and Minister for Constitutional Affairs (1980 1983). He is the son of former colonial chief Josiah Njonjo.

After Kenyan independence in 1963, Njonjo was appointed Attorney General, a post he held until 1979. The same year he was elected Member of parliament for Kikuyu constituency, and in 1980 he was appointed Minister of Constitutional Affairs in the government of Daniel Arap Moi. In 1983 he was forced to resign, and left public life after a judicial inquiry concluded he had abused his office amid allegations that he was trying to take over the presidency from Moi.[1]

In 1998 he returned to public life, and was appointed chairman of Kenya Wildlife Service.[2] In October 2006 there were reports that Njonjo was making a comeback in Kenyan politics, including his show of support for Raila Odinga.[3]

Njonjo has a reputation for snobbery. Nicknamed “Sir Charles”, it is rumored that while at at Alliance High School, he rode to school on horse back at the start and close of school terms, escorted by Tribal Police, and that he was the only African who lived in the exclusive whites-only Muthaiga suburb prior to independence.[4] There are widespread allegations that Njonjo has made statements that he is ashamed of being a Kikuyu, that he cannot shake hands with a Luo, and that he cannot entrust his safety to an African pilot, they have earned him a reputation as the epitome of snobbery in Kenya !
But, he is not alone, Kenya is full of such idiots !!

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4 Responses to “Charles Njonjo, the former powerful Kenya’s attorney general”

  1. ines said

    mmmmhu, njonjo. you are ashamed to be a kikuyu and cant shake hands with akina othis,hence you married an english girl. whether white,othis,kikuyu or anything, bottom line is that,all living things must decy


  2. Anonymous said

    A point of correction. Charles Njonjo was never elected to parliament by the people of Kikuyu Constituency. The then MP, Hon Amos Ng’ang’a is alleged to have stepped down for him. A by-election was never held as no other candidate showed interest (perhaps they were coerced into withdrawing from the race). Therefore Njonjo went in “unopposed”.The year was 1980 and not 1979.
    Kenya tumetoka mbali!

    Kahura Ndung’u


  3. Kenyans need prayers daily, God can you hear us!!!!!!

    Harun Otwoma


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