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President Kikwete offers incentives to his diplomats

Posted by African Press International on January 19, 2008

Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete has urged his diplomatic envoys to vigorously promote the countrys economic and social interests abroad for the benefit of the people in the country.

Opening a six-day ambassadors meeting in Zanzibar on Thursday, the president said the envoys have a crucial role in safeguarding and promoting the countrys interests at its foreign missions and international organisations.

As envoys, you are like our eyes, ears, noses and spokespersons overseas, Kikwete told the 32 ambassadors who are attending the meeting.

He said Tanzania needed many foreign friendly countries to help its economy grow faster and conquer poverty in line with the nations development vision.

He said there were many areas that needed vigorous promotion, including tourism, natural resources preservation and industrial development, to attract foreign direct investments (FDIs).

In addition, the president also urged the envoys to make an effort to deeply understand domestic policies in order to portray properly the countrys image abroad.

Tanzania, he said, has a lot of good things to show to the outside world such as achievements in promotion of democracy, human rights and good governance, including observing the rule of law and fighting corruption.

Kikwete, however, expressed concern over consistent adverse financial reports at the embassies by the Controller and Auditor General.

As envoys, you must be prudent and demonstrate the highest order of financial discipline. How can the people salute you as excellencies while you do not live up to the title, he queried.

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Inquiry into murder of Namibian anti-apartheid activist to re-open

Posted by African Press International on January 19, 2008

Cape Town (South Africa) The inquiry into the murder of Anton Lubowski, a lawyer, Namibian anti-apartheid activist and a prominent South West African Peoples (SWAPO) party member, killed 18 years ago, will almost certainly be reopened this year, said the South African National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) on Friday.

After numerous requests by his family for his killing to be probed, a special task team set up by the NPA will now consider the case.

Chris MacAdam, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, confirmed on Friday that Lubowskis killing “clearly falls within the mandate of the (prosecuting authority) task team” and that the matter will be on the agenda of its first meeting this year.

“Our 18-year search for the truth is bearing fruit at last,” said Lubowskis former wife, Gabriele.

Lubowski was shot eight times outside his Windhoek (Namibian capital) home in 1989. A 1994 inquest found solid evidence that the murder was ordered by the Civil Co-operation Bureau- a hit squad unit established by the then South African Apartheid regime to assassinate freedom fighters, most of whom were in hiding in southern African countries such as Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique and Angola.

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Comoros delegation to tour Mauritius

Posted by African Press International on January 19, 2008

Port Louis (Mauritius) A delegation of political leaders from the Comoros is expected in Mauritius next week to exhort the Mauritian government and the local opposition parties to actively help in the process of finding a political solution to the present crisis in Anjouan, one of the three islands that form part of the Comoros.

Said Larifou, leader of the opposition in the Comoros, who was in transit in Mauritius on Thursday told the press at the Mauritian airport, in Plaisance 50 km from Port Louis, the capital that the Comoros is sliding into dictatorship and everything should be done to avert a catastrophe.

Larifou accused the president of the Comoros, Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi of trampling on the freedom of expression, and behaving like an “Ayatollah”. The President, he cautioned, is a constant danger to democracy and for the countries of the Indian Ocean, alleging that all decisions are being taken by him without consultations with Parliament. He also alleged that the appointments of two magistrates of the court of appeal have recently been revoked by President Sambi without any reason.

The opposition leader pointed out that following the decision of the Regional Parliament of Anjouan not to abide by the decisions taken by the Comoros Parliament, President Sambi had decided to send troops to Anjouan but was compelled to back down due to extreme pressure from the international community which favours a political solution to the problem.

The opposition leader also indicated that he has recently travelled to France to meet the Comorian Diaspora to seek their help in resolving the political and financial problems of his country and that the response has been positive.

Laridou explained that he taken the initiative to form a delegation of politicians to tour the countries of the Indian Ocean, and that after Mauritius, the delegation would travel to the Seychelles and Madagascar.

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The rich Kenyans will flee the country if Kenya becomes hell to live in.

Posted by African Press International on January 19, 2008

New comment on your post #3826 “I still maintain that the clashes were not organized by anybody”
Author : John (IP: ,


Mt. Kenya Mafia- We bought land in Eldoret when the white man was leaving. Most luos and luhyas said they did not want to buy land because it was not their home. My father worked hard as we lived in one room house. We also bought land from Kalenjins that wanted to sell during Mois time. My father and mother were staunch christians. I recall my mother helping one Kalenjin woman who was insane. She would feed her and cry for her. She loved Eldoret so much she asked to be burried there. She always welcomed every tribe to her house.We never got any help from anyone. We are all married to different tribes. Any Kalenjin will tell you just because the President is from your tribe does not give you any benefits.

The historical fact is that some Kikuyus and luos by virtue of being the beneficiary of white peoples education got the most plum jobs after indipendent. There were college educated in the 1930’s this put them ahead. Fact when were in primary school in Eldoret all the teachers were either Luos, Kikuyus or Luhyas. Fact by the time I got to High School we were begining to get teachers from the Kalenjins and other tribes that we never saw before. Someone has to be first to do something. It does not mean they are better. It was just a luck of the draw. Fact – anyone that is educated can get ahead anywere in the world. Kenyatta benefited his cronies. You can go to Gatundu and see for your self it is a small town with a small hospital that used to receive “donations” from everyone that wanted to see Mzee. In the 1960’s most Kalenjins lived outside Eldoret. The County council was mainly Luos, Luhyas and Kiuks. That is why most estates do not have Kalenjin names. Gradually they started moving into town. That is why Eldoret was such a great town to be in and grown in no matter your tribe. You got to interact and respect other peoples culture.

I am probably one of the few Kiuks that has drank mursik, eaten omurere and omena. This was provided by mothers from different tribes. In my heart I do not think Kiuks are superior to any tribe. As a matter of fact I really admire the Kalenjins for their hard work. This is something that many in central do not know that Kalenjins are great farmers and enterpreneurs. This ignorance of each others culture must be eradicated with education. Those of us who have lived in other areas should educate the our friends and relatives from our tribes. Having finally moved out of Eldoret I have spent my adult life in the USA
a very diverse country that has diverse races and ethnic groups.
The official line in any professional environment is that you do not openly berate other racial or ethnic groups. People have been fired or severely reprimanded for making disparaging remarks about other racial groups. This does not eradicate racism but it counters it and deals with it in an open and honest manner. If you want to get ahead please hide or leave your racism at home.

This was the norm when I grew up in Eldoret it was in bad taste to castigate or put someone down because of his tribe. No wonder most of our playmates intermarried. What can I tell my nephews and nieces from different tribe mothers and fathers. Kenyans claim to be very religious especially Christians and Muslims. So how can this much hatred reside in people who claim to Love God but cannot love their neighbors. As an aside I travel to Kenya every year. My last visit was in November. I saw people carrying bows and arrows from all tribes. I did not like it. We visited every corner of Kenya and enjoyed hospitality from all tribes. We went to all the major tourist attractions. I was planning on bringing some Americans to Kenya this year. They are all backing away from coming to Kenya. Is this what we want the world to think of when they think of Kenya. The world is in intensive competion for investments including Kenya that could propel us into the next level of development. Could someone please tell me given the choice between investing in the first world or Kenya after watching CNN where would you invest? Airbus is getting ready to invest billions of dollars to build a plant in the US. People want to invest in places where security and infrastructure are world class. At this point I fear that Kenya might be relagated to another stereotypical sad place in the world. It is amazing when people see something good they rarely tell you until it goes bad. When you were small and you did something bad people would say why did you do such thing we thought you were a good child. It is the same with Kenya countless Americans have come to me saying what happened to Kenya it was so peaceful and nice. This was the image we had in our heads. Moi most probably rigged the elections against Matiba but nobody burned anyones house or killed a world class runner.

We can unite and bring a vote of no confindence against the government but burning our houses and places of employment what sense does that make? There will always be the poor and rich with us. But do we have to kill them? Being poor or rich does not make you anymore or less human. At this point and time I think about all my friends and relatives from different tribes. Will I be able to visit their homes again. I mean Ushago. These are my most enjoyable times when I visit them at Ushago. It is too sad that politicians have to decide our associations. We cannot choose our tribes. We are born into it. World Class is the key word. Investors and consumers are looking for world class in every situation. This was begining to manifest itself in Kenya. A friend of mine a Kalenjin was visiting and happened to be ODM he called us in distress because he had to leave his home and go into hiding. What was that about? If such a man whose family was is in the top ODM leadership could go into hiding from fellow Kalenjins what has Kenya become?? Kibaki will be gone soon but what is going to happen to Kenya.

The rich of all tribes -Kambas, Kalenjins, Maa,Kikuyus, Indians, etc – have made alternative arrangements to reside outside Kenya. I see their children and relatives all over Europe and US. Who stays to suffer? The mwananchi. PNU or ODM will not be there to save them as they massacre each other. The rich will return to pick up the spoils. Kenya could skip history instead of repeating it. Most developing nations had civil wars before they decided to be civil towards each other. Imagine 50,000 people dead in the US civil war. This was in 1860 but people in the US still talk about it just like it happened yesterday. Our parents went through the Mau Mau war and always wanted peace above all else. Maybe this will wake us up to the evil that is war. Mtego wa panya hushika waliokuwapo na wasio kuwapo. Peace be unto all Kenyans.

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