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Kikuyus, Tutsi, Merus, Kambas and Embus ended up in their current locations due to migration

Posted by African Press International on February 15, 2008

New comment on your post #4256 “Comparing Kikuyus to the Jews sounds like a mere joke, but….”
Author : Anthony (IP: ,

To Laura,

As I said earlier, its unfortunate that the migration history of African communities is the least researched in the whole world. The very little that has been done by Scholars such as Prof. Muriuki and a few others is what has been taught in schools and what most people think is the gospel truth.

However, the truth of the matter is that there was never the so called Bantu migration from South Africa. The Only Bantu migration that took place was the south ward and East ward migration from some where in Nigeria and Cameroon.

The Bantu communities with the Jew heritage migrated East ward and initially settled in Ethiopia around Axum. They later moved southwards to settle in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. That is how Kikuyus, Tutsi, Merus, Kambas and Embus ended up in their current locations.

Other Bantu groups such as the Zulu, Ndebeles, Shonas etc, migrated southwards dropping some of the groups on the way until they reached the southern tip of Africa.

As for the physical appearance, I am sure that anybody would agree with me that there is little or no difference between the physical appearance of the majority Kikuyus and the majority Tutsi, both are generally tall, slender and brown, does that say something about their common heritage? I know this might be scaring and almost unthinkable to some people but the truth of the matter is that Kikuyus are actualy Jews and they do exihibit all the characteristics of the wider Jew community. GOD BLESS KENYA.

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