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Zuma’s persecutor, President Thabo Mbeki was thrashed out yesterday

Posted by African Press International on December 20, 2007

Zuma, the man persecuted by Thabo Mbeki and sacked by the same man as vice president has come back in full force.

Mbeki is the country’s president now but as ANC president, Zuma can decide on how the country is run. Mbeki is now toothless even if he is still the president in the country. It is inside the party that things of meaning take place and is now Zuma who is in charge.

Zuma was acquited from charges of rape and even if there is a claim that he might face corruption charges, nothing will now happen to him.

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Posted by African Press International on December 20, 2007

Polokwane (South Africa) The ruling African National Congress party of South Africa has decided not to enforce gender parity in its top six posts, a party spokesperson said on Thursday.

A member of the National Executive Council, the ANCs inner circle, Collins Chabane, told journalists at Polokwane that delegates had agreed that its decision on a minimum 50 percent representation for women in elected structures of the party would not apply separately to the top posts, which included the party president and chairperson.

\”There\s no special reservation for the top six,\” he said, adding that the 50 percent principle would instead apply to the entire 86-member national executive committee.

As there were two women in the top six elected on Tuesday, this meant there would have to be a minimum 41 women among the remaining 80 members of the NEC.

Voting for the NEC took place on Wednesday and results are expected later on Thursday.

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Malawi athletes invited to attend Austin Marathon

Posted by African Press International on December 20, 2007

Lilongwe (Malawi) Malawis leading long distance runner, Henry Moyo, has been invited to participate in the February 2008 Austin Marathon to be held in Texan city of Austin in the United States of America, according to the Athletics Association of Malawis president, Godfrey Phiri.

Phiri said the invitation was issued after some Americans who were in the country scouting talent were impressed with the country\s athletes, including Moyo who is fresh from winning the Nelson Mandelas Heroes International Marathon in South Africa last weekend, where he won a pickup truck and cash prizes.

\”These people have offered to meet all the costs during the athletes stay in America which includes accommodation, air tickets and internal travel,\” the association president said.

He added that it is a great achievement for the country\s athletes to compete in USA. \”This is one way of giving Malawis athletes recognition worldwide,\” he added.

Moyo will be accompanied by Nancy Matanda, Francis Khanje, and Tereza Master all long distance runners who have excelled nationally and internationally.

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Posted by African Press International on December 20, 2007

odera-omolo.jpg<By Leo Odera Omolo
Kisumu, Kenya
Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are among 10 African countries set to draft laws on invasive species such as Lake Victoria water hyacinth weeds.
To achieve this 20 parliamentarians and legal experts from 10 East and Southern African countries were recently trained in drafting legal and institutional framework for the management of such species.
The training took place in the Kenyan capital Nairobi and the other countries are Ethiopia, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zambia.
The training course was sponsored by the World Bank and it will help policy and legal experts draft policy documents to prevent and manage the spread of invasive species in their countries.
It involves equipping the participants with skills on key issues such as effective identifications and monitoring of ways, in which the species are introduced, regulatory and enforcement challenges; and ways to promote regional and international co-operation and collaboration in the fight against such species.
According to the World Bank, many countries in Africa lack the capacity and infrastructure to central and manage the spread of invasive species.
The Bank warns that if not controlled, such species can cause serious ecological, environment and health effects.
Adverse impact of invasive species can impede economic growth and the geographical range of their spread are increasing with the rise in international trade, travel and transport, climate change is expected to further exacerbate this problem.
Invasive species are non-native speciesplants annuals and microorganism that are accidentally or intentionally introduced to new geographical areas or ecosystem. Despite their threat to biodiversity and economic development, these species rarely receive the consideration from policymakers especially in Africa, says Dennis Rangi, chairman of the Global Invasive Species Programme.
In Kenya, invasive alien species that has caused particularly significant environment and economic damage in the water hyacinth in Lake Victoria. It has caused environmental degradation.
A free-floating aquatic plant believed to have come from tropical America, the water hyacinth has reduced the fish population in the lake through de-oxygenation of water, hindered operations at a hydroelectric plant and caused electrophication of water leading to adverse impacts on domestic, agricultural and industrial uses of the lake.
It has sent the prices of fish skyrocketing. The popular fish species such as tilapia and the economically important Nile Perch have disappeared.
It has also increased the cost of purifying water due to higher concentration of suspended delaying organic matter. The annual cost of the hyacinth infestation has been estimated at between USD 66 million and USD 10 million.
Invasive species in other African countries have had similarly damaging effects. In Tanzania, for instance, it is estimated that the larger grain borer (Prostephanus trancatus) caused more than USD 90 million in maize losses annually.
In South Africa, wattle and other foreign trees are taking over the mountain catchments areas around Cape Town, and experts warn that if they continue at current rates, they may reduce water supply to the city, by as much as 30 per cent.
Globally, the damage caused by invasive species has been estimated at close to USD 1.5 trillion annuallyabout five per cent of global gross domestic product (GDP).
In developing countries where agriculture accounts for a higher proportion of GDP, the negative impact of invasive species on food security and economic development is estimated to be close to 20 per cent of GDP.
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Posted by African Press International on December 20, 2007

odera-omolo.jpgBy Leo Odera Omolo
in Kisumu,

Another election campaign violent death has occurred in Rongo constituency Rongo district
The latest brings the death toll in Rongo alone to three people. They have lost their dear lives in election related violence.
Oricho Nyandere was hacked to death by a gang of hired political goons while on a campaign trail. Witnesses say the victim was shot with arrow and later finished with a pangas. The attack took place at Nyakuru market in South Kamagambo location in Rongo
He was one of the campaign managers of the former cabinet Minister Dalmas Otieno who is vying for Rongo seat on an ODM ticket against the immediate former MP George Ochillo Ayacko. The latter had lost to the former during the party preliminaries with a big margin of 7000 votes.
Ayacko however was nominated to contest the election on Narc party ticket. Reports emerging out of Rongo say the former Energy and sports Minister is defiantly using the ODM colours despite having lost the party ticket to Mr.Otieno at the nominations last month.
The death of Nyendere come only four days after another supporter of Dalmas Otieno had his dwelling house doused with inflammatory liquid like petrol. His assailant wired the house of Mr.Gordon Achila at Ochodororo village from one side.
Achilla raised alarm and the villagers came to his rescue. A number of suspects were picked up for questioning by police. The incident occurred in South Kamagambo location Rongo
Two weeks ago youth by the name Otis was beaten to death by his assailants near Ulanda Market South Sakwa in Rongo districts
According to a source Otis was hit with the Rongo on the forehead and died instantly following a heated, political argument at a Changaa drinking den.
A large number of hired goons, most of them people suspected to have come from far a field like Kadem, Karungu and Kaler are said to have pitched camps in Awendo town where they are said to be available for hire to ferry out dirty jobs for money.
About three previous deaths in recent past allegedly connected with Rongo politics have taken place in Awendo and its environs, but these killings remained unresolved. Suspects were quickly released from police custody following the intervention of a senior politician in the area.
In Muhoroni constituency in Nyando district about 50 hired goons had invaded the rural home of a former cabinet Minister Mathew Onyango Midika ready to unleash terror. The incident took place on Monday at about 4 pm.
Midika was saved by quick action by police from Nyando and Kisumu. The goons ran helter skelter and disappeared in the nearby sugar cane plantation.
On Tuesday another bunch of goons suspected to be supporters of the immediate former Muhoroni MP had blocked the main Miwani – Chemelil road. But quickly dispersed on realizing that the police were closing in.
The former MP Prof Ayiecho Olweny is fighting for his political survival. He was beaten hand down by a former banker Joseph Omulo Okal by more than 1000 votes during ODM preliminaries, but he mysteriously received his party clearance through the back door.
In Nyando, the electorates have vowed to reject the ODM nominee Fred Outa citing his limited standard of education and arrogance. It is being alleged that the aspirant is semi-illiterate.
Voters in Nyando have vowed to vote for the immediate former MP Eng. Eric Opar Nyamunga who lost to Fred Outa in the much flawed ODM nomination. Nyamunga has a clean track record of development.
Five constituencies have become so volatile and life threatening with youth who are armed with crude weapons roaming around threatening to unleash terror on the voters who will support their opponents.
These are Rongo, Nyando, Ugenya, Rangwe and Kasipul Kabondo.
The government has been urged to instruct the police to carry out massive dragnet in order to get rid of hired political goons at Awendo and Rongo towns and search for illegal weapons.
Undesirable characters and people with no fixed abode should be removed out of Awendo and Rongo towns. This is because these people are responsible for lawlessness and insecurity in the area.
The residents of Awendo have requested the police to the open fresh investigation files of all the deceased people whose mysteriously deaths in Awendo of suspected political goons should be investigated affront, said one resident who prefer
Both Dalmas Otieno and the opponent Ochillo Ayacko could not be reached for that comment.

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