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Kenya Is Not Ready For Democracy

Posted by African Press International on January 29, 2008

As the situation in Kenya continues to deteriorate and the politicians and the goverment is doing nothing, dont Kenyans wish President Moi was in power. Moi is believed to have been corrupt and a dictator that ruled Kenya for over 20 years, but during his time Kenya never experienced what they are experiencing right now, passengers being pulled out of the Matatus and stoned or cut to death, houses being burned, the police shooting randomly to the public and so on.

In Moi`s time, there was no joke, you create havoc or incite people you go in jail irrespective of who you are, an MP or influantion, Kenya is not ready for democracy and it will never be, no matter who rules, Kenya needs a dictator like Moi who can sit on their laps and control them.

Do you know why we have all these chaos in Kenya right now, its because of just a little taste of Democracy that has been given to us, you can cough blood with viruses without blocking your mouth, you can spit vernom without wiping it out, you can burn your neighbour whom you hate and nothing happens to you, the police can just walk beside the rowdy youth that is cutting peoples throats and nothing happens to them, you can rape in a broad day life and no one intervenes.democracy indeed, is this the democracy you have been crying for?

The politicians have been urged to talk to their people to stop the clashes amongst other tribes, but since dec 27 not a single MP has taken that step, and now, it seems as if the tables are turning against them, they are the target of assassination. Now that they are the target, count on me, they will wake up and start talking, but when Kenyans were killing themselves, it was business as usualnone of their business, read my lips, they will start talking to their people since they are the target right now, they have their big salaries to get every month, and they do not want to loose that.

I remember Moi said, Kenya is not ready for multi party, was he not very right and isnt this the aftermath of a multiparty and democracy?

Democracy is for the educated people and not for the educated FOOLS, if you have observed, democratic countries have better ways of solving their problems, either by stepping down, going to court and or by following their constitution. This is the time Moi should be given a chance to rule Kenya for some few months and discipline its rowdy citizens, Mps and maybe advice Kibaki on how to handle the situation that we are now in.Kenya is not ready for Democracy..You wait and see!!!!..butdoisay..

By Clay Onyango in Sweden

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Athlete killed on peace mission – Kenya

Posted by African Press International on January 29, 2008


By Vitalis KimutaiAn international athlete who was killed last Monday at Emarti village in Trans Mara District as a result of the post-elections violence was buried at the weekend.

ngetichs-two-wives.jpgThe late Wesley Ngetichs two wives, Lilian and Margaret and their three children, Victor Kipkirui, Dennis Kiptoo and Alex Kipkoech.

Marathon runner Wesley Kimutai Ngetichs remains were interred at his home at Kiribwet village in Trans Mara on Friday at an emotional ceremony attended by hundreds of residents and local politicians.Ngetich died of arrow wounds while being rushed to Tenwek Mission Hospital in the neighbouring Bomet District.

It has emerged that the athlete was shot while on a peace mission during a fight between members of the Kipsigis and Maasai communities.

Apparently, Ngetich, 31, had been mediating between members of the two communities and had teamed up with Pastor John Korir of the Church of God.

We have reconstructed the events that led to the shooting of the athlete, who was seen by the villagers as a pillar of hope and a role model in a remote area of the vast district.

Ngetich had in the day preceding his killing saved an eight-year-old boy, who had been shot during the clashes and rushed him with a tractor to Emarti Health Centre for treatment.

“Ngetich stumbled on wailing women with the boy writhing in pain by the roadside as he returned from his farm. He rushed the boy to the nearby health centre using a tractor,” said a fellow athlete Julius Kiprono Kirui.

Kirui says the boy had an arrow lodged in his back after a shooting incident.

However, after leaving the injured boy at the health centre, the athlete was attacked by irate villagers who were armed with bows and arrows.

“He took to his heels to save his life ducking arrows and daggers thrown at him by villagers shortly after the injured boy was admitted in hospital,” said Peter Rono, who sustained deep cuts on his left hand and leg during the fighting.

ngetich-running.jpgNgetich at Grandmas marathon in the US with an unidentified athlete.

Ngetich went to his home after the incident, leaving behind the tractor he had hired to plough an 18-acre farm where he was planting maize seeds.“He lost a bicycle worth Sh4,000 and three bundles of maize seeds valued at Sh8,640 as a result of the attack near the health facility,” said Joseph Tonui, a local resident.

The following morning, members of the two communities were engaged in skirmishes and, as usual, when such incidents occur, Ngetich teamed up with Pastor Korir in efforts to call for a truce between the two sides.

“We were in a meeting when the members of the other community advanced towards us with war cries. He volunteered to go and speak to them to call off the mission while accompanied by Korir,” said Stanley Bett.

Planned to run in the USBut the peace mission turned tragic a short while when the athlete came under a hail of arrows from the people he previously had a rapport with.

Ngetich, who used to train in Nyahururu, was meant to go to the US sometimes this month for an international race, but life was snuffed out of him as he sought to unite the communities and avert a crisis in an area that is prone to fighting.

Ngetich was born on December 15, 1977 at Kiribwet village in Kirindoni division of Trans Mara District to peasant farmers – Joel and Norah Siele.

He attended Olpopongi Primary School in the district between 1985 and 1992 where he sat for his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations, but was unable to join a secondary school as his parents were unable to pay fees.

Ngetich was employed as a labourer in Kericho and Kilgoris towns where he worked as a watchman before quitting to pursue an athletics career. He made his debut in international meeting in 2003 in Kampala, Uganda.

Among the international events he has featured are – London Marathon (2004), Hastings Marathon (US) in 2004, Scatia Bank Toronto Marathon (Canada) 2005, Brussels Marathon (Belgium) 2005, The City of Los Angeles Marathon (US) 2005, Grandmas Marathon (Duluth, US) 2005,Roma Marathon (Italy) 2006, Houston Marathon (US) 2006.

Others are Dublin Marathon (Ireland) 2006, Atleta Madrid (Spain) Marathon in 2006, Stockholm Marathon (Sweden) 2006,Grandmas Marathon (Sweden) 2006, Austin Marathon (US) 2007 and Grandmas Marathon (US) in 2007.

In his village, Ngetich had motivated six youths to exploit their athletics talents and used to train with them whenever he was at home.

The budding athletes, who now feel orphaned as a result of the untimely demise of the “ambassador of hope and goodwill”, are – Julius Kiprono Kirui, Julius Tonui, Stanley Chepkwony, Julius Kitur and Edwin Koech.

“We looked at him as our trainer and admired the medals awarded to him after emerging tops during international competitions,” Tonui said during an interview.

Survived by two widowsChepkwony said they felt orphaned by his death as he was their beacon of hope, having promised to link them with agents outside the country to make a debut in international races.

“Most of us had acquired passports while others are having theirs processed as we eagerly waited for a day to fly out which we are not sure would materialise with his demise,” Kitur said.

The fallen athlete is survived by two widows – Margaret and Lilian and three children – Victor Kipkirui, Dannis Kiptoo and Alex Kipkoech.

“We shall do our best as a family to ensure that we achieve his dreams that he used to share with us, especially on educating our children” a grieving Margaret told The Standard in the company of Lilian.

She said that the loss of their beloved husband was too much to bear, especially as a result of the circumstances surrounding his death.

“We shall leave everything to God as we can not revenge on those who attacked and killed our husband,” said Lilian tears welling on her eyes.

During the funeral, the Trans Mara Knut Executive Secretary, Julius Kitur, and a politician, Johana Ngeno, alias Ngon,g said it was unfortunate that no athletics official had attended the ceremony.

Ngeno said the spilling of the athletes blood should bring an end to the sporadic incidents of clashes between the two communities.

“It is my fervent hope and belief that the spilling of his blood would bring to an end the clashes in our region. We have lost an important, industrious and dynamic young man who did Kenya proud at the international scene,” Ngeno said.

No official of Athletics Kenya was present at the funeral. Not even the District Commissioner, the District Officer or the District Sports Officer attended the emotional ceremony.

“I pray that whoever shot and killed my son would be brought to justice. I hope the authorities would expeditiously investigate the matter and let the law takes its course” Siele, the deceaseds father, said.

His mother, Norah was too emotional to grant us an interview but told mourners that her son was “an amiable person who would not hurt anyone.”

Ngetich is said to have been carrying a white walking stick, which he kept raised as a sign of peace when he went to meet the armed villagers on the other side.

Peacemakers in such situations carry a white handkerchief, twigs or cane as a symbol of peace or truce when going to meet warring parties and as such are not to be harmed under whatever circumstances.

Pastor Korir, who was carrying only a Bible, took to his heels and saved his dear life when they were attacked.

“As we went close to the armed and irate villagers arrows were rained on us and we took cover hoping the attack would stop; but it did not,” Korir said.

On sensing that the two peace makers had been attacked, the villagers went to their rescue but were a few minutes too late.

“He stumbled and fell down but it did not occur to me immediately that he had been hit,” Korir said in an interview.

“When I turned around, I realised that he had been shot with an arrow in the back as he threw the white cane at me probably to draw my attention,” said Korir.

Korir said the athlete was carried to a nearby village from where he was rushed to hospital in a motor vehicle.

But since the hopsital is about 80km away, the victim died on the way to the facility.


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Is Kenya loosing Moi?

Posted by African Press International on January 29, 2008

Moi in hospital over back pains


By Caroline Mango

Former President Moi was on Monday admitted to Nairobi Hospital.

His doctor, Dr David Silverstein, said the former president had been suffering from severe back pains since Saturday.

Silverstein said the former President woke up on Monday with severe lower back pains prompting his admission to hospital.

The physician, however, said Moi was upbeat and in high spirits and that they expected he would be discharged by on Wednesday.

“He has received medication and we will need to conduct an investigation and also carry out intensive physiotherapy. Otherwise, his general health is superb,” said Silverstein.

Mois Press Secretary, Mr Lee Njiru, told The Standard that a strain the former President suffered earlier triggered the back pains.

“Mzee Moi was admitted for investigation, observation and treatment. He will be in hospital for at least two days,” added Njiru.

One of Mois sons, Philip, spent the better part of Monday morning with him at the hospital.

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Posted by African Press International on January 29, 2008


By Maseme MachukaAfrican Union Commission Chairman, Prof Alpha Omar Konare, has said power sharing will not end the political standoff in Kenya.

In a statement sent to newsrooms late on Monday night, the former Mali President said: “Power sharing is far from being the convenient solution to the problem.”

Konare told the 12th extra ordinary session of the AU Executive Council that gathers the African organisations members countries: “If we accept to share power, as we do with the cakes, the problems will still remain, for there will always be malcontents.”

Konare read to Foreign Affairs ministers a message from former UN chief, Mr Kofi Annan, in which he (Annan) raised serious human rights violations in the country.

He reckoned that the solution to the crisis should be through “respect of good governance and democratic principles”.

He called on the meeting not to compare the crisis in Kenya to genocide in Rwanda.

“I call on the people of Kenya to find a lasting solution to the crisis. We should not close our eyes to the turmoil going on,” he added.

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Member of Parliament killed – Kenya

Posted by African Press International on January 29, 2008

President Kibaki mourns Embakasi legislator

Written By:pps

President Mwai Kibaki has condemned the killing of the Member of Parliament for Embakasi, the Honourable Melitus Mugabe Were, terming the murder as a heinous crime.

President Kibaki has also ordered the Police to immediately and expeditiously launch investigations into the killing and ensure that the culprits are apprehended.

The Head of State has also sent a message of condolence to the family, friends and the constituents of Embakasi following the death of the Hon. Were.

The President noted that the family of Hon Were had been denied a loving family head while the people of Embakasi had lost a promising and determined leader.

In the meantime the President appeals to all Kenyans to maintain peace and avoid drawing pre-mature conclusions into the death of Hon. Were, saying the police force would act swiftly to ensure that those who committed the murder are severely dwelt with.


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British Govt recognizes President Kibaki and his Govt

Posted by African Press International on January 29, 2008

Written By:pps

The British Government has refuted claims that it does not recognize President Mwai Kibaki and his Government.

British Minister for African Affairs Mark Malloch Brown said his Government respects Kenya and has never at any one time said it does not recognize President Kibaki and his Government, adding that Britain remains a great friend of Kenya.

Speaking on Monday at State House Nairobi after delivering special greetings to President Kibaki from British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Mr. Malloch Brown said the British Government was impartial about the current political situation in the country.

The British Minister pointed out that Kenya is an important country in the region and regretted that it has been affected by post election violence that has caused loss of lives and destruction of property.

In this regard, Mr. Malloch Brown conveyed the British Government’s donation of one million pounds towards the resettlement of those affected by the post election violence and expressed hope that the political impasse will be resolved fast to prevent the country from collapse.

On his part, President Kibaki welcomed the clarification from the British Government, saying Kenya was surprised by earlier reports that had alleged an unfavorable stand against the Kenya Government by Britain.

The President also thanked the British Government for the donation, saying it will go a long way towards complementing the Kenya Government’s efforts towards assisting those affected by the post election violence.

The Head of State once again stressed that Kenyans have a right to live and own property in any part of the country and urged wananchi to be calm as a solution to the current political situation is being sought through political dialogue.

Present were British High Commissioner to Kenya Adam Wood and Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Thuita Mwangi.



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Kenya: Inside story

Posted by African Press International on January 29, 2008

The other day, I relayed to you information that Nakuru and Naivasha were in the radar of attach from government agents supported by mungiki.

Today, I bring you the inside story.

In a meeting chaired by John Michuki, various leaders from Central Province were tasked with responsibility of hitting back at the Luo community everywhere in Kenya. To Michuki and team, it is the Luo who have caused the Country to rebel against the Kikuyu colonial yoke.

In the Meeting, Chris Kirubi, Kabage Karanja, Joe Wanjui, Eddy Njoroge and Muhoho, Uhuru Kenyatta and George Thou were tasked to raise enough money to arm the Kikuyu in the event that the Luo retaliate.

George Saitoti was prevailed upon to avail military vehicles and bring out the GSU if things go out of hand. The GSU are to provide uniforms and arms to mungiki, and give them cover as they attack.

Maina Kamanda and Uhuru Kenyatta were told to buy more pangas since what they had already bought was deemed not to be sufficient. It is on record that Uhuru bought all the pangas at Nakumatt Ngong Road.

George Thuo and Linus Gitahi were to avail buses and vans to transport the mungiki and the arms to various parts of the country. To this end, George Thuo availed the following buses that took the first batch of warriors to Naivasha and Nakuru for the current mayhem;
KAY 658D, KAY 285E, KAE 126A, KAY 847L, KAY 194R, and KBA 219W.

The warriors were transported in these buses and the Nation vans from Nanyuki to their areas of operation.

As Kenyans who believe that the current planned killing of innocent Kenyans will not ensure victory for Kibaki, we are asking all Kenyans to come up and be each other’s keeper.

The church, and especially, Cardinal Njue, is in the mix of all this, and this is why he is not condemning Kibaki for the killings, but instead, tending to blame ODM for raising the issue of their victory that Kibaki stole.

The current mayhem, if left unchecked, will destroy the Kikuyu and all that they have worked for in Kenya. It is the Kikuyu who will loose and loose big. The Kikuyu cannot wedge a war against all Kenyans. The idea of attacking the Luo is misplaced, for we all know how ruthless the Luo are when provoked.

It is the Kikuyu property that will be destroyed, and all Kikuyus will be chased from all over Kenya. They cannot all fit into Central Province.

We must hence stop this senseless war being orchestrated by Michuki, Uhuru, Thuo, Gitahi, Saitoti, Karume and all those egocentric Kikuyus.

The Kikuyu must rise up against Kibaki, for it is Kibaki who has brought all this on our people. Had Raila been given his win, we could have been still as happily staying at all our various stations.

By Kamau Njuguna

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Nation Newspaper: President Kibaki, Raila and all Kenyans stand accused

Posted by African Press International on January 29, 2008

This is for anyone who may be interested in what is going on in Kenya.

I write this letter as my final mortal action upon this earth.  I have determined to collect email addresses of the prominent people that I know and my friends and send it to them from an anonymous email address for two reasons. First, to spare them the distress of knowing beforehand what I am doing, therefore saving them from culpability, and second, because my identity is now and in future irrelevant. It could be any of those men around the country who feel like I do. As you might guess from my style of writing, I am a well-educated man. I am a graduate of Nairobi and Strathmore universities. I have been privileged to be educated around the world.

I have worked in Berlin, Stockholm, London, New York and many other places. I speak six languages fluently. Even with all these achievements, I have no more reason to live. If you will want to look for me as you read this, go to City Mortuary where I have determined to fester among the anonymous people there. I will explain why in this letter, and like Pavlov, I shall retire. This is my only protest. Mr Kibaki, I indict you. You stole the election that I stood for six hours to participate in. By your actions, my life irrevocably changed. History will now forget the great achievement and legacy that you were poised to make and it shall remember that for your self-righteousness, people lost lives, property, and most of all, hope. On the blood of my people, I indict you.

Mr Odinga, my chosen president, on the blood and tears of my people, I indict you.  Because of your bitterness, justified though it is, my life irrevocably changes. My greatest achievements, my family, died in your name. My son, my heir, named after my great ancestors, went up in smoke before he could say my name, or his great name. Koitalet. My twin daughters, Wanjiru and Sanaipei, were found by my burnt house in Eldoret, having bled out of their wounds. My wife died with the seed of six men inside her, demented and finally catatonic. This happened in your name, Sir. Because you have to get justice. Because my wife was from the wrong community. Because you must get what is yours. You will read this and feel nothing. You will rationalise it as accepted collateral damage. Some must die in the pursuit of justice, isn’t it?

Kenyans, on the blood of my children, I indict you all. You lost the ball. You forgot that our ethnicity is something we joke about, as we go about our business. You forgot that we do not fight, we mediate. You forgot that we are a great people, built on the back of great people. You forgot that it’s just elections. On the blood of my children, on the tears of my dead wife, on the tears of our mothers, on the tears in the sheets of those people who are sleeping in the rain, I indict you.

PATRIOT, Nairobi.

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