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Kibaki will deal with law breakers

Posted by African Press International on January 1, 2008

Kibaki, the man opposition thought was weak has now won the elections. The man the opposition thought cannot deal with situations has now warned the opposition that he will deal with law breakers sternly.

Railaand his pentagon will not be allowed to mess the country and Kibaki has now made sure they understand that. Railahas called fordemonstration on Thursday. By doing so, he is bringing people to the streets to die because if the demonstration turns violent, the police will shoot to kill. When the people will be dying, the pentagon and Raila will not be in-the-near-reach for the bullets.

People should therefore think of their families and stay home in order not to loose their lives for one man and his pentagon.

Why should the opposition call for a demonstration. Just because things did not go their way? No demonstration will change the leadership in Kenya.

This time around, Kibaki will be wise in choosing his ministers. He will not bring in people who will work aginst him from within just like he did last time.


Nation story:

Kibaki warns law breakers of stern action Story by FRED MUKINDA and SAMWEL KUMBA
Publication Date: 01/01/2008

President Kibaki has called on all Kenyans to desist from any forms of violence and maintain peace.

The Head of State warned that stern action would be taken against those who breached the law.

At the same time, the President, in his New Year message, called on all Kenyans to team up to build the country, terming the election as an event that had already passed.

I want to remind you that God has placed us in a beautiful country. He has also blessed us with peace and stability which we must all, as patriots, jealously guard and maintain at all times, he said.

Mutual respect

He further appealed to Kenyans to live together in tolerance and mutual respect.

President Kibaki pledged to serve all equally and called on Kenyans to rededicate themselves to overcome national challenges.

He took cognisance of the fact that the country was marking the New Year at a time when it had just concluded a closely contested free and fair General Election.

However, his close challenger Raila Odinga of ODM has dismissed the ECK results as not reflective of the voice of the people.

The President thanked God for seeing Kenya through the year 2007, adding that he was encouraged by the progress the country had made in the past five years and was confident the tempo would be achieved in his new term.

While wishing Kenyans a happy and prosperous New Year, President Kibaki reminded them of their duty to make their own lives better.

Meanwhile, police commissioner Hussein Ali has assured the country that his officers would contain the post-election violence.

He said police officers had been deployed in violence-hit areas but ruled out a declaration of curfew.

According to the police chief, security hot spots had been identified as Burnt Forest in Eldoret, Molo, Mombasa and some Nairobi estates.

Police will adequately deal with internal security and ensure we protect life and property of all people, he said.

Maj-Gen Ali also called on traders in Nairobi to open shops and request for armed police guards free of charge.

By yesterday, police had arrested several people in Kisumu, Nairobi and Mombasa. All would be taken to court.

For as long as it takes, rest assured all the perpetrators will be arrested. Their case files will remain open for as long as 100 years regarding all capital offences, Maj-Gen Ali assured the nation

Lifted and published by Korir, API/APN

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