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I am Irish (which means I am a white) and I reside in Kenya

Posted by African Press International on January 27, 2008

New comment on your post #240 “Kenya: Does Raila Odinga “hate the Kikuyu community?””
Author : Mark Archer


I am Irish (which means I am a white) and I reside in Kenya and I was stunned recently to be called “an outsider” and maybe I should “fuck off home’ by a British-Kenyan white, who was so incensed at my support for the ODM position that he subsequently had to leave the room.

This shows that tribalism is something that is and always will be there, (as in the Irish and the British) but is only lethal when inflamed by politics, even in a place to which neither of us perhaps truly belong.

Having been through the pain of decolonization by the British (Ireland became independant in the 1920s, following which we had our won brutal civil war)
I submit that the only hope for this country is Democracy and respect for the Constitution. It doesn’t matter who or what Raila is like, or who or what Kibaki is like as long as the Vote is respected. The vast majority of people prefer peace to violence, and prosperity to poverty, and will serve up to Raila the same medicine as they sem to have to Kibaki if he fails to meet expectations. He will be shown the door.

Allowing this “civilian coup” to pass would be the worst possible outcome; there will be no peace, no justice and instead a long and painful slide to civil war.

Rerun the elections, if at all possible, with an apology and an admission of wrongdoing by both parties for any and every disrespect that has been shown to the Kenyan Constitution, which is the country’s real majesty.

By Mark Archer, Lake Baringo -Kenya

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