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Why is Raila running to the White Ambassadors??

Posted by African Press International on January 1, 2008

According to the Standard report below, Raila has just met with the white representatives in Kenya, why? He tells the media that he has “met the American Ambassador, Mr Michael Ranneberger, British High Commissioner, Mr Adam Wood, the Canadian High Commissioner and the UN representative in Kenya.” Did they fund him and his party during the elections? Foreign ambassadors have nothing to say about the running of Kenya affairs. It is the Kenyan people and the embassies mustnot meddle in therunning of the country. Why do Kenyan leaders rush to the white men when defeated?

Kenyans were colonised and now they are free. Therefore there is no room for white ambassadors to try and have a say through the back door being opened to them by ODM.

It is clear that Raila depends on the white countries. He has not seen it necessary to meet with ambassadors from black nations.


The Standard story:

Raila and Kalonzo meet

Published on January 1, 2008, 12:00 am

By Samuel Otieno and Maseme Machuka

ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, last evening met ODM-Kenyas Mr Kalonzo Musyoka for the first time since the General Election.

Raila also met the Commonwealth chief observer and former president of Sierra Leon, Mr Tejan Kabbah, over the escalating wave of violence that has rocked the country since the ECK declared President Kibaki the winner.

Though Raila did not disclose what he discussed with Kalonzo, he said he would explain his grievances to the Commonwealth judges to reconsider ODMs stand in particular matters.

Raila reiterated that he would not take the election dispute to the Judiciary, which he described as a system that was allegedly full of Kibakis agents.

“I have no confidence in the Judiciary. It is compromised and bloated with State agents and that would be a mere waste of time,” he said.

He also blamed ECK officials for the violence in several parts of the country and accused it of engaging in “shameful acts” of rigging.

Raila said he would never participate in any elections because what was witnessed in the recent elections would definitely be repeated in other polls.

“There is no point of if the electoral process can be reversed by a few clerks sitting in an office. Such a process can easily be repeated in 2012,” Raila said.

The ODM chief disclosed that he had met the American Ambassador, Mr Michael Ranneberger, British High Commissioner, Mr Adam Wood, the Canadian High Commissioner and the UN representative in Kenya.

Raila also dismissed an initiative by former peace envoy Mr Bethwel Kiplagat, which aims at reconciling aggrieved parties over the elections.

“We know what he (Kiplagat) is made of and that is a pure waste of time,” Raila said.

He said the ban slapped on the media prohibiting live broadcasts had denied him a chance to speak to his supporters.

“We need peaceful resolutions and since the ban on the media was enforced, there was no way we could speak to our supporters,” Raila said.

He discredited the ECK, terming it an organisation that was bloated with the Presidents appointees.

Lifted and published by Korir, API/APN

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