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Woman Is Charged in Fatal Shooting

Posted by African Press International on October 29, 2007

(Was it caused by love triangle? Question by API/APN)

Story by By Candace Rondeaux
of Washington Post -Staff Writer
Friday, October 26, 2007; B03

julius-whiley.jpg<Murdered Julius Whiley leaves wife of Kenyan origin and daughter.

A woman has been charged with murder in the fatal shooting of a 37-year-old acquaintance who she said sexually assaulted her at his home in Greenbelt.

Tania R. Wallace-Bey, 42, of Philadelphia shot Julius C. Whaley Jr. in the chest at his home in the 5800 block of Cherrywood Terrace about 5:15 p.m. Wednesday, Greenbelt police said.

Wallace-Bey called to report the shooting, and officers found Whaley’s body in a bedroom, said George Mathews, a spokesman for Greenbelt police. Whaley was pronounced dead at the scene.

Wallace-Bey was taken to a hospital for a medical examination, Mathews said. Police declined to comment on the alleged sexual assault. Wallace-Bey is also charged with illegal weapons use.

diana-abondo-and-daughter.jpg<Diana Abong’o and her daughter

Whaley’s mother, Patricia Whaley, 59, said Wallace-Bey and Whaley dated while in high school in Philadelphia. They remained friends after Whaley, a computer tech specialist, got married and had a daughter, she said.

“She was a very pleasant person from what we’ve seen of her,” Whaley’s mother said of Wallace-Bey. “But then I started hearing all these stories about how she was acting, and it seemed like there was a total personality change.”

Whaley’s mother said friends and relatives became particularly concerned about Wallace-Bey after she allegedly gained entry to Whaley’s home last year and “tore the place apart” while he was travelling in Africa. She said the break-in occurred several months before Wallace-Bey began helping Whaley run a start-up travel agency.

“He was trying to help her, but I think she wanted more than just the travel business from him,” Whaley’s mother said.

Whaley, a Tuskegee University graduate and yoga enthusiast, was close to his family and had planned to travel to Philadelphia for a visit next week.

“He was a loving person,” his mother said. “He loved people and his family. He tried to do everything he could to help people. We’ll miss him very much.”

Reached by phone at her home in Philadelphia, Wallace-Bey’s mother said she had not heard about the charges against her daughter and declined to comment further.

Researcher Meg Smith contributed to this report.

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