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Must investigate confession

Posted by African Press International on October 30, 2007

Trude Esps was found murdered in Geiranger in 1996.


A convicted killer has retracted a confession to one of Norway’s long running murder mysteries, but police will investigate nevertheless.

Sheriff Jens Arne Hessegjerde has seen false confessions before, but they cannot be ignored.

PHOTO: Knut Fjeldstad / SCANPIX

The 47-year-old prisoner is serving nine years for killing his partner in Orkanger in November 2006.

The 47-year-old convict reportedly told a prison employee that he killed Trude Esps, a young woman raped and murdered in Geiranger in 1996.

During a 45-minute session of police questioning he denied having anything to do with the Esps case. Police lawyer Sindre Stave of South Trndelag police says that the possibility must be investigated.

Stave said he does not interpret the man’s statement as a confession, but would have to check with experts in the Geiranger case. The interview and other information from Trondheim police will now be sent to the National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) in a few days.

Sheriff Jens-Arne Hessegjerde, who has seen many twists and turns in the course of the local investigation of the Esps killing, said he was taking nothing for granted.

“We have had three to five confessions to the murder of Trude Esps that have been checked out. Some of them took some time to rule out. But we have information about the murder that has not appeared in the media,” Hessegjerde said.

The sheriff refused to comment on whether this information extended to DNA or other forensic evidence from the 1996 crime scene.

The Esps investigation has so far included 3037 interrogations, 1814 tips from the public and 4393 interviews, but the case remains a mystery.

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