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Kenya Is Not Ready For Democracy

Posted by African Press International on January 29, 2008

As the situation in Kenya continues to deteriorate and the politicians and the goverment is doing nothing, dont Kenyans wish President Moi was in power. Moi is believed to have been corrupt and a dictator that ruled Kenya for over 20 years, but during his time Kenya never experienced what they are experiencing right now, passengers being pulled out of the Matatus and stoned or cut to death, houses being burned, the police shooting randomly to the public and so on.

In Moi`s time, there was no joke, you create havoc or incite people you go in jail irrespective of who you are, an MP or influantion, Kenya is not ready for democracy and it will never be, no matter who rules, Kenya needs a dictator like Moi who can sit on their laps and control them.

Do you know why we have all these chaos in Kenya right now, its because of just a little taste of Democracy that has been given to us, you can cough blood with viruses without blocking your mouth, you can spit vernom without wiping it out, you can burn your neighbour whom you hate and nothing happens to you, the police can just walk beside the rowdy youth that is cutting peoples throats and nothing happens to them, you can rape in a broad day life and no one intervenes.democracy indeed, is this the democracy you have been crying for?

The politicians have been urged to talk to their people to stop the clashes amongst other tribes, but since dec 27 not a single MP has taken that step, and now, it seems as if the tables are turning against them, they are the target of assassination. Now that they are the target, count on me, they will wake up and start talking, but when Kenyans were killing themselves, it was business as usualnone of their business, read my lips, they will start talking to their people since they are the target right now, they have their big salaries to get every month, and they do not want to loose that.

I remember Moi said, Kenya is not ready for multi party, was he not very right and isnt this the aftermath of a multiparty and democracy?

Democracy is for the educated people and not for the educated FOOLS, if you have observed, democratic countries have better ways of solving their problems, either by stepping down, going to court and or by following their constitution. This is the time Moi should be given a chance to rule Kenya for some few months and discipline its rowdy citizens, Mps and maybe advice Kibaki on how to handle the situation that we are now in.Kenya is not ready for Democracy..You wait and see!!!!..butdoisay..

By Clay Onyango in Sweden

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