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Kenya: Press release from Canada

Posted by African Press International on January 1, 2008


CDMK Canada denounces the results of the 2007 Kenya elections as declared by the ECK Chairman, Mr Samuel Kivuitu and urges the Kibaki illegal government to step down and allow the recount of votes.

The press conference which was called by the Executive organ in North America, The President, Rev. Okoth Otura, Head Human Resource Development, Mr. Maurice Nandwa Khaguli, categorically stated that the CDMK which allied to ODM (Orange Democratic Movement) during the electioneering period have proof from reliable sources that ODM overwhelmingly won the 2007 Kenya general election by the majority votes. Therefore, it will be undemocratic for the CDMK to accept the just ended illegal inauguration of Mr Kibaki as the president of Kenya at statehouse. CDMK consider this a civilian coup against the popular democratically elected government of ODM.

We urge international community not to recognize or accept the said government on the ground that the ECK commissioner chairman Mr. Samuel Kivuitu was compromised and announced illegally that Mr Kibaki is the winner of the election. This is clearly contrary to electoral code of ECK upon an open declaration of one of the ECK presiding clerk Mr Samuel Kirui and ECK Commissioners Mr Jack Tumwa, Mr Daniel Ndambiri, Mr Samuel arap Ngeny and Mr Jeremiah Matagaro, that there was a clear anomalies in vote tallying in favour of Mr Kibaki at the ECK Offices at KICC, Nairobi. This has been confirmed by the international election observers of the just ended Kenyan elections that there were irregular vote tallying at the ECK Office at KICC.

CDMK demands that Mr Kibaki Presidential candidacy at the just ended election, Mr Samuel Kiviutu ECK Chairman, Mr. Evans Gicheru, Chief Justice who were involved in the hurried illegal inauguration of Kibaki as the Kenyan president be charged in court of law for electoral fraud and misuse of public office. Mr. John Michuki should be charged for miss use of power. CDMK strongly condemns the ongoing phase one massacre and genocide being carried out by the GEMA ethnic sponsored government on other communities across the Kenya region. CDMK believes that this a continuation of cruel criminality by the illegal government to continue killing the defenceless citizens of Kenya as already been filed by the CDMK at the International Criminal Court (ICC) the Hague , Case Reference OTP-CR-206/07.

cdmk.jpgWe therefore urge all Kenyans at home and in the Diaspora to stand and protest against this evil perpetuated immoral irresponsibility which has been there for the last three regimes. CDMK would not like to see a similar type Mugabe government being allowed to rule in Kenya. Therefore, the Kenyan across the world should hold a peaceful demonstration until this illegal and dictorial government steps down.

From reliable sources, CDMK has been informed that the GEMA community took an oath to protect the presidency through ethnic cleansing. CDMK warns that Kenya will go the direction of Darfur and Somali if this illegal act is not stopped.

By CDMK, Canada.

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