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President Kibaki to nominate members to parliament

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

President Kibaki has a constitutional right to nominate a number of members to parliament. This will enable his party, PNU to get more parliamentarians. The president may, while making his appointments,decide to bring back some of the ministers who lost their seats during the recent elections.

There is nothing in the law that prohibits him from nominating those who lost their parliamentary elections. He can, if he so wishes, nominate a parliamentary seat loser to the house and can also make the same person a cabinet minister.

Now that calm is coming back into the country, the president will soon make cabinet appointments to make fresh his government.

Although the president is willing to form a Government of National Unity, he is not seen to be willing to give into the demands by Raila and his ODM.

Raila has claimed that the government has employed the mungiki sect to kill the Kenyans. The Kenyan minister of Justice Martha Karua has dismissed Raila’s allegations, terming them as false.

The minister has urged Raila, if unsatisfied with the elections to use the courts to fight for his rights instead of encouraging violence in the country.

Raila has called for new demonstrations for Tuesday. Such demonstrations is called in a quest for power. Many people may get killed during the demonstrations.. Do the organisers care?

Many observers know that the best thing now is to engage in talks and not demonstrations. Raila has told the media that he won the elections and instead wants Kibaki to go to him and talk. It is never heard of that any sitting president is the one to go looking for an opposition leader.


Nation story

Loud No to back door nominations

Story by SUNDAY NATION Correspondent

Political Parties with minority Members of Parliament will not accept nomination of their members into government without their written permission.

Safina Chairman Paul Muite. Photo/PAUL WAWERU

The parties under the auspices of Smaller Parties Parliamentary Group (SPPG) said yesterday that they would not allow any nomination of their members through the back door.

Led by Safina party chairman Paul Muite, officials from eight political parties, called on the government to immediately bring into force the Political Parties Act, 2007.

In a press statement read at the Centre for Multiparty Democracy offices in Nairobi yesterday, Mr Muite said the Act was important in enhancing
multiparty democracy.

We understand that the President wants to form a coalition government. As Small Parties Parliamentary Group, we would like to state our stand that such coalition must involve us, said Mr Muite.

Mr Muite who ran for Kikuyu parliamentary seat in last months elections but lost said it was no longer possible for the President to poach MPs from any political party without a written consent.

Although small parties were committed to justice, peace and democracy, they were not ready to be bulldozed on the matter, he said.

In the spirit of reconciliation and healing, SPGS supports the idea of a coalition government. But this must be done with clearly, written authority of sponsoring political parties, he said.

Mr Muite who was accompanied by officials from the eight parties, said SPSG as the third largest political grouping after Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and Party of National Unity (PNU), will pursue its mandate in Parliament as a non-aligned group.

They would however support whichever side, between ODM and PNU, that would focus on matters of national interest.

The parties represented were Mazingira Greens Party, Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU), New Ford-Kenya and Sisi Kwa Sisi.

Others were Ford Asili, Democratic Party (DP) and Kenya African Democratic Development Union (KADDU).

The group has a total of 35 MPs behind ODM (99) and PNU (43).

They at the same time urged President Mwai Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga to urgently solve the political impasse, occasioned by post-election violence.

Other members present included CCUs Dr Patrick Lumumba and Safinas acting secretary general Ms Njoki Ndungu.

Lifted and published by Korir, API/APN

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Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

odera-omolo.jpgBy Leo Odera Omolo, API/APN in Kisumu, Kenya
Six prominent heads of Christian churches in Nyanza Province have registered the skepticism at the just concluded general election and called upon the relevant authorities to resolve the impasse to ensure that the disputed election results are resolved amicably and peacefully.
The clergymen comprises bishops renewed their call to the chairman of the ECK chairman Samuel Kivuitu to declare the real winner of the Presidential contest.
Led by the Chairman of the Nyanza Council of Churches Bishop Dr. Washington Ogonyo Ngede head of the Power of Jesus around the World and include Bishop Francis Mwai Abiero of the Maseno South Diocese of the Anglican Church, bishop zephania Ouma Orao of the new Wine Church, Bishop Julius Otieno Oloo of the living Water Church, Arch-Bishop Asper ogelo of the Gospel Fellowship Ministry and Bishop George Obul.
The churchmen healthy congratulated the Kenyan voters for having braved the blistering suns to exercise their democratic rights in a peaceful manner. The Kenyan electorates had turned out in their thousands to vote for a President who stood for a change and the person they wanted to lead them for the next five years. The Nyanza church leaders maintained that the ODM presidential candidate Raila Amolo Amolo Odinga had legitimately won the polls and had beaten his opponent President Mwai Kibaki with a landslide majority.
It was their case or an overwhelming majority victory for Mr. Odinga and no sane person can caste doubt over this naked fact, they said. Shameless rigging of the election was even witnessed by members of the European union observers, the Commonwealth observers and members of the diplomatic corpse. All and sundry had witnessed how the election process was abused and made their stand known.
Their rigging, they argued was hatched by a few heartless cliques who surrounds the president, the Bishops further argued. The church leaders said that since the ECK chairman has openly admitted that he had acted under heavy pressure when he declared the loser Mwai Kibaki as the winner and flagrantly and deliberately turned there winner raila Odinga the looser, and further than the tallying of the voters had some irregularity, we are demanding that president Kibaki steps down fo0r Mr. Odinga the legitimate winner.
Alternatively a re-run of the presidential election would be a justified solution. The Bishops went on saying, we as members of the Nyanza Council of churches therefore holding the ECK chairman responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent peace loving Kenyan who have perished and lost their lives as they result of mayhem that followed the mistake of a few individuals at the ECK. These people have lost their lives while demanding for their democratic rights which are inalienable birth rights.
The Nyanza clergymen accused some church leaders who have become partisans to injustices and have come out in the open in support of there verdict of the chaotic polls, and yet they were aware of the massive rigging of the elections. Our question Is ;Why the revered church leaders should join bandwagon of the election riggers, and yet they are very much aware that the election was grossly flawed.
The group supported the ODM stand that the presidential election be re-run within the next three monthly while a transition coalition government is in places, and that such a repeat of the presidential election be supervised by an independent and internationally reputed body as one way of enduing the current impasse.
President Kibaki, they said could not have won the election miraculously when he had garnered the votes in only two Provinces whereas he was beaten hands down in six other provinces. The bishops appealed to Kenyan Christians, Muslims and other religious leaders to pray for peace in Kenya. We want to see peace and tranquility prevailing in the country, and every Kenyan is allowed back to his home, his place of work and the services resume as usual.
The Nyanza church leaders appealed to president Kibaki and his PNU party to warn some cabinet ministers, especially those who were rejected by the wananchi at the polls to stop making inflammatory statements which can only serve to fuel further animosities among Kenyans. The Likes of Musikari Kombo, Mukhisa Kituyi, Raphael Tuju and to a larger extent George Nyamweya has got no mandate to speak on behalf of Kenyans.
These election losers have made a lot of sycophantic utterances aimed at attracting the attention of the president for selfish interests. They must shut up and give Kibaki and his mandated take charge and handle the situation. Insignificant politicians like Yusuf Haji and Danson Mungatana have no business making any comment in a fluid situation like this, said the bishops.
It is time for reflection and prayers and Kenyans leaders must exercise tolerant preach for peace and tranquility in this country. There is no point for anyone to try out to defend what is indefensible, they said.The Bishops asked Kibaki and raila to ensure the safety of wananchi by asking their supporters to refrain from making provocative public pronouncement that could fuel further anarchy and suffering among the wananchi. As Christians we should embrace love and stop preaching hatred among our people, they said.
Published by API/APN

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Mauritian prime minister heads a delegation to India

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

Port Louis (Mauritius) Mauritian premier, Dr Navin Chandra Ramgoolam leaves the country Sunday evening at the head of government delegation to attend the sixth Indian Diaspora Summit in New Delhi, India, from 8 to 9 January, APA has learnt.

Ramgoolams delegations will include the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finances Rama Sithanen and Ministers Abu Taleb Kasenally, Rama Valayden, Sheila Bappoo and Mahen Gowressoo.

The theme of this year event will be Engaging the Diaspora: The Way Forward.

A communiqu issued Sunday by the premiers office in Port Louis, said Ramgoolam will deliver the keynote address.

Issues to be discussed at the summit include economy, culture, empowerment and leadership in women organisations and the potential of partnership between the different countries of the Indian Diaspora (ID).

For his part, Rama Sithanen will present an expos on African Investment Opportunities and Mobilisation of ID Resources in Development.

Ramgoolam is expected to meet the Indian premier, Manmohan Singh to discuss bilateral relations and the formulation of the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement between the two countries.

During the Summit the Mauritian PM will be handed the Samman Award for his contribution to the ID.

The Indian government started hosting the ID Summit in 2003 with a view to promote Indian goods abroad and to lure the ID to come and work and invest in the booming Indian economy.

Some 20 million people in more than 48 countries form part of the ID, the second largest in the world after the Chinese Diaspora.

Published by Korir, API/APN

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Who is to blame for all the chaos in Kenya?

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

A new comment on the post #3639 “Kenya in flames due to greedy leadership”

Author : Esther (IP: ,


Can we stop pointing fingers without facts. I was in Kenya from 18th Dec to 31st. I followed the elections step by step, I don’t live in Kenya. My extended family andfriends live in Kenya.

What is happening in Kenya is wrong and inhuman. To kill, rape, torture any human being whether a Kikuyu, American, a Luo is the worst crime to inflict on a human being. But we are missing the point here and so many are ready to crucify Raila before getting their facts right.
(a) Why is this happening
(b) How can it be stopped or better still, how could it have been stopped
(c) What can we do as Kenyans?

As I said, I was in Kenya and I followed the voting process which was going so well, Kenyans impressed me because they came out to vote in large numbers: the poor, the rich, the old, the young (over 18 years of course!),

I even discovered some who were sick in hospitals but they chose to get a day off from the hospitals to go and vote.

Someon wheelchairs, mothers carrying their babies on their back as they lined to choose their leader by the power of the vote.

Some people asked who my candidate was, and I in sincerity told them of my neutrality. I did not have a voters card,but I was excited to see my fellow Kenyans choose the leader of their choice. Ienjoyed my extended family challenge one another because they were not supporting the same candidate and party.

My family is large and comprises of more than 5 tribes through marriage. So they could sometimes hold very heated debate and I couldn’t help admiring them.

Christmas went well, came 27th December,I was alone with kids at home as other people had to go and vote.

All was well, counting started and Raila was leading all the way, sometimes more than a million votes ahead of Kibaki, Kenyans were proving a point. Ruto managed to convince the Kalenjins to abandon Moi and his three sons who lost badly and Eldoret votes went to Raila.

I started getting surprised, there were few constituencies yet to deliver the results and Raila was still leading, chaos started when results from few places were delayed the whole day, something was of course cooking. At this point somebody said it has never happened in Africa, for a sitting president to loose, I remember saying let Kenya make history if that’s their wish.

On 30th December things got worse in some parts of Kenya. Around 6pm the ECK announced the results that Kibaki had won. Hell broke. He made the announcement and after 5 minutes the swearing ceremony started, they were all there, well seated in their best outfits!

They had it all planned. And you are saying Kenyans are rioting for not accepting defeat? Who is not acceptingdefeat my dear Kenyans?Who really won? Was Kenyan’s power of vote recognised? Why are they so bitter? Remember not only the Luos are bitter. What are those protestingtrying to say? Did they feel “used”? Why waste time to vote if there will be irregularities when counting? Why be in a democratic country where democracy is not practised?

Look where we are now , who is to blame is not the issue anymore, many are left homeless in the name of power. Fathers, mothers and even children are dead. Who is suffering now? The common man and woman andfor what?
Note that not only Kikuyus are suffering.Kenyans are suffering in the hands of corrupt politicians. We only have to keep God close to our dear country and pray harder than before for a better tomorrow. The cancer in Kenya is worsening – read tribalism.

Even here in the diaspora we are infected. Who are we to talk about racism if we can’t stop tribalism.
God have mercy on mother Africa. Don’t mind me, I come in peace as a true Kenyan not a Kikuyu or a Luo, but the truth is out there. You know who won the elections. I know it, PNU knows it, ODM knows and so is ECK.

Leaders should, at this point, do the right thing and stop blaming one another if they have Kenyans’ best interest in their hearts. I rest my case.

By Esther in Finland.

Published by African Press International (API)/ African Press in Norway (APN)

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Kenya needs all the help it can get

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

As many as appealed, it is not yet enough to tell Kenyans to kindly keep peace. Nobody would dispute that the last general election was not conducted to very acceptable standards. But the stakes are now bigger.

What happens next? Without a consensus on the way forward we may end up a very tribally nation. As i write this many people who include professionals, businessman, traders, students, villagers, slum dwellers and many others dread to even visit where they have been living, working, schooling and so on. Others have had their lives and property destroyed just because of politics. It is a big shame to Kenya!

Where did the rain beat us? The answers are many and obvious. I don’t think there is a quick fix solution to the mess we have suddenly found ourselves in.

As has been pointed many times, without reforms in our present day constitution our politics will remain on quick sand. Yet all opportunities in the past have been lost and wasted in endless squabbling, vested interests and of course tribalism.

What we are in today is a potent land-mine and time bomb which need to be urgently defused. Do we have courage to do it. I think we do not have much of choice. The lives and property which have been wasted should not have.

When history is written about Kenya it will condemn present day leaders for myopic pursuits, tribalism, selfishness and many other evils.

What’s the way forward? Forget about how we won and how we did not win. Sort the political mess politically and diplomatically and very urgently. Institute an independent inquiry of what happened and come
up with workable proposals. Secondly sort out the constitution
bottlenecks and weaknesses we have immediately!

Thirdly a future election cannot be held under present weaknesses that have been witnessed on electoral process, apparatus and laws. They will simply lead to another quagmire!

Meanwhile at present what has happened will condemn many leaders to pariah status forever, unless they all seize the opportunity and sort things to an amicable solution.

The prevailing circumstances have yielded to an un-acceptable tribal disharmony, many years after independence. It is very unfortunate. And whoever through acts of omission and commission lead to all this need to spiritually cleanse him or herself for he or she is responsible for what has happened. But the whole truth need to be known. It is painful for Kenya to have ever experience the human and property carnage. It is completely unfair!

It is very true that politicians have hearts of stone. But by
hardening their hearts they have unfortunately given Kenya history another bad chapter. Many will be condemned. Let them, seize the opportunity and change Kenya to a better course.

It does not matter what is in our laws at the moment. those Kenyans who have died , lives destroyed or property destroyed were not killed by law. They neither got enough solace from law. Nothing!

It is time for someone or some people somewhere to claim
statesmanship. It is unfortunate people are so blind not to see what is at stake. We need Kenya!

By Harrison Mwirigi Ikunda, API/APN in Nairobi, Kenya.

Published bby African Press International (API)/ African Press in Norway (APN)

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Kenyans do not need International negotiators but ODM-Majimbo Government.

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

The barbaric daylight robbery of ODM Party victory by Kibaki and his elites Kikuyus ethnic group, cannot be resolved by calling for either international negotiators or forming of coalition government.
The Kenyan Six out of two Provinces voted for Presidency of Raila Amolo Odinga because of constitution change to the Federal System of government, and are well aware of their democratic rights, therefore, the East Africa regions who are likewise affected by the post-election crisis should now understand the heavy burden the ordinary and impoverished Kenyan citizens have been carrying for the sake of their peace and prosperity, without justice for decades.
Since Kenyabecame independent from the British in 1963, Kenyans have a back load of unsolved major economical corruption and crimes against humanity, ranging from land grabbing, political assassinations, massacres and regional development marginalization.
Despite the warning signals of looming anarchy since the late Kenyatta’s, Moi’s and Kibaki’s governments, little efforts has been made to divert the trends but instead they became humane to recognize the changing coming times.
Mr Mwai Kibaki served in these 2 first regimes and knew a lot how to quell uprising by using the excess brutal security force and killings of the innocent Kenyans and later creating the commissions of inquiries and court protocols to buy time for cover up to silenced Kenyans from demanding their democratic rights and Justice.
This time 76 years old Kibaki,miscalculated his move and hisworking in isolation withonly his hardliner corrupt Kikuyu tribes and the few beneficiaries of the last regimes, to have Kenya stay in status-quo against wishes of the entire Kenyan tribes.
Kibaki and his cronies are cutting down the tree of democracy and liberty which has been watered with the blood of Late TJ Mboya, JM Kariuki, Hon Seroney, Dr Odhiambo, and countless Kenyans who sacrificed their lives for the building and development of the democratic institution, the tact which cannot succeed in this generation.
The use of propaganda, repression, masterminding killing of the innocent and defenseless Kenyans, is outdated and old fashion which have no room in the modern democracy of the 21st century and ought to be reverse very fast by Kibaki stepping down to pave way for a re-run for President Election as soon as possible.
ODM must not accept the forming of a coalition government with PNU this will be an open betrayal for the very many Kenyans who have already lost their lives in the past weeks after the disputed Kenyan general election December 27th 2007. (unedited)
By Rev Okoth Otura,
President/Founder, Christian Democratic Movement of Kenya-(CDMK) & East Africa Christians Transformation Mission Fellowship-(EACTMF),

Published by API/APN

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Why can’t you accept the fact that not everyone follows Odinga like lost sheep

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

A new comment on the post #3656 “LARA-Luos against raila abroad ”

Author : Emali Wanyama (IP: ,


I commend the person who wrote this article. The Odinga family have been in politics for so long, but they have done zilch for the people in their neighbourhood. People like you are just jealous of Kikuyus because they are hard working. Kwani how many of them do you think get handouts from Kibaki?

Mtachaamambi and Jaluo, how juvenile! Why can’t you accept the fact that not everyone follows Odinga like lost sheep. The ODM leader has just shown those who didn’t know him what kind of a person he is. He is an anarchist. His supporters are going around the country killing innocent Kenyans. Is every Kikuyu a Kibaki?

The fact of the matter is there are lots of Kikuyus who voted for Raila, but they will never do that again because they have now seen his true colors. When his hooligans go on a killing rampage (with his blessings), they don’t ask who voted for Raila and who didn’t, they ask “where are the Kikuyus, Merus, Embus and Kambas.

Raila will not tell his people to stop the killings, and even when people were massacred in a church he was not moved. I suppose his followers think that if he ever comes to power they will be as rich as he is. Please tell them not to hold their breath. They should go see the people in Raila’s neck of the woods, who have remained poor all this years, and they are still poor and they will always remain that way; and yes thank you, I am a Kikuyu in case you are wondering!

Published by API/APN

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Dear Editor

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

While royals straight the way around Europe are attempting to reduce excess, extravagance, and pomposity, Queen Sonja of Norway is proposing to revive it. The Norwegian queen salivates over a royal invitation traveling the globe to be queen. Her flashy, theatrical wardrobe including 18c court dress (abolished by the Romanov’s following the 1905 uprising) is enough to make the Queen of England look perpetually underdressed.
Sonja is also adding to the royal jewels while many of the crowned heads of Europe are sending them to Sotheby’s for auction. Queen Sonja has spent a cool 1 billion (U.S. dollars) renovating royal property including the first of two new homes for the Crown Prince which rests beside an enormous red barn, the size of a football field and larger than the home. It is hard to imagine a red barn next door to the official residence of any royal, but Sonja is determined to tart up the place.
Another Norwegian residence, the “castle” looks for all the world like a concession stand/gift shop at Disney World.
Sonja is a jet setter. She travels the globe in search of royal events and is self-consciously and conspicuously regal.
By Peter
Published by API/APN

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Kenya: Our country is burning

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

A new comment on the post #3665 “The disputed elections: Did Kibaki steal the votes?”

Author : ngariama2007 (IP: ,


I agree with you 100% Korir. You are one rightly thinking Kenyan. Leave them alone those “Wachana na hawa wana ODM damu who cannot think beyond the sight of the gates of state house.

As if the rest of us ODM supporters don’t have a sense of what is good for this country. What will it profit them to get to state house by other means necessary if they are outside the law?

Democratic maturity means that when a stalemate occurs like this one, we settle the matter according to laid down procedures- the courts of law. Too many people are giving excuses for not following the law by pointing out that the judges are appointees of Kibaki. Whose appointees should they be, the devil? Kibaki is the appointing authority, period!

Despite all the pessimism that many of us have about Kibaki and his ministers, judges etc, the truth is that democracy can’t grow outside of the rule of the law.

Some of us need to grow up and come awake. Our country is burning, because many in our midst are thuggish in our brains inspite of all the learning we have undergone over the years.It is disgusting to read some of the stuff people who can read and type come up with, all in the name of democracy and party leanings.

That man and woman in the middle of burnt forest hiding from village thugs doesn’t care about party idealogies right now. Some of us are too safe in our town houses too long such that we have no idea what it feels like to be in the darkness of the night, never knowing whence the ‘swooosh’ of a cutlass will sound as it isaimed at your body.

Published by API/APN

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Odinga’s Strategy and the Kikuyus

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

A new comment on the post #240 “Kenya: Does Raila Odinga “hate the Kikuyu community?”

Author : Concerned (IP: ,


Odinga’s Strategy and the Kikuyus,

Raila Amolo Odinga might not necessarily hate Kikuyus, but he is shrewd enough to rally all other tribes against Kikuyus because of an unfounded common jealousy!

He dangerously appealed to the sense of inferiority complexes of some people to propel himself into office. (Most people in all the tribes are smart enough to see this now. Most of them have no inferiority complexes.)

Actually, the bigger number of Kikuyus are among the poorest people in Kenya! Odinga knows that only too well. Their major problem is that they are all over Kenya and the world! Too many of them! Jesus, they give birth like a nonsense! Goddamn Kikuyus!

Raila’s foot soldiers used all sorts of methods to make sure that he gets to state house. They used every promise in the book to make sure they are getting the seat. ( Jobs for all youth, food for all, education for all, roads, by-passes, MOUs, water for all, majimbo, name it…..

Coming to votes: For sure, I imagine that both sides (PNU and ODM) stole votes in their strong holds. (It is not strange in the world we leave in)

When a thief steals from a thief, the latter gets really pissed. (How the hell do you steal from a thief: whatever happened to honour among thieves?!)

Back to Kikuyu and Raila: Other tribes involved in the whole thing have been kept in the dark by the Luos in ODM. They only now have realized how dangerous the man they followed is.
He used them to get a mammoth vote, that found even a bigger mammoth vote. (NB: Luos in ODM are certainly not the same Luo brothers we live with day by day)

I don’t blame him for trying, I blame him for the outcome that would have easily plunged this country into ethnic cleansing! He is so desperate for that seat! His obsession for it is dangerous! You would almost think his father left it to him as an inheritance!

I also don’t think he really cares for the Luos, Kikuyus or any other tribe for that matter. This was about HIM. He is the KING of the game. All the others are PAWNS!

If this was just a computer game, I would have given him 100%. But no! This is a nation with breathing Luos, Kikuyus, Nandis, Kambas EL Molos Maasais, Digos, Mji Kendas, Indians, Wazungus …. souls! We belong to God, not Raila or Kibaki!

Always Kenyan. Love and God bless.

By Concerned citizen

Published by API/APN

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The CDMK should substantiate what they mean by Gema taking an oath to protect the president.

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

A new comment on the post #3635 “Kenya: Press release from Canada”

Author : pki

I read the above article with lot of concern. The CDMK should substantiate what they mean by Gema taking an oath to protect the president. I also read their names with lot of concern Maurice Anngwe, Rev. Okoth Otura and George Buoga. These are all (Luos), Raila’s tribesmen.
The CDMK should reconsider what they are calling for and distance themselves from direct accusations as this > “CDMK strongly condemns the ongoing phase one massacre and genocide being carried out by the GEMA ethnic sponsored government on other communities across the Kenya region.”

To be honest it’s Raila’s supporters who are killing other Kenyan’s. This can be evident by current riots killings all done by the Luo tribe.
CDMK should have a look at this,,30200-1299082,00.html.
CDMK can enjoy freedom in Canada but they should stop contributing to violence. I call on Canadian Government to look in the activities of Maurice Anngwe, Rev. Okoth Otura and George Buoga.

Written by PKI

Published by API/APN

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Uganda’s central government representative accuses LRA of recruiting and training Acholi tribesmen in DRC

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

lratraining.jpgKampala (Uganda) Ugandas rebel Lords Resistance Army (LRA) are allegedly recruiting and training mostly Acholi tribesmen in neighbouring DR Congo, Col. Walter Ochora told APA on Thursday.

Speaking during an interview, the central government representative in northern Uganda district of Gulu, said some of the trainees include Okwor, Olanya and another only know by his nickname Mission.

Reports about the fresh LRA recruitment and training drive, come amid reports of massive defections by some of the fighters of the LRA rebel group.

Col. Ochora said the absence of the rebel second in command, Vincent Otti, who has been reportedly executed upon orders of the LRA leader, Joseph Kony, has created a vacuum in the movements leadership.

Recently President Museveni claimed he had evidence that Kony was harbouring plans to re-launch the war, a claim that was rebutted by the movement which has been complaining about the lack of commitment demonstrated in the ongoing Juba peace talks in Southern Sudan.

Published by Korir, API/APN source.apa

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Nigerians will establish an institute to promote black culture

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

Lagos (Nigeria) The Governor of Osun State in south-western Nigeria, Chief Olagunsoye Oyinlola, on Saturday disclosed plans by the Nigerian Federal Government to establish an institute for black culture in Osogbo, the Osun State capital.

Oyinlola told journalists in Osogbo, about 500km from Abuja, that work had begun on the project and that the institute would aid the understanding of African cultural heritage.

He said that the institute was approved as a Category II Institute to be cited in the state capital under the auspices of UNESCO.

The project would serve as a centre for research, learning and exposition of the rich cultural heritage of the black race all over the world, he said.

Oyinlola said that the establishment of the centre would complement the state governments efforts to boost the tourism sector in the state.

He called on investors to liaise with the state government to exploit the tourism potentials of the state and pledged governments readiness to support such investors.

Published by Korir, API/APN source.apa

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New elections in Kenya as demanded by ODM will cause more chaos

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

Both men spell out conditions for talks. Yes we understand this is done with intent to keep power by Kibaki and for Raila is to take over power. What about the dying Kenyans due to the struggle for power being waged by the two.

Kibaki has been sworn in and is now the head of state constitutionally. When Raila and ODM demand a setting up of a caretaker government and new presidential elections in three months time, he is doing so because he believes he will win the elections.

The big question, however,is whether Kenyans want to go through another election that will re-start new clashes in the country.

Peace is coming back slowly. Leaders should therefore reconcile and give peace a chance.

Kibaki is not willing to go for a new election. Raila wants a new election. Kibaki is not ready for a a transition government, but wants a government of national unity.


Standard story:

Kibaki, Raila spell out conditions

By Saturday Standard TeamPresident Kibaki is open to a coalition arrangement, including the Orange Democratic Movement, but first violence has to stop. Second, the President stood his ground saying his opponents, who he on Thursday asked to seek legal redress if they felt aggrieved, should respect the authority of his Government.

ODM leader Mr Raila Odinga wants a presidential re-run in three months, but managed by an interim government.

The Kibaki side says, No! to both demands by the man who believes he was unfairly robbed of victory in the December 27 General Election.

That was how close President Kibaki and Raila were to the negotiating table yesterday as Mombasa exploded with teargas and mayhem.

The two extremes were what peacemakers were trying to bring together as a humanitarian crisis loomed in Nairobi due to disruption of the traditional food supply chain into the heavily populated capital.

The Kibaki side, too, appeared to soften with spokesman Alfred Mutua, who is on record dismissing international mediation at this stage as interference, throwing in a new dimension.

He was quoted by Reuters South Africa, saying, “We would accept even another election as long as the Constitution is followed. If the courts decide it, we would accept that.”

Peace-making broke fresh ground as South Africas Nobel Peace laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu finally met President Kibaki. When he walked out of State House he told journalists: “There is a great deal of hope.”

“The President was not averse to the formation of a coalition, but clearly there has to be an acceptance that there is a governing authority,” Archbishop Tutu said.

Tutu is the lead mediator in the effort to end the post-election violence that has claimed about 300 lives and reduced sections of Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and Kakamega into smouldering ruins. The injuries and destruction of property witnessed since the release of the controversial results are legendary in scale in independent Kenyas history.

The morbid nature of events unfolding in Nairobi was discernible from the fact that even as Nairobi struggled to return to normalcy, the crowds on the streets thinned out when word went round ODM supporters were going to swarm Uhuru Park at 2pm. The recreation park named after Independence Day remained ringed by GSU commandos.

Tutu met Kibaki as US Assistant Secretary of State Jendayi Frazer hit the road to Kenya. He was expected last night. But US President George Bush told Reuters: “They (Kibaki and Raila) have an opportunity to come together in some kind of arrangement that would help heal the wounds.”

Meanwhile, Pentagon member Mr Najib Balala was tear-gassed in Mombasa as GSU personnel ringed Sakina Mosque. He declared the town would from today be the theatre of daily riots until President Kibaki admits there was a mistake.

Signs that peace talks could be long-drawn were discernible from the security blockade thrown around informal settlements in Nairobi, considered reservoirs of ODM support.

The undercurrent could also be read in Eldoret North MP-elect Mr William Rutos rallying call to supporters: “The perseverance of a river is what makes an ocean.

The World Bank warned the violent clashes, deaths and destruction of property could reverse the countrys impressive economic record, as France gave its harsh verdict on the elections, supporting ODMs claims. “Were the elections rigged? I think so, many think so, the Americans think so, the British think so, and they know the country well,” Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said.

The slide to violence stunned many Kenyans unaccustomed to such terms now creeping into their vocabulary, particularly safe corridors, internally displaced persons, and international mediators.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sent Frazer to Kenya. “The secretarys phone calls are one way. Public statements are another way. But Secretary Rice decided this morning that it was important to send Jendayi [Frazer] out to Kenya to try to bring that message directly to the leaders,” said spokesman Sean McCormack.

Frazer is expected to meet Railas team and other key players in the elections roundly condemned as flawed, and whose results Electoral Commission chairman Samuel Kivuitu and his five of his members have questioned.

He added: “Her presence there could be a way to encourage them, to get together. Its also certainly a way that we can more directly try to encourage them to get together and open up that dialogue.

The US initially congratulated President Kibaki over his triumph, but hastily withdrew the statement when controversy set in.

On Thursday, Attorney General Amos Wako called for an independent probe of the counting and proposed a government of national unity, saying that the court does not necessarily have to be involved in its construction. Yesterday the Anglican Church called for an independent commission to recount and re-tally the votes.

Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi said this was the only remedy for peace in the country. The Church, Nzimbi said, was offering to mediate between the Government and ODM.

“We the Anglican bishops offer ourselves to walk with you through this path towards peace and reconciliation for all Kenyans,” he added.

The Catholic Church and the Muslim fraternity have also proposed a similar measure to reverse the waves of violence sweeping across Nyanza, Western Kenya, Rift Valley, Nairobi and Coast province.

The hazy picture of a peaceful settlement hung in the horizon as it emerged that ODM leaders, frustrated by heavy security machinery in Nairobi, could have decided to pan out.

Tomorrow Pentagon member Mrs Charity Ngilu, and ODMs MPs-elect Mr Omingo Magara (South Mugirango) and Mr Kipkalia Kones will be in areas between Kisumu and Kisii, including the South Rift, “assessing the situation and condoling party supporters.

Tutu left for South Africa as a ray of light cut through the standoff between Kibaki and Raila. “There is hope for peace since ODM and the Government are open to possibilities for negotiation,” he said.

Later, Mombasa exploded as a demonstration of Muslims Balala led was stopped by police with teargas, guns and cudgels. Business stalled as the demonstration spread across the town.

Nairobi, which had ground to a halt on Thursday, as ODM leaders were stopped by police from holding a rally at Uhuru Park was yesterday still restive, with thin traffic and few pedestrians.

ODM leaders led by chairman Mr Henry Kosgey and Orengo and Magara walked into Uhuru Park in the afternoon, but were tear-gassed.

The situation in some other main towns was reported to be still tense, with hundreds of internally displaced people camping at police stations, churches and fields.

In Migori, villagers reported that police killed 11 people and injured 30 others, but police put the official death toll at four.

Kenya Red Cross (KRC) captured the gravity of the crisis with an appeal for Sh957 million to assist about 500,000 victims.

In a press conference, KRC Secretary General, Mr Abbas Gullet said so far 100,000 people have been displaced, but the number could reach 500,000.

He put death toll so far at 177 people with 17 of them being victims of a razed church in Eldoret. From the church tragedy, 42 people were taken to hospital with serious burns.

Eldoret leads with the number of the displaced at 65,000 followed by Lugari (18,200), Kericho, (1,600) and Nairobi, (1,216).

About 200 have been displaced in Kisumu and 226 in Mombasa. Other badly affected towns are Kakamega and smaller towns in Western Province.

The situation in Kenya, regarded as the regional business hub, attracted the highest attention and drew pressure from the West, with Bush leading world leaders in expressing concern.

“Its very important for the people of Kenya to not resort to violence,” Bush told Reuters news agency in an interview at the White House. ”

McCormack said the US was not prescribing what the solution should be, but added, “They do need to come together; they need to broker some political solution to the political crisis.”

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called on Kibaki and Raila, to ease tensions. “I want to see the possibility explored where they can come together in government,” Brown told reporters.

The Canadian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Maxime Bernier and Beverly J, Oda the International Co-operation Minister said, “Canadians are shocked at the horrific deaths of people taking refuge in an Eldoret Church as well as at the loss of life elsewhere in Kenya.”

World Bank said the unrest threatened Kenyas impressive recent economic growth and poverty reduction, citing business leaders estimates that the country was losing some US$30 million (about Sh210m) a day.

Lifted and published by Korir, API/APN

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This is statesmanship: Kalonzo Musyoka of ODM-Kenya willing to join Kibaki government

Posted by African Press International on January 6, 2008

Kalonzo Musyoka, leader of ODM-Kenya, a fraction that Raila Odinga’s ODM broke away from is willing to join a the new Kibaki government. This is good news for the country.

While Raila and ODM are asking for a new presidential election to take place, Kalonzo wants violence to stop before leaders start thinking of positions.

Being ready to join a coalition with Kibaki, Kalonzo is indeed recognising the presidential elections where he came third by getting a few votes. He, however, has 15 ODM-Kenya members in parliament. This is his bargaining strength and Kibaki may reward him and his party with about three or four ministerial positions.

Kalonzo wasKenya’s foreign minister during Moi government. The same government where Kibaki served as Vice President.

Raila’s group may continue to push for new elections. Kenya is not a rich country. Elections cost a lot of money if repeated. The best way out is for the ODM men to accept Kibaki and build a strong opposition in parliament. Raila will then become the leader of the Opposition in parliament, a post that is equivalent to a ministerial position.

Kalonzo has stated that those parties who choose to work with Kibaki government should not be considered as traitors. This is true of a Statesman.


Standard story:

ODM-Kenya ready for talks

By Mutinda Mwanzia After his party secured 15 seats in Parliament, ODM-Kenya leader, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, is expected to play a key role in a coalition government.The Mwingi North MP-elect is expected to lead his troops in warming up to President Kibaki.

On Friday, the Saturday Standard learnt that already, the ODM-K party MPs were lobbying for inclusion in the yet to be named Cabinet.

An MP from Ukambani, who sought anonymity, said they were ready to join Kibakis Cabinet and form a coalition.

“The best option for our party is to work with Kibaki,” said the MP.

Kalonzo, who emerged third in the just concluded presidential election, has previously insisted he was ready to join any post-election coalition with the winning party.

Party secretary-general, Mr Mutula Kilonzo, said ODM-Kenya would play a key role in a post-election coalition.

“We have the numbers and will certainly play our role,” he said.

The Mbooni MP-elect is one of Kalonzos key advisors and political strategists.

Other MPs expected to feature in the arrangement include wealthy gemstone dealer and Kangundo MP-elect, Mr Nduya Muthama and his Kibwezi counterpart, Prof Philip Kaloki.

Muthama has been one of the partys key financiers while Kaloki has hosted Kalonzo during his campaign tours in the US.

Kaloki, who was teaching at Dallas Baptist University, US, before plunging into politics, is also the executive director of the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation.

The two and Mutula are tipped to bag Cabinet positions if the party enters into a coalition with the Kibaki Government.

ODM-Kenya won 13 seats in Ukambani and two others in Bura and Saku constituencies.

But Kalonzo insists he is yet to be offered the V-Ps slot in the yet to be named Cabinet.

Kalonzo told the Saturday Standard in an exclusive interview at his Nairobi residence that he was not interested in the position, saying it was not a priority for now.

“My focus at the moment is to see the country remain united, with no further incidences of the anarchy threatening to tear our nation apart,” he said.

The former Cabinet minister said it was meaningless for him to accept the slot when the country was in chaos.

“If I have to negotiate with President Kibaki over the position, I will make it open. We must face the reality that the nation first needs healing and not pursuit of positions,” he said.

But he added: “The future of governments in this country is coalitions. No party is capable of doing business alone.”

Political parties, he said, must prepare to work together.

“Let us not be afraid to talk to other parties even if we are called traitors,” he added.

Kalonzo said he had met President Kibaki in a bid to find an end to the post-election chaos that has engulfed the country.

“I have appealed to Kibaki to initiate dialogue and end the bloodletting threatening to destroy the nation,” he said.

Lifted and published by Korir, API/APN

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