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Help settle the hard feelings inside and outside Kenya

Posted by African Press International on January 9, 2008

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Author : wanjiku (IP: ,
Interesting observations could this prophecy help settle the hard feelings inside and outside kenya

New Prophecies for Kenya 2007~2012! (September 30, 2007)
(Regarding The Next 5 Years; The Next President of Kenya!)

~The Prophetic Ministry of Dr.Thomas Manton IV~

It is now Sunday Morning, 9:30am, September 30th 2007, here in Nairobi, Kenya. The *Word of the Lord* comes unto me right now saying: Mr. Mwai Kibaki will once again be elected as President of Kenya, says the Lord! He will be re-elected, and continue serving as My President for Kenya; to bring forth greater developments and breakthroughs in your Nation in this next season, declares the Lord your God!

Mr. Mwai Kibaki has served Me, by serving your nation well, over these last five years as Kenya’s President. And My Hand is even now upon him for the continued reformation of Kenya over the next five years! The programmes and processes I have planned for the development of Kenya in this next season are very deep, and they are very wide. And they will run quickly, strongly and thoroughly in a very quick pace into this next season, says the Lord! Mr. Mwai Kibaki is the man that I have chosen and ordained to see these things through now for the good of your nation. The platform has already been set for this to happen. Things are already in motion. Your nation’s newest developments have commenced from five years ago in December, 2002 when this new government began. But My Hand will now rest heavily upon Kenya in even greater ways than before, says the Lord!

Multitudes have been shockingly amazed about the developments that have taken place in Kenya thus far over these last five years. But just wait and see what will happen over the next five years!

In 2009, you will look back to the present times and say; Wow, look at all that has happened! Then, in 2010, 2011 and 2012, you will be able to tangibly count, in multiplicity, the great things I have done further in your nation, says the Lord.

The next five years will be much more than a gradual reformation of the nation. There will be massive development in all sectors. Major changes will occur in your political world; and in your economic world; and even beyond what has commenced before in your agricultural sectors, says the Lord!

I will also institute some new reforms in your societies and in your cultures. Many will stop looking back to the way things were; and where things originated from for them. Many will begin to look at the bright futures I am making possible for My people in Kenya that circumvent past cultures, creeds and societal ?realities,? says the Lord. Many will begin to partake of, and become part of, My global economy; and begin to think big. For I have made man in My own likeness and image. So who should limit My creations from growing outside of the boxes that were prepared for them by others?

It is high-time now that Kenyans begin to enter the global economies and bigger societies. No longer should the masses here stay bound within the corners and walls that others have from a foretimes formed for them. It is time to break loose from all of that now and move up and out! This next generation will truly catch and ride on this wave that I am sending forth into your midst. You will see and experience this more and more as the years progress from this time forward, says the Lord.

And I will break-down and destroy, from its roots, the pervasive spirit of corruption that has plagued your nation for so many years. I have already attacked it, of late, and broken its legs, but unfortunately it is still lingering on in the mindsets and actions of many people. Nevertheless, I will attack corruption, vehemently and viciously, until I finally destroy it from continuing as a commodity’ of your societies. This task I will complete over the next several years. A day will finally come in Kenya when corruption will be known as a thing of the past.

Now the Lord says concerning your upcoming elections in December, 2007: Will I leave your nation in the hands of others that do not have your best interests at heart Can I possibly release your nation into the hands of dogs; who only have their own territories and personal interests and selfish gain in their minds? No, I will not! Some of their hearts are just after power and position for their own personal consumption. Will I leave this land to people whose motivations and ambitions are mainly for their own personal gain? No, I will not!

Look at the man that I have had ruling your nation for the past five years. He was not looking for your nation’s Presidency for his own personal gain. He saw it as a mission for the good of the people of Kenya. He is already a very wealthy man, and he is content with what he has. He has not taken the wealth of your nation as his own; nor its production to put it into his own pocket. But he has looked continuously to implement ways of bettering the nation of Kenya. And he has done it. And this is what your nation needs, says the Lord!

In the next two months, in October and November 2007, I will begin to pull the carpet out from under the political opposition; who think they will get more and more popular amongst the people. I will now defuse the tide of their rise completely, and it will turn fully around.

Some deceptions and some spiritual activities that align themselves with the powers of darkness will be exposed from behind the scenes, and come out into the light. Then, after this, the opposition will have no way to stand upright again, says the Living God.

A shift will also take place next ~ inside of the Cabinet of your President. I will cause new awakenings, and even separations, to occur inside the ranks of your State House. Some will defect from within, and then suddenly be thrust out, from within the ranks of the top-levels of your government, says the Lord.

I am going to have My way here in Kenya, says the Lord! I will create a great shifting in your House of Parliament in the coming season. Many of those who are not ordained by Me to stand in the House will be pulled out in this coming election. Those who I have not ordained to be Members of Parliament for the next season will not be, says the Lord! But, many of those who I have ordained to be Members of Parliament will be put in there in the coming season, even if it shocks people! This all will start in this next season now, says the Lord!

Some of those who stand in these elected offices have held their ground too hard, and they still have the support of enough people to stand again in certain places. This can be unfortunate, but yet it is reality. However, beginning now, many people are ready to vote for and give their allegiance to those I have ordained to be elected into these Offices, says the Lord! These changes will first begin their commencement in your upcoming elections on December 27, 2007. And they will continue in even greater ways in future seasons to come.

Now, concerning criminal activities in your land, I will begin to move strongly in new ways against this travesty against justice that has been pandemic in your society. The ignorance and stupidity that has plagued the minds of the masses in many ways must be thwarted out if you are truly going to proceed into My destiny for your nation.

Many have come and gone when they saw and experienced the seemingly hopeless realities caused by the blatant ignorance that has plagued and contaminated your societies continually. This must change, and this must be eradicated now, says the Lord! If you want to move forward in My plan, you must allow Me to mold you into what I want. Are you ready for Me to attack the terrible ills of your societies? If you say: Yes, we do! Then do not take offense at My Messengers that come to do My bidding in attempting to overturn all of this foolishness. They will speak to you strongly. They will tell you the truth about yourselves. Can you really handle this? Or, will you rebel against My counsel and refuse correction as you have for so long. Do you know better about excellence than Me? No you do not! Look at the state of your nation. Look at the low-estate of masses of your people. Look at the stench of the ever-looming poverty that keeps so many millions in Kenya from enjoying
even My basic levels of blessing. So, will you yet defend or even try to ignore or overlook the rampant ignorance and low-life status that is still plaguing your societies? Do you want those things to continue or do you want them to cease? Are those horrendous things the things that you want? Or do you want Me and My will?

It has been said of many Kenyans that they often refuse to progress or accept instruction or correction. So then, do you know better than Me? And, do you know better than My voices that I have anointed as deliverers to bring you out of bondage?

Many in your nation have fought Me for decades as I have attempted to send revival to you! Many have continually attempted to thwart every move of progressive change I have sent your way. This has happened endlessly in the Church. Revival has been stopped time and time again. Why have you done this to Me? I have only had your best interests in My Mind for you. So, will you not now finally yield to Me so I can bring you into your destiny? I am releasing a new dispensation to you, but you must submit yourselves to Me if it is going to take residence in your lives, says the Lord.

Furthermore, I will judge this plague in your society that keeps people continuously stealing, robbing, conning, lying and cheating. The Lord says, this must stop, and this must end! Why can’t someone just live in integrity according to My Word and Will, instead of thinking that they can just do these abominable things? I tell you surely, says the Lord, that people will no longer go unpunished for these wicked acts! I will judge those who do these things severely in the coming days. I will especially judge those who do these things in My House, and to My Servants. I will make examples of those who carry on like this thinking they can do evil and get away with it. No they will not!

I will cause very tough measures of justice to be invoked against those who think they can continue in these wicked activities with impunity. I will cause special programmes to be instituted from within your government that will be headed up by your police officials and armed forces officials. I, the Lord your God, am causing this swift and fierce reckoning with crime in your nation. I will see to it that this be swiftly instituted in Kenya in this next season, says the Lord!

I will raise up another department of instituting justice ~ from within the ranks of your government and your law enforcement. Another man will rise out from obscurity and come up alongside the other heads of your police and your armed forces. His face will become known, and he will come into the limelight. He will be seen by your people as a man of action. And this new institution of justice will bring a new policy of attack against criminals? into place. There will be strict justice for criminals in the days ahead. It will seem merciless to those who are on the wrong-side of the arm of the law. Criminals will have to begin to truly fear the consequences of their actions. As the old-saying teaches; Crime doesn’t pay!

And this will be good for Kenya, says the Lord! Some will cry aloud saying; “This is too harsh, and this is too much!” But the Lord your God says, people need to fear Me; and people need to fear and respect the government. Yet, I do not want anyone to fear unjustly! Do not worry. I will not allow this to be carried too far! Kenya will not become a police-state. Remember, I said I am rooting out corruption in all sectors of your societies, so you just need to trust Me to have this go the right way in the right proportions and measures. And it will!

I had My apostle Paul write in Romans 13 that ministers of the government somehow represent Me, and they often act as My instruments of justice. I have ordained that they act as a terror to those who are unrighteously of a criminal mind and nature. The fear that has taken residence in the hearts and minds of the people of Kenya as they travel the streets because of thugs and thieves must be curtailed, says the Lord! And it will!

Did I not visit Nairobi in a new way on Monday, April 2, 2007 as I used My Prophet here to deal with the demonic-principalities? of Koinange Street Did I not have him prophesy over that area that very night, and declare that it would change immediately (You may see this yourself! *Order your own Copies of the ?New Prophecies For Kenya 2007! (Volumes 1~4 on DVD) Experience and see for yourself what actually happened that night Live on Video!) Then, did I not then just a few days later cause the business-owners in that area to get riled-up with passion to break the negative stigma that has long been attached to that street? Yes, I did! Then, did I not then have the Nairobi police go in there, and break up and dismantle the illicit activities that have occurred along that street for so long; even in just the next few weeks in April and May 2007, says the Lord. Yes, I did! I sent waves of My Spirit with My Fire and My Angels to break and destroy those principalities and
powers! Then, within just a few weeks, your police started taking prostitutes off the streets! And now you do not see them there anymore in the numbers and in the openness that they used to be there! So, is there anything too hard for Me? Am I not God?

Similar things will happen through your police forces and your military forces in other areas in the coming days, says the Lord. They will know how to go into certain areas and grab people that are doing certain evil things to people. People have walked in fear that that they are going to lose things. Criminal activity is rampant. It happens daily. And it grieves My Heart. I will come against this now and bring these things down. You will see Me doing this! I will cause your government to get much more organized and efficient in dealing with these serious matters, says the Lord.

The Lord says, I am tired of this stigma that is upon Africa! I am tired now of this that keeps people thinking that African nations and governments are backward and are always somewhere behind other developed nations ~in so many ways.

I will cause many systems and technologies that operate excellently and effectively in the Western-world to be brought into place here in the coming season, says the Lord. First-world systems work! They work because they are smart and effective, and I want them here, says the Lord!

Many people talk about the West and the First-world. They say that is the best place to look to see societal and technological developments and advancements. But know this, these things can happen in the East, or anywhere else they are instituted! Look at Southeast Asia and Japan. Does the origin of where it is happening really matter? Does it not matter more that any nation who wants to move onward in advancement thoroughly embraces progress and change?

I have ordained that Nairobi eventually become a cosmopolitan and world-class city of international standards of excellence. I am causing it to be transformed into a city of excellence, and a city of dignity. People here will feel proud about this city called Nairobi. I will see to it that this city becomes much more beautiful in every way!

Many buildings will be built in Nairobi, and even outside the city-centre. Many buildings will undergo renovations. Nairobi will continuously become even cleaner and more organized. And, the Lord says to the people of Kenya; Do not fear the government if you are on the righteous-side of things. Support your government, people of Kenya, for I have ordained them to produce great changes and benefits for you in the years to come! Things will progress and change for the better!

I will cause billions of Kenya Shillings of government monies to be brilliantly poured out to get Nairobi, and also the other cities of Kenya~ revitalized and reformed; and built-up and organized! This will not only be the case for Nairobi alone. But I will have this done in many other cities such as: Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Kisii, Machakos (the up-and-coming sister-city to Nairobi); and many other cities, says the Lord!

I will have your coastal-areas receive new and expanded new development, says the Lord. And two small cities called Naivasha, and the Ngong area will also be developed in the coming season. New things will be built in those regions, says the Lord. Buildings will be built, and expanded centres of commerce and business activity will rise in these areas and in many other cities and regions, says the Lord.

My Kingdom will also be greatly advanced in great ways in many regions and places across the nation of Kenya in the coming season, says the Lord. My own ?born-again family? will rise into new opportunities in business and entrepreneurship; and in developing and expanding industries, says the Lord. Look for this to open quickly and sporadically in the days ahead!

The poor-state and poor-condition of your roads in Kenya has obviously been a very grievous problem. I now decree, declares the Lord your God, that your Kenyan government will avail and pour forth the monies needed to fix them, improve them, and re-develop them, once and for all! Oh, it will cost a lot of money! And, yes, it will take much time and a lot of effort to pull this off, says the Lord. But it must be done now! And I will cause this to happen, and it will happen! There is no good reason for the roads of Kenya to remain as bad as they are. Long-term systemic neglect in the past has your road structures in this poor-state. But this must change now! A new course of progress of development must be instituted now and implemented now! Your President, Mwai Kibaki, has privately been very burdened about it. He knows that massive amounts of monies need to be poured into very big projects of road repair and new road development for your nation?s good future. I will lead your
government to make this a reality in the coming season. And every Kenyan will ultimately benefit from this. So be it!

Get ready now, Kenya, for My Favour is now being released upon the people of this nation and its societies like never before. You will rise now, and begin to flourish!

Many new economic growths and developments will happen in this great nation of Kenya; and even greater than ever before! In this next season of time, many changes will also come forth in your cultural-societies.

Many minds will be renewed to the truth that I am endeavouring to bring Kenya out of its old third-world status and stigma up into progressive changes, growths and developments on every side. New changes and new developments that have not yet happened before, in this or in any other generation, will now commence here in this land, says the Lord. Get yourselves ready for them all now, for they are truly now springing forth for you, says the Spirit of Almighty God. Amen!

Publisshed by Korir, APIAPN

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