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Killings continue in Kenya despite international efforts to stopp the killings

Posted by African Press International on January 27, 2008

Nairobi(Kenya) Twenty one more people were killed in Nakuru town in Rift valley province on Friday night, despite an overnight curfew that was imposed by the authorities, APA learnt on Saturday.

Some of the victims were hacked to death, the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation television reported on Saturday.

According to the reports, mutilated bodies were found under a bridge in the area on Saturday morning.

More than 100 people were arrested on Friday night, many of them on the streets as police and the military enforced the 7pm to 7 am curfew imposed by the government.

Outgoing Rift Valley Provincial Police chief Everret Wasige said most of those arrested were found loitering on the streets while others were picked up from residential estates.

Wasige however, confirmed they (police) had arrested 50 other suspects who were found with machetes and other crude weapons.

KBC reported that many military officers and police officers were seen patrolling the town Saturday morning on main streets and estates where many more people have lost their lives and their houses torched since Thursday.

Earlier Saturday morning, there was chaos where a group of armed youths engaged police in running battles but no casualty was reported.

Police said a group of more than 100 people armed with pangs, bows and arrows had re-grouped ready to cause mayhem before they were dispersed and scores arrested.

The area remains tense because there are fears the youths may re-group again and cause mayhem, police said.

Rift valley province has been the most affected by post elections violence with USA based, Human Rights Watch (HCW) warning that opposition leaders are involved in ethnic cleansing targeting Presidents Mwai Kibakis , Kikuyu community.

So far, more than 500 people have already been killed with the numbers rising dailiy. Already Koffi Annan visited the area on Saturday morning and warned inciters of the violence will be prosecuted at The Hague.

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