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Posted by African Press International on January 26, 2008

odera-omolo.jpg<By Leo Odera Omolo
Kisumu, Kenya

A newly constructed multibillion shillings white sugar factory, located in Kibos in the outskirt of Kisumu city went into trial production a couple of weeks ago.
The new factory will be commissioned later this year as the eighth Sugar Kenya. It will manufacture both white and brown sugar as it gradually attains. its full production capacity depending on the future availability of row material.
The Kibos Sugar and drilled Industries limited is the brainchild of outs industrial and farming family operating under its business flagship of Chanan Agricultural Contractors [CAC).
It is the family of a well known large scale cane farmer in Kibos area Mr. Chanan Singh.
Established at a cost of Ksh 3 billion the Kibos sugar allied industries Ltd. Is currently producing between 1600 and 1650 bags is made sugar per day and is expected to alleviate the single of in employment in this region.
In its full production capacity the factory done will create employement for 600 workers and staff while its agricultural department is expected to engage 2000 workforce.
The company has no neuclus estate therefore will depend entirely on outgrowers who are expected to absorbe close to 10,000 workers either directly or indirectly in their farmous.
The first of its kind to be operated without classified can growing zone, Kibos sugar will collect in raw cane from farmers without specific boundaries.
This will entail the company to collect motor cart for crushing from or for field as South and North Nandi; the entire Nyando District, Belgut in Kericho and from anywhere within the region where cane is grown as cash crop.
Large scale farmer within Kibos and Miwani areas will deliver their cane to the factory. At the same tins the company plans to assist the outgrowers canes farmers scattered in the Kano plain with some input. To enable the produce top quality cash crop. It will develop small scale farmer in the surrounding villages.
Already Kibos sugar has spent a colossal amount of money in the construction of tendor and access road loading to the come surrounding areas like Ombaking , Nyamware and Kobura area along the Lake Victoria anytime.
One of the company top directors Mr Raju Chanan told times writer at the factorys officers in Kibos that form is expected to play a private role in up lifting the standard of the local in Kano plain, Kajulu and around the nearby cane growing zones.
Kibos Sugar and Allied Industries Ltd is also reported to have worn a recent tender bid to acquire the Muhoroni Sugar Company another multimillion shillings government owned sugar mill, which is located in Nyando but with trigger production capacity. Muhoroni has been under the official receivers ever since 2001.
Mr. Raju Chanan, however describe the spate of the recent event, which he said contributed to big losses of cane crop to arsonists before it collect the harvested.
Farmers he said will use a lot if money as they prepared for replant their field. The worst hit are both small and large scale farmers in Kibos, Miwani, Chepsweka and even in the outlaying rural location will bear the brunt of the massive losses.during the post-election violence.
The sugar manufacturing companies in the region will have to chip in a lot of cash to help the farmers plough and replant sugar cones after their crop was burnt by arsoniots.
All the major producing companies such as Chemelil, Muhoroni, Miwani, Sonysugar and Nzoia are serious affected Previously the country had a total of seven functioning white sugar factories, namely Mumias, Chemelil, Sonysugar, West Kenya, Muohoroni, Nzoia and Miwani producing a total 670,000 tonnes of sugar annually..
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  1. How long does it take for one to get payment after delivering sugar cane in the a small scale farmer in kano.


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